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Found 45 results

  1. The White's MX Sport is now one of the only "all terrain" metal detectors that comes standard with waterproof headphones. Most waterproof to 10 feet detectors do not come with the waterproof headphones required to make them truly submersible. The MX Sport is now ready for mask and snorkel work right out of the box.
  2. Sure could use some help on this one. This is NOT a post to bash my new found family member. She is very sensitive and goes deeper then I care to dig (all day) My first Sport didn't take to the water all that well so I called that sweet lady at Whites and she had a new machine out that day. ( God Bless Her ) When the new machine arrived I was a little under the weather and wasn't able to unbox her and run but that gave me time to do a some research on an old overgrow park. The first four hours she was finding coins, jewelry, Junk and of cores my favorite pull tabs like you wouldn't believe when all of a sudden she went bonkers and every target I hit sounded like someone ripping cloth over the PA system in all modes. I wanted to do a restore but the manual was sitting at home so I got the Safari outta the truck and followed the trail in the sand where I was dragging my butt and was back to finding pull tabs? This morning I did a restore and she's back? What did I do wrong to cause my girl to act this way so I can avoid it? It was a sunny 71* day. She rode over to the park in the front seat of the truck with my hat pulled over her face so's not to over heat? Battery's fully charged. Coil wire wrapped snug but not to tight. Ground read 64. No overhead power lines and from the looks of the park I don't think anything was buried and I did clean the sand outta the coil cover.? This will be one sweet baby as soon as I learn how to burp her. Thanks in advance. Sod
  3. To enter you can go on line or mail your answer in. The question is how deep is the MX Sport certified waterproof and that is up to 10 feet. You can mail in the answer one each day but not more Mailing address is White's PO Box 451589 Grove OK. 74345-1589 on a 3 X 5 card. On line at Remember contest is from June one to the end of the month. Best of Luck Chuck
  4. Setting up the White's MX Sport for depth on coins and relics running the DeTech Ultimate 13 DD coil.
  5. Speaking of the mx sport and coils, it looks like Whites is working on making a 5.3! There is a thread on another forum and tboykin is asking for testers. I would try an take him up on the offer only I don't know the first thing about being a tester and have my plate full with work for a couple weeks. I've tried the big coils before but usually find myself using the smaller ones 90% of myself. As soon as the 5.3 is ready for prime time I'll be picking one up!
  6. Hi there, new member here , First off all, English is not my 1st language, learnt it through online gaming and professor google translator. OK I'm from Malaysia and I would like to buy the MX sports. After doing some research, its seems that the detector has some problem that need to be rectify via sending back to factory. This will be a problem for me if I needed to send the detector back to US, money and time wise. I read from various, sites and forum that some of the detectors are going great but some or not due to the software and crack issues. In other word, Is there any guarantee that I will get the latest version of the detector if I buy now or should I wait? Hope forumers understand on what I'm talking about. I try to explain more as best as I could if needed. Thank you in advance. HH to all
  7. can someone tell me what is the best coil for fresh water with MX sport on jewelry
  8. Tom, one of my requirements for a fresh water detector is the ability to see targets under cold rocks. I'm in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan where they are abundant in a few lakes and beaches around here. DD coils usually take care of this but I need to be sure. Thanks Tom Z
  9. Tom------If a person purchases a MX Sport---How do you know/how can you tell if you are purchasing one of the latest produced ones (one with the very latest "improvements")?--------Thanks------------Del
  10. The DeTech 13" Ultimate is one of the nicer coils I have ever used, very light in weight for its size, and very good performance. White's now has a version available on their website at Part number 801-3263 $179.95 includes coil cover. This joins the 7" round DD coil made by DeTech that White's recently released for the MX Sport Part number 801-3262 $149.95 includes coil cover.
  11. The weather was a little warmer today so I decided to travel about 30 miles to the park where I've found lots of old coins. The area used to be used as a lakeside recreation park in the 1920's and has been very good very to me. I searched for a couple of hours hoping the MX Sport would pull some old coin that my XLT had missed. It seems that the MXS is intended to be swung a little slower than the XLT so I didn't cover as much ground as I'm normally would have. Maybe it was just me trying to pick through a lot of trash and isolate good signals. Anyway, two hours of searching resulted in one recently drop quarter and several really dip digs. After I took a short nap in my camper a fellow came along and asked if I was treasure hunting. He said he had an interest in old coins and showed me his 1964 JFK half dollar. He also pointed to place that he had found a 1927 buffalo nickel that washed out of a bank. He seemed like a nice enough guy although I suspected he was living out of his truck. I told him I had something he might like and went to my truck to get a 1934 buffalo nickel that was in my pouch. I gave it to him to add to his collection and he seemed to really appreciate the gift. After he left I went over to the area he showed me and after about 30 minutes found an Avery 925 silver ring. This was the first ring that I've found with the MXS and I was really excited. I had promised my wife some rings when the MXS arrived and now I was going to keep promise number one. You see, my house is like the White's commercial where the guy finds a ring and gives it to his wife. EVERYTHING that I find is offered to her and she takes whatever she likes. I know she going to like this one. By the way, when your wife is always wearing rings that you find they add greatly to the conversation whenever metal detecting comes up. Thank for looking and as always, H Digs!
