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Found 18 results

  1. So, just one more issue during my Outing... I have been in the habit of tossing my ferrite on the ground...foolish me. They break into many pieces...so no more tossing... I wonder if the ring can be super glued back to one piece and function correctly? Or is it more like a metal ring that no longer gives the same signal once the circle is broke? Or do I need a new one? so many questions.... fred
  2. This was taken from another forum and is worth the read. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t25379-accidental-plb-activation
  3. Saw this link on another website. Keep a good grip on your scoop! http://www.10news.com/news/elderly-man-attacked-on-carlsbad-beach?autoplay=true
  4. Problem With Detector

    Just got this question via email: "I picked up a GM 2 with long scan coil at a pawn shop. Replaced the batteries and turned it on. It's quiet for about 5 seconds, then screams! Doesn't matter what knob I turn, the volume is overwhelming. What am I doing wrong?" Well, I have to assume it worked when you got it and this happened later. Surely you do not have the coil sitting on a table near metal or something but have to ask. All I can suggest is disconnect the coil and reconnect again firmly. Triple check the batteries, maybe even swap them for yet another fresh set. Many detectors sent in for service have one bad battery out of the set, or a battery in backwards. After batteries coils are like ten times more likely to fail then control boxes. So make sure of that coil connection, check the pins, wiggle the coil cable. When all else fails, I give the detector some good shakes and knock the control box around a bit. Nothing to lose at this point and maybe a loose item or connection will be revealed. My best guess is coil failure. If I was around my old shop I would swap out the coil to check it but you probably don't have that option. Depending on what you paid for it may be time for a trip to White's. Any other ideas from forum members always welcome!
  5. I got a CTX 3030 for Christmas and left home for some better weather. I got my 3030 out for the first time at a club coin hunt a little over a week ago. I got it out for the second time today to detect a beach at a State Park beach. After about fifteen minutes, I started to hear a sound like a jack hammer. I stopped and took my headphones off thinking there must be a maintenance crew close by. The noise was gone. The noise was coming from the detector. I restarted the detector and from then on it would never go past the start up screen and no sound coming from the machine. I have a second battery and the 17" coil. I changed both and still would not go past start up screen. I am a thousand miles from home, my warranty info and the box it came in. Any thoughts out there? Sending off to a repair facility not knowing where I will be or when it might get repaired or replaced is not the option I am looking for. Norm McQ
  6. Hello seekers.Maybe someone messed garrett atx through experiments and sell electronic parts.I need a programmed control chip for metal detector Garrett ATX M9S8AC16CG or electroniс board that is in the handle.
  7. So I was out today for a couple of hours detecting, haven't even used the first set of batteries yet since I received my detector. After a couple hours the threshold all the sudden stopped working. Replace the batteries and still nothing. Sounds off on some targets but no threshold. Makes a crackling sound when I turn the detector off.... anyone know what the heck's going on with this thing?
  8. My MX Sport arrived last night with the upgrade, took her out for a quick hunt this morning at an old site laced with iron. Was using Relic mode, and White's improved SAT even bumped it up to 8 instead of 6. It is faster, much quicker when pushing SAT speed. Great separation, was using 2-tone mode. What I noticed right away, it has better separation over the MXT, even picks up finds the MXT would miss. Haven't compared with Deus or Racer, but from today's hunt the three are so close on Separation the MX Sport may even have an edge. Plus, even with maximum SAT depth was remarkable. Looking forward to using for longer period especially up in gold country. Haven't tried the other modes, just Relic and Prospecting mode. Will share more later, Paul
  9. This is the most difficult review I have ever written. I am not even sure I can call it a review. The first metal detector I ever got was a White's Coinmaster IV in 1972. As the years have gone by I have gotten very brand agnostic, but if I ever had a soft spot for a company it has been White's and the people that work there. However, after being at or near the top of the heap for a long time, things slipped once the the TDI and V3i were introduced in 2008 - 2009. Since then there have been new model introductions but nearly all have been derivative versions of earlier machines. Now, everyone does this, but in the last few years it has come to seem a very long time since anything really new came out of Sweet Home. The old machines continued to be great machines, but at some point you need to keep evolving as a company or just rest on your laurels. With machines