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Found 6 results

  1. I have had a Nokta AU Gold Finder sitting around for some time. The Gold Finder is the same 56 kHz detector as the Makro Gold Racer, but stuck in an old school knobs and switches waterproof housing. As such it lacks a LCD display and therefore the ability to display target id information. In exchange you get a unit where the battereis are in the control box, so it can be hip or chest mounted. Or in this case, put onto an alternative shaft assembly. I have an old Otto fiberglass shaft for the Minelab PI detectors I kept when I sold off my last Minelab GPX. I was planning on using it for my Garrett ATX modification but I ended up using a White's "S" rod for that project. I also have a 15" x 13.5" DD coil for my Gold Racer that I really liked. The problem there is even though it is a very light 15" coil, it still makes the Gold Racer more nose heavy than I prefer. So Gold Finder sitting around and rod assembly sitting around - Bingo - it's mod time! Easiest job ever. Since the AU Gold Finder is already set up to hip mount, all I had to do is drill the Otto rod to mount the Gold Finder control box. I wanted to mount the control box under elbow for better balance. The controls look upside down when you do this but in reality when you are using the detector and go to make adjustments it works better that way looking down from topside. The AU Gold Finder box almost seems intended to be set up like this as it has a shelf over the LED lights that makes a nice footrest when the control box is flipped over. Since the box is waterproof no need to worry about speaker etc. getting wet or dirty - just hose it off. Came out very nice, only 4 pounds 2.1 ounces with batteries or 4.13 pounds, and way better balanced than the Gold Racer would be running the same coil. I can use a bungee if need be but at 4.13 pounds this weighs no more than many coils running smaller coils. Nice, I am keeping it permanently set up like this. Click on images for larger versions.
  2. Anyone have any insight on this new machine from Nokta? Saw it advertised on a internet discount detector sales site (guess.....yep that's the one), kind of looks like a "futuristic GB2". Man this company never sleeps.
  3. Hello Steve, the quote below is part of a message that I received on my site. As you know I refer all the high tech stuff to you. While it is interesting to know some of this stuff I still prefer to just use what continually works for me. I thank you for your time. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS "A question regarding future use of my new Nokta Au, and the INTERACTION between two of its discrimination-mode controls (it's Discrimination Filter and its iMask function).I have been detecting/prospecting since 1968, minored in geology in college, and in the last decade and more, have owned Bug 2's and successive MineLab units up through my GPX 5000. I find I always do better if I understand my unit's processor/filter operations. So bottom line ... do you or anybody I could communicate with have an explanation of how the two discrimination processors (the Disc. Filter and the iMask) interact, i.e. compliment or conflict with each other??The manual generally refers to the Disc. Filter as being appropriate for trash and the iMask for hot ground and hot rocks, but it appears we are clearly talking about two overlapping discrimination functions here. Nokta's recommended "default positions" fall short of explaining the interaction the two controls' in keeping with the excellent manner they covered the "All-Metal" control interactions on pages 15 and 16.Just to be clear, I'm less interested in other's field experience and much more interested in a page 15 and 16 type explanation of how my Au is using/combining/filtering my "Disc. Filter and iMask setting choices."
  4. Nokta AU Goldfinder

    Hello everyone, very quick post about the newest detector to hit the market place.The "AU Goldfinder" detector. I received the detector the other day and was able to get out for a few minutes with it on Saturday. I love the Makro Gold Racer and now I really love this AU Goldfinder. It is all manual, and well balanced. Virtually the same as the Gold Racer except it has knobs and toggles.This in itself takes me back many years. I think this unit is going to be a top seller unless other detector companies provide a vastly superior VLF unit soon. I will be using this unit over the next several weeks and provide more information as I can. I was very impressed with the stability in all modes and even found one small nugget first day out, actually, the first hour out. I was detecting in an area that does not offer any sub-grain pieces but did have one with me and absolutely had no problem hearing it in any of the three modes. As always, I will let Steve take it away with the technical aspects as my free time will be tied up playing with my newest toy.. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS Sorry about the second picture, not to clear. The piece I found was one half pennyweight or .78 grams at about nine inches.
  5. I want to make it clear right off the bat that the info below are only based on observations an I am in no way an expert. I am going by info from the respective websites and to some small extent reviews I have read. Nothing I'm noting is based on personal use as I have not had any of these detectors in my hand. My reason for doing this is that for my own purposes it has helped me clear up in my own mind between between the several different detectors made by these 2 companies. For some of you I am sure this info will be of no help but maybe for someone new on the block it might be useful. Makro and Nokta are both based in Istanbul Turkey. Some say they are the same company and that could be so but I looked up the address of each and they are in a different Zip Code in Istanbul so at least they do have separate offices and separate websites: Makro: http://www.makrodetector.com/ Nokta: http://noktadetectors.com/index.asp The primary detectors from Nokta I am interested in is the Fors Core, Fors Relic, Fors Gold, Fors Gold plus, and the AU Gold Finder. The products from Makro I am interested in is the Makro Racer, the Makro Racer 2 and Makro Gold. Differences: 1. Display; The Nokta Fors models (Core, Relic, gold and gold plus) all have 2 displays. One on the side and a smaller one on the shaft. The small display on the front/shaft is a visual aid displaying the ID number, depth and battery condition. The display on the side is where you set up the detector. Some feel this set up is inconvenient. 2. Weight: The Nokta Fors models are heavier than the Makro at almost 4 lbs compared to 3 lbs including batteries. 3. Frequency: The Nokta AU Gold and Makro Gold Racer both operate at 56Khz so many would consider them dedicated gold machines either likely able to fine very small bit of Gold. The Nokta Fors Core runs at 15khz, as does the Nokta Fors Gold. However the newer Fors Gold plus runs at 19khz as does the new Fors Relic. The Makro Racer and Racer 2 both run at 14Khz. Just going by the specs of each the AU Gold Finder or the Gold Racer would be equally good as a dedicated machine as they both seem to be loaded with all the goodies just comes down to what you like looking at, knobs or a display? I would think if you like simplicity the AU Gold Finder would be for you but if you feel the need for a digital display then go with Gold Racer. But do your due diligence and do some of your own research before making up your mind. As to a gold detector that can be used for Coins Relic and the beach from these 2 companies leaves us with the Makro Racer 2, the Fors Core, Fors Gold, Fors Gold plus and Fors Relic. Personally speaking, and just going by specs alone, of the detectors for primary use as a gold detector I lean toward the Fors gold plus at 19 khz. If my intent were first a Relic hunter maybe the Fors Relic as it also offers the 19Khz freq but it's program is slightly biased toward relic hunting. The Makro Racer 2 though is hard to leave out of the race with it's lighter weight, front digital display and all the discrimination bells and whistles of the Fors machines. So for now I well research a bit more to decide which and if any of this companies detectors I will put on my short list. Terry
  6. Just spotted this, odd machine just after the introduction of the Makro Gold. Called the Nokta AU Gold Finder.