  12. How many nails can one machine take? I ran out - If you guys would like to see something specific for a video please let me know! I have a vial of nuggies I can use to show gold response next. But its pouring up here so I might have to wait for a break in the weather.
  13. Today was my day. Oh no big treasure but the coins was coming to light. I went late today to hunt a playgrounds at my church. This church came into being in mid 60's but the playground is not that old. I started hunting but at first not hitting anything. Then got a Id for a penny but maybe a little higher ID for it. Well I dug it and it was down say 3 inches. I check the hole with my TRX and it said nothing else. I always run over with the coil before covering the hole and when I did I had ID of a dime. Sure enough about 4 inch from the hole lay a dime with some dirt that came from the hole I dug. I had flip the dime out of the hole but didn't know it. I was trying to stay in the shade because the Sun was hot in the open. I moved over to hunt at the end of a small slide and I'd move the coil just a little getting another hit each time. Everything was coming up dimes in just a very small area. After that the sun was getting to me again so I moved under this tree to hunt around it. I didn't find not over three coins so then turn back to hunt the other side of the slide. Before I got there is where the fun started. I got a quarter signal first then dug down and out pop two quarters stuck together. I check the hole again but it wasn't in the same hole but next to it. This time out came a quarter with a dime stuck to it. This the way it went with the area no bigger than a dinner plate. After it was all over in that one spot I had found 5 quarters and the same on the dimes. I did find about 3 pennies in the same holes. I had yet found a nickel but when I ran the coil over for the last time I got a nickel reading and it was one nickel. I keep hunting for a while finding more quarters and dimes with a penny here and there. I'm not finish hunting this playground and will do it on a cooler day. I didn't get a count on the total being Church was going to start and I take care of the sound system.I could see none of the coins was old as in silver or wheat. This Dog had a fun day. Chuck. PS Hey Tom you were right on up the sen. for a better PP Thanks
  14. Hello all. Hit SoOregon this weekend for some pocket hunting and all I found was bullets, more bullets, and poison oak. But the size of the 22 fragments I was finding gave me great confidence in the TDI SL with Miner John's coil. Luckily the factory let me borrow both! Gotta get back out there - we ended up in a great spot with shallow dig holes and were pulling up old square nails, boot tacks, and buttons that were good signs of gold productivity deep in the woods. Last week we shot a video that scared me to film... I was talking with an engineer about the testing process for the MX Sport. How do they figure out what is "tough enough"? He told me to grab the camera and I was a little scared to find the answer out --- especially with some of the nasty stuff people have said about the MX Sport. Not that it was unwarranted. We're in a great place with the machine as it stands right now, in large part thanks to forums like these to help us collect user input and improve the MX Sport. I would not suggest doing some of these tests with other brands' models... Actually, you probably shouldn't do these with ours either. But it's nice to know that we do, and that we build machines to put in work and not get babied---
  15. I told myself this morning I was going out and coin hunt all day with my MX Sport.. I'd put on that little 6 X 10 DD coil and away I went. I hit just about every school on my side of town. The trouble is you can't get in the play grounds area being it's lock. I don't know what it was today but everything was coming up dimes. Some days I start finding one certain coin and little of others. For all the people out there that in my opinion the MX Sport is hard to beat detector. it's so easy to may any change in the program on the fly. You can turn it off and it will keep your new entry with out having to do more. One thing that caught me off balance was the ground balance in how much it would change just from one school to another. Like I've already said all schools on the same side of town too. I don't know if you have this trouble call fire ants. At one school they were everywhere and digging up a dime I got into them. You should have been there because I didn't know just how good I could dance. I found another dime in the middle of a fire ant bed but I didn't have the guts to dig it. Having this small DD coil has not stop me from wanting a 6 inch concentric coil. What I want in a detector may took White's a while to get it correct but they did. Best to all of you that has a MX Sport. Chuck
  16. In this thread users share tips, tricks and settings to get the most out of this detector. Complain elsewere! Ok. I'd like to start, but I'm a rookie. So, power users, share away.