becoming ever lighter and more compact it seemed to me only a matter of time before White's would have to make a break from its past rooted in huge circuit boards housed in even larger boxes. The wild card in all this has been a lot of changes in management and personnel at White's in the last few years. I admit to wondering what the heck was going on, but I continued to hope this old favorite would once again make a swing for the fences and score a home run. So when the first rumor of the MX Sport broke, I was all over it and then some. The first MX Sport thread on this forum set records for views and replies by a giant margin. Obviously I am not the only one who was really interested in a new White's offering and looking to find out all I could about it. I used the thread as a personal exploration tool as I delved into every aspect of this new machine, wanting to know everything about it. The new design seemed to me to represent a possible new future for White's and the feature list hinted at a machine that would not only match but improve on the MXT for overall features. It only made sense to me that this machine if done right could possibly replace the MXT as part of a totally new lineup of detectors going forward. I speculated on this a lot on the thread but also made the case that this would not be an MXT stuffed in a waterproof housing, but instead a fully unleashed version of the MX5. The MX5 has a small fan club insisting it is a very good detector, so I did not see this as a bad thing. White's supported this idea with a video posted on the forum comparing the MX Sport to MX5 and MXT and making the case for the MX Sport being the better machine of the three. A member of the forum, auminesweeper, took immediate and very strong exception to the video, saying that in his opinion White's was purposefully downplaying the MXT and at the same time playing up the MX Sport. I focused less on the video itself, since I think video tests pretty much show whatever you want to show, and just trusted the message White's was sending. It seemed a very strong statement by White's that the MX Sport was really going to be something special. More than ever I was thinking this was a major release from White's that would make people sit up and take notice. My faith in White's was such that I insisted auminesweeper was perhaps being unfair for laying into White's so strongly over the video. Then came some early reports with me being a bit slow to round up an MX Sport on release. But something funny started happening. Posts and threads on other forums started drying up, some with just a short note from somebody saying they gave the MX Sport a go and sold it quickly. People then piled on those folks for not giving the machine a fair chance. Which then really shut people up. I made a comment on Findmall about waterproof headphones not being on White's website and was promptly told I was bashing White's. The defenders of the faith are guarding the portals it would seem. Of more concern was Paul(CA) posting this on the Dankowski Forum "To be honest, I'm not pleased with the MX Sport. It's terrible, tones are too long and the coil foot print is too big and recovery speed is terrible as well." However, Paul also was able to find two modes that not only worked well for him but so well it made the machine all he wanted and then some "To be honest, My opinion White's only got two modes right (Prospecting & All Metal). These two modes are great especially Prospecting mode and can be tweaked to operate like a hot MXT" and "turns out the prospecting mode when turning off VCO turns the unit into an MXT only a tad hotter." So now I am thinking "hmmmm, maybe not all it could be but maybe a good niche unit at certain settings". All along I was counting on the MX Sport to be not only waterproof but lighter than an MXT. It then was revealed White's was quoting the weight without batteries and the machine basically weighs same as the MXT and if anything was a bit nose heavy. The shine was starting to wear off, but I continued to have faith that if I could get my hands on one I would see a gem in the rough. I finally did get one, a unit purchased and pulled from random stock, so what everyone else should be seeing at this point. I did a basic just out of box review recently on the forum. My goal when I wrote that was to wait 30 days before saying more, both to deal with other stuff I have going on in my life, but also to get more time on the machine under varied conditions. Well, I have had the MX Sport out and I ran into a problem. The same problem Paul had mentioned about the tones and recovery speed. Honestly, I thought that surely it can't be that bad, maybe Paul was just not used to the old fashioned White's boombox sound or had forgotten how it was? Having been responsible for generating a lot of discussion about the MX Sport prior to release and as a side effect in doing so creating what people these days call "hype" I think I put myself in a corner. In generating all that interest I think I have a certain responsibility now to raise a red flag if I run into one, perhaps earlier than I intended. What I am seeing is such that I feel I have no choice but to jump the gun on my plans and post