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Found 181 results

  1. A nice overview of why some people like to go metal detecting. This is a bit of an experiment as an embedded Facebook video so let me know if it does not work for you.
  2. Greetings fellow prospectors! For a more than a year I have thought about doing up some Youtube videos on prospecting and I have finally gotten off my backside and done it! This is the first video of a 3 part set where I will be taking a look at Minelab's new Gold Monster 1000 nugget oriented metal detector. This part one video is an introductory discussion about its various features and settings. In the next couple weeks I will put up part 2 which will be on testing the GM1000 out in the field and then part 3 will cover some practical suggestions for prospectors on getting the most out of your Gold Monster 1000 and a discussion of some of the best kinds of places to use the GM1000. I will publish those other parts soon, but for now, here is the part 1 video. The quality here may not be perfect, but there is a lot of good information and content in this video. Additionally, now that I have the ball rolling you can expect other videos on different prospecting topics coming later once I have completed these 3. - Chris
  3. Jayray posted this on Bill Southern's meteorite forum...pretty cool Franconia Hunt
  4. The next time you're too pooped to keep digging and that soft brown dirt is just tooooo hard.. waa waaa Stop your whinging and think of these blokes, we have it easy. Jen
  5. Published on Dec 19, 2016 - In this episode of Gold Trails, host Kevin Hoagland starts his adventure with a private tour of the White's Metal Detector factory in Sweethome Oregon. He then makes his way to a nearby GPAA Mining Claim in search of gold nuggets. Later in the show he tests his luck on the Oregon Coast with a prototype White's detector searching for treasure with the Metal Man!
  6. This is a video of a seminar presentation done at a gold show. It features Bill Southern of and Kevin Hoagland of offering advice and tips on how to prospect for gold with metal detectors.
  7. One of my favorite videos.... now "THAT'S" a hole....
  8. In the event some of you have not seen this awesome operation in Victoria, Aus. Grab your favorite drool rag. Jen
  9. Here is a video about an 8 lb main mass Gold Basin meteorite. I've seen other large pieces found on that side before it became a monument.
  10. Just found this Guy.....Nice Walkaround! Enjoy! Ig
  11. Any stories? of Your Longest Dig for a Good Signal! And what did you find at the end? Long Dig thread dig! Here's a Good one! Cheers, Ig
  12. Here`s day 2 & 3 of my recent trip to Scotland with a friend for a week long gold prospecting hunt
  13. Post More of Your Odd Specimen Gold Finds! Enjoy Nm's 2014 nugget review! Cheers, Ig
  14. To All the American Gold Hunters! Post Your Gold Pictures or Videos Here..Let's Show Australia Wuzzzup! It's like Rugby... raaaaah! Below are Without a Doubt My 3 Favorite American Nugget Videos and the Middle is My No.#1 !!!!!!!!!! If You Seen them before? Then oh! well my bad "watch them again"....If Your seeing these for the 1st time Enjoy!!!!! Post Your Gold GO!Yanks! Cheers, Ig 2014 Sold $400,000 Jasong on the Forum! All his videos are A Must Watch! Cheers Mate's!
  15. This Bloke's Great and will take You Along......for the ride! Cheers to All the Aussie Placer Miner's! Snow Blizzard and -4c Here! Ig
  16. Here`s day 1 of my recent Feb 2017 trip to Scotland, more to follow when I can be bothered to convert them all lol...
  17. Oz Week Closing in a Big Way! Push Mining Cheers, Ig and another same Blokes! Ounce's n ounce's........
  18. More from Downunder! Cheers to Oz Gold Operators from -7c and now 5ft of "fresh powder" Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Idaho,g 19 Inch Scores....
  19. Simple bench test. Full screen version of video allows you to activate English subtitles.
  20. This is crazy! A virgin beach loaded with silver, first with CTX and then with DEUS. Enjoy!