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Found 140 results

  1. Some video posted in the last 30 days....
  2. this guy Flat Killed It on this Dive! Makes You think? Looks Like Fun! Worth Watching! Cheers from Idaho.Sorry if this was already posted before Dunno
  3. Here is day 3 and 4 of my recent gold prospecting trip to Wanlockhead, Scotland between Christmas and New Year 2016. Days 1 & 2 recovered a couple of pickers so I continue to prospect for gold in the same area on day 3, I don`t record much of day 3 however as it didn`t really I`ve up much gold to film so I finish up and decide to test a completely new area on day 4 which I`ve not visited before. Day 4 I carry on gold prospecting but in a new area, the new area has a lot of fine crushed material from old mine workings, there is a lot of crushed lead and quartz, having not tested the area before I thought I would give it a go to see if I could recover any gold from the area to offer additional area`s to prospect at for future trips, I`m sure this new area will hold some nice bits of gold but on my test day I only recover a single spec, which isn`t really enticing me to revisit this new area again, but thats the whole point of prospecting for gold, to visit new area`s and see how prospective they look
  4. Found this on accident but would like to see how tough it really is to accomplish. you can fast forward to the good part if you like.
  5. I got into this Sport by watching videos on Youtube...Thanks Zaqqazz22 for coming across my screen 9 years ago w/ a 6oz. "Sunbaker" that got me going...Anyhoo if you like to watch videos and you need some other tips ? I just found this on youtube tonite rightnow and watched 4 of the videos.....because I have a gpx and am always wanting to learn! heres the link... I will say however that i "ve never seen "anyone" w/only 30 subscribers ,,put up 17 videos including Minelab GPX series training all in "Only 3 weeks outa the gate and "Never say a single word! "Bizzare makes you wonder "who's really behind the vids?? Could it be detecting season in OZ......maybe the sticker is a Clue! LOL I learned something and seen alot nice pieces....Happy New Years from Idaho
  6. Here`s day 2 of my recent prospecting trip to Scotland between Christmas and New year, I posted day 1 in a different section but barely got any views so I presume this is the main section read so figured I`d pop it here instead like I usually do, day 1 is on a different part of the forum ;)
  7. A couple months ago, had Ch.3 news contact me, wanting to follow on one of our meteorite hunts... Dave
  8. Full hour episode published September 2016. "Meteorite Hunters: Just Give us Some Space!" is a full length documentary that follows treasure hunters (team Dirt Fishin America's Dr.Tones and Pickhead) around the country in search of priceless space rocks. The team meets up with world famous meteorite hunter Geoff Notkin to learn how to find meteorites before they set out in search for a meteorite of their own. Metal detectors, magnets and all sorts of adventure.
  9. Well I must be crazy but figured I`d go back up to Scotland to revisit a hole I worked and found nice pickers in from November, however when I got there, I released someone had already worked the hole, I guess thats one of the prices I pay for making my videos to share with fellow prospectors, it still gave me a chance to test some new spots on the following days though so not all was lost
  10. Heres the video my my last day prospecting in Wanlockhead, Scotland, I found some nice pickers on this day while using my underwater viewer to scrape cracks & crevices clean and ran the material through a DIY sluice I made using gold hog and vortex mats, hope you enjoy :D
  11. G'day, In search of the vein Pumping on the side of a mountain in search of the right vein! Regards, Rob (RKC)
  12. An inside look at the manufacturer of Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Teknetics metal detectors, based in El Paso, Texas. You can also take the Garrett Tour, Minelab Tour, and White's Tour
  13. I recently acquired the 4 part collection. I know these are old but the research techniques that Jack talks about will never get old. If you come across these I wouldn't hesitate to get them.
  14. Well, I showed a video last year of me chasing gold in the snows of NV-- this year it is in NorCal Jeep 2016.mp4
  15. Here`s day 3 of my recent prospecting trip to Wanlockhead, Scotland, days 1 & 2 were pretty much a wash out but things started picking up in this video of day 3 and day 4 was better still.
  16. Here`s a video covering the first 2 days of my prospecting trip from last weekend, not a lot of gold to show for it so I move area`s in day 3 which pays off a lot better
  17. Doing a bit of testing on the new Evolution coil. Some may recall I was skeptical of the newer generations of coils and I said I would post a testing video when I got one of them to test. Results were not entirely surprising for those who don't like watching videos, but overall I am satisfied with the Evo. See below video for summary. GPZ is definitely king of the dinks, but superior overall on all targets too. If I had some crystalline or highly disseminated specimens to test it wouldn't even be a contest. These tests pretty much replicate my experience in the field - on medium sized stuff I am generally getting 1-3 inches deeper with the GPZ which may be like 10% improvements, but on smaller stuff I am seeing more like 40% depth improvements. Evo is definitely more sensitive and deeper than the 17x11 on every piece of gold I tested. Question is whether it's more sensitive then it's direct size equivalent which would be a 15" round mono. I think it would be, I'm guessing it's probably closer to a 16" round or maybe even a little better when it comes to the small stuff which is (like the GPZ) where I think the biggest gains are at since a 16" round mono would probably not pick up the last nugget I tested at all, or if so only right on the edge where the winding is at. What I'd like to test is whether or not it has greatly increased sensitivity to the crystalline/disseminated stuff but I sold all of it that I found this spring. After the last few generations of newer coils, this one seems like the first to make a noticeable change to me, but don't expect miracles. In other words, it's easily noticeable to me, but slight...but in a game of inches that can be everything. I have now made the Evo my default coil on my 4500 and put the 17x11 on the shelf for the first time in 5 years. For long exploratory trips where I spend all day weedwacking nonstop I'll still use the 17x11 because its much lighter.
  18. G'day, Recherche d'or en Afrique - GPX 5000; Garrett ATX, XP Deus ( for gold in Africa - GPX 5000; Garrett ATX, XP Deus ) Regards, Rob (RKC)
  19. Here`s day 3 of my trip to Tyndrum, Scotland, hope you enjoy ;)
  20. Here`s the video of day 2 of my recent trip to Tyndrum, Scotland, hope you enjoy :D