early about the MX Sport. Long story short - after few hours with the MX Sport at a local park, bad soil, lots of targets, I have to say something now and not wait. Either the MX Sport has design goals and decisions made that are totally eluding me, or this thing has some issues. What, exactly, is this machine supposed to do? From the White's website: "This general purpose waterproof metal detector can do it all! Beach hunting, relics, coins and jewelry, and even prospecting. With it's roots in the MX lineup, MX Sport builds on the legendary MXT, with new features and the latest technology." What I am expecting here is a machine that hits on all cylinders, one that across the board works and works well. What I got in the park - fruit salad. That is the only thing I can think of to describe the audio on this detector when on the ground with real targets. It is not the tones per se - they are pleasant enough to listen to. It is like Paul has said. The tones grab and hold on too long, and for a machine where a selling point has been quick recovery it seems anything but. Worse, there are transient false signals. VDI numbers do not like to lock on, so if using multiple tones it is just tones all over the place and targets that come and go. The DD coil generates complex responses on close targets. A shallow single target can sound like two or more. All the time tones hanging on for a second or even two, and changing constantly. Basically, a real mess. The machine just never seems sure of itself. Now, I can hunt through just about anything but with all this going on it rapidly becomes apparent that trying to use the tones is a waste of time. The solution is to do what Paul did and just get rid of it all. By going to prospecting mode and turning VCO off you do end up with a powerful machine for digging non-ferrous targets. The problem is, if the way to get the machine to run well is to shut off all those neat features then what is the point exactly? It was bad enough I tracked down and borrowed an MXT just to make sure I was not nuts. Boom, the MXT proved again why so many people like it. Clean solid hits on targets, and after using the MX Sport like leaving night and going back to day. Relic mode, clean, simple, and effective. Relic mode on the MX Sport? Weird nulling overshoots, tones, all metal VCO buzzing - fruit salad. Either I am really, really missing something, or somehow the MX Sport got out the door doing things I just can't comprehend as being right. Did the people testing the machine see what I am seeing and think it is ok? Did it work differently for them, and some last second change resulted in side effects that got missed? Is my machine just defective? Based on Pauls comments I do not think so - I think he saw what I am seeing and I just could not believe it without hearing it myself. I confirmed what I am seeing privately with several other people before deciding to make this post. I am certain mine is not an isolated case. Well folks, the big problem I faced is I have a bunch of family visiting and I am going to be unable to follow up or do any more regarding this after tomorrow. I had two choices. One, just say nothing for that 30 days until I got more time and hopefully figure things out better. However, my conscience just won't let me do it. Despite what people may think it does not take forever to figure a metal detector out when it comes to certain basic things. What I am seeing now any expert would see in minutes. Worse, a novice may see it and think it normal. I sure don't want people to think I am giving up on the MX Sport by any means as it does have great possibilities in some regards. But based on all the speculation and hope that this machine would be an unquestioned across the board do it all and do it well type machine I just had to say something right now. I always tell people to not rely on my word alone when it comes to judging metal detectors. Usually that is to damp down overly excited expectations. The same must hold true here - do not decide the MX Sport is bad just based on my mentioning an issue with my particular unit. Time and more reports will tell just how much of a problem this is and how White's will respond to it.
  10. I'll start with the ugly. The lower shaft on the GPZ is made out of what appears to be a porous ABS plastic. Down close to the coil it is also ridiculously, disgustingly. unbelievably thin. Now the bad. My feet are shaped like a 17" elliptical mono coil. And worse yet is the control cable to my brain sometimes looses connection. So I was detecting on some very steep and slick ground and stumbled and set my GPZ coil down instinctively to catch myself . I have done this at least a million times with every detector I have ever owned and never damaged any thing. Not so with the Z. The shaft broke at the coil ears. I cobbled it back together with a couple of sticks, some electric tape and a spare shoe lace and finished the day (it was 2 mile+ hike into this spot). Now the good. Doc had one in stock and went to great effort to get it in the mail that same day. I somehow get the feeling that this shaft was designed on a computer by a computer genius who's computer told him that this design was adequate. It's not.
