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Found 6 results

  1. The Nokta Impact is currently in field testing. From Dilek at,114963,117790#msg-117790 "FYI - Only a few are out for testing, not all. We had delays due to the cable supplier. More to be sent out in the coming 2 weeks." For those that do not know the Nokta Impact has been in the works the last couple years and should be available to buy in early 2017. It is a machine that can run at any one of three different frequencies (selectable frequency) but not all three at once (multi frequency). The three frequencies you can choose from are 5, 14, or 20 kHz. 5 kHz is a solid coin hunting frequency. 14 kHz is typical of many "do-it-all" detectors on the market and a good compromise frequency for all targets. The main reason this machine has been mentioned on this forum is the 20 kHz option, which is a very solid nugget hunting frequency. I would not say this is a prospecting detector per se, but it is an option for somebody who wants to do it all with just one detector. The machine also features good ergonomics, a hidden cable design, and wireless headphone option. Price unknown at this time but knowing Nokta it will be very affordable. Coils for the machine will be new design so no existing coils will work on the machine. The following photos are from prototypes spotted on the internet and so changes may be seen in the final product.
  2. Nokta had the new Impact prototype on display at a trade show in Paris and some photos showed up on Facebook. The machine is a prototype under development so you can expect changes but it is close enough in the major details they decided to show it off. Note that this is not a nugget detecting machine but a general purpose detector. It no doubt can find gold nuggets like every decent detector these days but it is not something I expect will have any "impact" on the nugget detecting scene. Still it may be a nice machine for those who want to do it all including a nugget hunt now and then. Probably next year before release I am guessing.
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me in understanding this. In all the forums we are told "If you go for gold you need to dig it all". And it says that – depending on ground conditions and depth plus surrounding targets – you may never be sure if it is aluminum or gold catching your detectors attention. IF this is true, why should anyone invest in gear like a Minelab CTX 3030 (which is what I am about to do...). Why not a simple Garrett AT PRO.... and why not a PI machine? I am aware of higher freqs = better for gold, lower freqs = more depth. And I am aware that every product has it's special strengths. But this does not answer the blunt question for me of why investing in fantastic ID capabilities if it's not worth it in practice. Thanks much for your piece of advice!
  4. Hi Steve, you are regarded as one of the real experts when it comes to Nokta / Makro products and you mentioned the new Nokta Impact, operating on 3 frequencies. I would think you are one of the rare people to have it for the ongoing field-testing but would never ever admit... We are a group of mixed prospectors / coin / jewelry hunters from Switzerland – Lots of people over the entire history, on a very small spot; you might call the ground trashy. As me and my colleagues are about to decide for an update in equipment: What are your expectations regarding possibilities of the Nokta Impact? Will it have the punch of a CTX 3030? Will it be close to the abiities of the Makro Gold Racer on small gold? Would you expect it to be a real allrounder? (without offering PI-Performace) Will it outperform the (existing) XP Deus? Or should we take Makro Gold Racer for small Gold and wait for the nex XP Deus V4 / Nokta Impact to decide for our other requirements? I for now would go withe Minelab CTX, if it was not that weak on small nuggets. Thanks for your Feedback, much appreciated ! Zampano & Friends
  5. Check out the Makro Facebook page (you don't have to join) to see a great video of Dilek discussing future Makro products and engineer Alpers talking about the Racer models. They are working on waterproof models, true multi frequency and more. Also on the page a photo of their detectors at a rally with what I am guessing is the latest Nokta Impact prototype. Currently slated to be three selectable frequencies, 4, 14, and 21 kHz (subject to change) for release by end of year.
  6. We have been hearing about every detector other than Nokta Impact. I've been sitting here waiting and waiting to hear from them. Nokta it's time you let the cat out of the bag and show us a little .Do like White's been doing just show a little of at a time. Oh the Nokta Fors Gold Plus is all Plus. Chuck PS Cat and metal detector is one of the same.( It's hit the market )