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Found 6 results

  1. http://www.goldprospectingaustralia.com.au/latest-news Mark Hyde runs a very professional guide service. He does not hunt while on tour, rather he attends to his customers and teaches those that need help. Unfortunately he only does Tag-a-Long tours; that means you need your own transport. If you get on his list you must react immediately as he sells out very FAST! Tours are the best way for a novice to get on the gold in Oz... I have no financial interest in his operations... fred
  2. Ok, so I didn't get this color from a creek, but paid 60 bucks for a 1 pound bag of red limonite dirt from Jeff Williams on YouTube. Love his videos for a good laugh and some good gold finding tips and tricks.... Anyway,I got 25 Klinkers out of my bag of dirt, almost no fines, heck who cares about fines...can't find my scale at the moment. Best bag of dirt for the money so far...boy that desert dirt is almost as red as blood in my panning tub.... I wonder on that? I was in an Indiana creek a few years back where we were getting fines under a covered bridge in creek gravels with sluices.What caught my eye was the bright red creek bank downstream. Like 100 feet of orange/ red bank. Wonder if there is gold in that stuff now ?
  3. Swifty

    Akau Gold Camp

    Akau Gold Alaska 2015 Hunting for gold nuggets in Alaska, something that sooner or later crosses your mind once you get the dreaded Gold Fever Bug. I started planning my adventure about a year before, having never been able to visit Ganes creek or Moore creek while they were in operation. With very few options to choose from for nugget hunting in Alaska; I decided to book my trip with Akau Gold It was my only real option left that I was aware of. My adventure began flying out of Burbank Airport, packing a week’s worth of clothes along with 2 detectors, a GPZ7000 and a Gold Bug Pro. Three plane changes and 12 hours later im in my cabin at Akau gold camp on Anvil creek, 7 miles outside of Nome Alaska. My cabin was very basic with a wooden bunk bed and small portable heater. All their potable water has to be trucked in so showers are kept to a minum. Food was home cooked meals served @ 8am and 8pm and very good as far as my tast go’s. They have an activities menu to pick from as far as what you will be doing each day be it panning, slucing, high banking, or Metal detecting. I was there for one reason only, nugget shooting, and with 24 hours of sunlight and 600 acres to explore I can say I got my fill in the 7 days I was swinging a detector and maybe only covered a small part of it. The ground is mild but there is a ton of old iron trash, you need a detector with discrimination. My gold bug pro did not survive the airplane flight and the coil plate had somehow split open in my luggage. So for the 7days I was swinging my gpz7000. With a lot of ground covered by tundra and all the iron trash I stuck to checking old tailing piles and push areas. I had a great time and will be going back again next year I hope. Again accommodations are very basic, the weather changes every few minuets, it can get bone chilling cold even in summer, daylight is 24 hours so sleeping can be tuff. The hosts Augie and Betty are great and will do all they can to make your trip a good one. The food is home cooked and there’s gold still there but it takes work to get some, even in Alaska.
  4. mn90403

    Alaska Nugget

    So I went on this trip to Nome, Alaska. I was told there was a lot of trash there but I also expected big gold. I took discrimination, PI and Zed. We sluiced, high banked and metal detected for about a week in and out of the rain. One day we went fishing for pinks and chum salmon. It was a fun trip. I got this 11g/5g specimen from a pushed patch about 1 ft down with my Zed. I wanted more but I didn't get skunked. Some others there found some larger gold and others did get skunked. I hope to get better light on this in another picture but I need to get it posted. Mitchel
  5. Steve Herschbach

    Paradise Valley, Alaska

    Paradise Valley is the oldest operating metal detector "pay-to-mine" operation in Alaska. The area to detect is small compared to what was available at Ganes Creek and Moore Creek and the nuggets smaller, but some great finds have been made there over the years. I was browsing around and just found a thread with some recent photos from Paradise Valley at http://www.findmall.com/read.php?25,2069867,2075179#msg-2075179 The actual Paradise Valley website is at http://www.akpub.com/akttt/parad.html
  6. Akau/Alaska Gold and Resort,L.L.C. started pay-to-mine operations in 2012 on historic mining claims in the vicinity of Anvil Creek near Nome. Anvil Creek was a very rich creek and many large gold nuggets came from this area. I was busy in 2012 but several friends visited the mine and initial results were very promising. Nome Nugget Newspaper - See cover and page 16 Another article Wow! Over thirty ounces in the group. My enthusiasm cooled a bit though when I found out most of it came out of a rich pocket that was found and shared. But then again, any one person could find a pocket like that, right? That is a major score. I really agonized over whether to visit in 2013. But I had prospects of my own in Alaska to visit where I did not have to pay a fee. The prospects did not look as good, but I did not have to find nearly as much to call it a profitable trip. It may not be quite as fun but I do actually have to make a profit prospecting when I can so it all goes into my mental calculator. I heard they were getting access to new ground on Anvil Creek, and good buddy Ken was popping with excitement at the prospects. I did not go, but I just knew here was going to make me really regret it. Then, a weird split arrangement was put in place for access to the new ground. I ran a pay-to-mine myself and this smelled like trouble to me, so that cemented my decision to see how it went before going. They run late into the fall so I just figured I would go in the fall if I heard big things. Well, I guess things went well but the news was if anything quieter than 2012. Lots of nice gold found in 2013 but not the huge nuggets I think that some were expecting. I ended up after my over a month of detecting in July ready for a break so I did not visit AKAU. Now 2014 is coming. The bottom line is AKAU is the best pay-to-mine metal detecting gig going in Alaska now as far as I can see. The owners are super nice people and trying hard. New operation still needs tuning from what I hear, but they really are trying hard to make people happy, and that is what counts. There really is a good shot at a one ounce plus nugget, and that is a rare opportunity indeed. Long story short at least four members of the forum have been there, Bob, Keith, Ken, and Tom. I am hoping they will chime in with a report. Mainly just telling people what to expect. Never having been there but having been to Ganes Creek and Moore Creek many times I already can tell people one thing. If you are looking to pay the fee plus air fares etc. and make a profit, do everyone a favor and do not go. Not if that is what you truly expect and if you will be unhappy otherwise. These things are a gamble and in most cases the trip is going to cost you more in money than you will make in gold. If even half the people could do that they would close up shop and start mining ASAP. But if you have the right attitude these things can be a real blast. I think this is well worth consideration. So please guys, share your experiences with us. Thank you in advance! Akau/Alaska Gold and Resort,L.L.C. AKAU Facebook