  11. been camping in az for over three weeks and have pulled out 46 nuggets for about 3/4 ounce cleaning up old areas but my 4500 went down over a week ago and had to send it in, the repair center is less than an hour from me but I can't even get a return call from them to know what is wrong, the man that used to run their center in Vegas was good, so far I am not impressed with the new centers customer service, hopefully they will restore my faith with a reasonable repair this week, I have been using a 2200d with a Joey for the last several trips and although I still pulled out 10 nuggets, it is a real challenge changing machines when you have hunted with the same one for at least five years. As soon as I get my machine back I will be ready to start prospecting new areas, Rich Lampright is heading this way, hope to see you Steve, there is a lot of water damage in the Bradshaws. Been looking at a Whites TDI for a backup, not sure if they are a good machine, any input is appreciated
  12. First off I'd like to thank you for all the info you have provided for all us prospectors and your "Best Gold Prospecting Detectors report" is awesome. Couple of questions, I have owned 2 Xterra 705's and loved them both using them mostly on beaches here in FL. 2 years ago I went out to my old stomping grounds in WY and took along a 705 and a Tesoro Diablo Gold Demon. I was working a mining tailings pile when the 705 just would not keep quiet, it just continued to sound off in the prospecting mode. I did not change to coin mode but called Minelab from right there on the top of old Centennial Ridge. I spoke to John and he could not help me nor could he come up with any reason for this. He told me he would have Kevin call asap, well I never heard back from them. I ended up taking out the Gold Demon and ran it over the same ground. It ran fine and I did find some nails and various sized bullets. If i used the 705 off the tailing pile it seemed to work fine and I tested it with some gold I had with me. I am headed back to WYO soon and I'm planning on getting a couple of gold detectors to take along, I'm leary about getting another 705. Now I have a Safari that I also love to use here in the east, since it has a the FBS Multi frequency Technology I am wondering how it would perform in the western Goldfields. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Having just taken delivery of a brand new Garrett AT Pro, I wish to high heaven I waited until I had the cash to pay for a Nokta. After having spent literally months studying and researching which detector I should get, after getting it and taking it to the beach on Saturday, I'm stunned at the fact it is now falsing so badly you can move it any way you like and it gives low, medium and/or high tones. Did all the factory resets when it was switched on and when it was switched off...to no avail. Being on a pension, every dollar is valuable and I've scrounged, scrimped and saved for a new detector for so long now, and this is what Garrett come up with. Unbelievable. And as it came from the US (I live in Oz), it looks as though I have to go through all the pain and grief of sending it back to the US if I'm to get any satisfaction on having it repaired. However, one thing of which is certain; when it's fixed, it's 'outski' and onto the market and I'll get a new Nokta. Thanks for nothing Garrett. But thanks for a great review, Steve, you've sold me on the Nokta.
  14. Ok. I was ordered used Recon detector, and after shippment from USA to Poland (Europe) unit doesn’t work… you can't power up... I’m owner of 4 months ATX too, (used twice), and I sold the unit from Poland to UK. After shipment doesn’t work too! Could you help me and resolve the problem? This is weird situation.
  15. Hi Steve, Wanted to share with you an issue you may have when detecting the sands of Hawaii, I found this out this past Sunday when hunting a California beach. No matter how careful you are with keeping sand away from the shaft it will be in there and be almost impossible to get out, The find ocean sand will find it's way in there especially the cam locks boy was it a nightmare getting the find grit out even after washing down the detector and shafts.. In fact, Scratched the shafts that will be the last time I take the ATX to the ocean. Fresh water lake sand isn't as fine as ocean wet sand so lake sand can be washed off allot easier, If you can hip mount your detector for the ocean wet sand. If not, Prepare yourself for punishment. If anything, Enjoy your time there and take another detector if you can't get the ATX hip mounted in time. Paul (Ca)
  16. Hey guys, I have 2 gb2s, has anyone had problems with threshold on these? What i have had happen with both mine on occasion is you will be going along just fine and threshold sound goes away sometimes temporarily sometimes you just bump it, sometimes you have to adjust slightly then it comes back on. I have adjusted it at higher threshold(louder) and it seems to stay on but to loud to pick up small gold. I seen another gb2 do this on occasion also. Whats up threshold switches themselves or somethihg different? Rick
  17. Faulty Coil?

    Any procedures to determine if a coil is bad?
  18. G'day, Has anyone here used the new Garrett ATX in areas of thick vegetation? What I need to know is ... will the coil sound off when hitting rocks or trees, or grass. In particular, can it be used without the distraction of added blanking noise while being run through wet grass? Reading the specifications of the new ATX it seems as if it was designed as a dream machine specifically for New Zealand (where I am located). And, as such ... seems too good to be true. The only deal-killer might be if it can't be used in thick wet vegetation! Oh ... theres also the other possible deal-killer, the price in New Zealand. I noticed on one forum that an Australian poster stated that the price he was quoted for an ATX was over $1,000.00 dearer than the USA. I would not be at all surprised if the retail price in New Zealand was the most expensive in the world. The legit Garrett dealer in New Zealand has no mention of the ATX on its web site so far ... and something else for Kiwis to consider is that we will probably be the last country in the world to get a first shipment. Historical photo from about 10 years ago when detecting for gold started to get serious on NZs West Coast after some spectacular gold finds were made with a metal detector (Minelab PI MD) that haven't been surpassed since. Typical West Coast gold country! Regards, Rob (RKC)