  17. From the official White's website at - 09-13-16 — MX Sport Production Status We need to address a material defect occurring in some MX Sport metal detectors. This summer we received reports of faceplate-plastic cracks which can result in the detector leaking when fully submerged. When we heard about these failures, we immediately stopped production and began troubleshooting. After thorough testing of different solutions we are confident in the corrections we’ve made, and have resumed full-scale production of the MX Sport. If you experience any cracking of the pod plastic, please call us at 1-888-666-6121 or e-mail (see below picture for help identifying). We will guide you through sending your detector for repair, at no charge to you. If you’re not experiencing problems, there’s no need to do anything. As always, rest assured that you’re fully covered by your two-year warranty should you have any problems with your White’s MX Sport. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but we owe it you, our valued customers, to do everything in our power to offer quality American-made metal detectors you can be proud to own. Thank you for your patience and help in making the MX Sport the very best detector it can be. We will use this page for future updates on this and any other White’s products. White’s Electronics
  18. I was a bit surprised a while back when White's started directly selling the DeTech 13" Ultimate as an official White's branded coil. "Very odd" thought I, but I figured it was some kind of one off experiment. The DeTech coil is compatible with the MXT, M6, MX5, V3i, etc. Now it appears White's has turned to DeTech to produce their promised smaller coil for the MX Sport, a 7" round DD coil. From "Tested and vetted by White’s Electronics engineers and field team, we are offering a limited supply first-run of only 10 coils. Limit one per order." I have used the DeTech 13" Ultimate myself for other brands, plus other DeTech coils and they have done well for me. I guess I am just surprised to see White's turning to a Bulgarian manufacturer to produce coils they once would have made in house. In this case it probably allows White's to get a small accessory coil to market quicker than might have been the case otherwise. People have been wanting something like the small 6" round Eclipse concentric for the MX Sport, but the problem with that coil is it is a thick foam filled coil not very amenable to underwater use.
  19. I am way behind in my forum housework and moving old threads to the Archives. The Archives make it easier to review all threads about a single subject without searching. The furor over the White's MX Sport seems to be gathering force on other forums but has long since been old news on this forum. As such it has run out of steam, so I created a new White's MX Sport Archive and have moved all past threads on the MX Sport to that location. If anyone has new questions or if new information develops, just start a new thread here on the main forum. Until then everything related to the MX Sport can be found at that location, except for a few comparison videos, etc. at the Metal Detectors Advice, Reviews, & Comparisons archive. For those who wish to keep going round and round about the issues with the MX Sport there are two threads currently running at and,109780 My advice is simple. If you do not have an MX Sport there is no rush to get one until there is some way to clearly tell what it is exactly that you are buying. There are various versions of the machine in the distributor and dealer pipeline, and apparently nobody can tell if a machine in a box has the latest version of the firmware AND that it has a face plate that is not going to crack in the first year or two. And frankly, in my opinion the latest version of the firmware is not likely to be the last. OFFICIAL WHITE'S RESPONSE TO ISSUES 7/20/16 - "If your SAT goes to "EIGHT" and you "DO NOT" have any cracks in the clear part of the display, DO NOT send it in for updating. If your SAT only goes to (6), and/or... you "do have" cracks in your display, DO send it in for updating. As mentioned prior, the serial number sequence will not tell a person if it needs to be updated, nor if display cracks are possible. We are sorry for all this and are working hard to resolve any and all issues as quickly as possible. Again, "EIGHT" SAT, no cracks, NO need for updating. (6) SAT, and/or cracks, DO send it in for updating." ACCORDING TO INFORMATION ON THE THREAD THERE IS NO WAY TO DETERMINE VISUALLY OR VIA SERIAL NUMBER WHETHER THE SCREEN WILL CRACK BEFORE HAND. If for any reason anyone believes they have ANY issue with an MX Sport that they think should be taken care of under warranty, then contact White's directly and get it resolved to your satisfaction. Or get a refund for the unit if you can. Or sell it and move on. I have.
  20. My MX Sport arrived last night with the upgrade, took her out for a quick hunt this morning at an old site laced with iron. Was using Relic mode, and White's improved SAT even bumped it up to 8 instead of 6. It is faster, much quicker when pushing SAT speed. Great separation, was using 2-tone mode. What I noticed right away, it has better separation over the MXT, even picks up finds the MXT would miss. Haven't compared with Deus or Racer, but from today's hunt the three are so close on Separation the MX Sport may even have an edge. Plus, even with maximum SAT depth was remarkable. Looking forward to using for longer period especially up in gold country. Haven't tried the other modes, just Relic and Prospecting mode. Will share more later, Paul
  21. This is the most difficult review I have ever written. I am not even sure I can call it a review. The first metal detector I ever got was a White's Coinmaster IV in 1972. As the years have gone by I have gotten very brand agnostic, but if I ever had a soft spot for a company it has been White's and the people that work there. However, after being at or near the top of the heap for a long time, things slipped once the the TDI and V3i were introduced in 2008 - 2009. Since then there have been new model introductions but nearly all have been derivative versions of earlier machines. Now, everyone does this, but in the last few years it has come to seem a very long time since anything really new came out of Sweet Home. The old machines continued to be great machines, but at some point you need to keep evolving as a company or just rest on your laurels. With machines becoming ever lighter and more compact it seemed to me only a matter of time before White's would have to make a break from its past rooted in huge circuit boards housed in even larger boxes. The wild card in all this has been a lot of changes in management and personnel at White's in the last few years. I admit to wondering what the heck was going on, but I continued to hope this old favorite would once again make a swing for the fences and score a home run. So when the first rumor of the MX Sport broke, I was all over it and then some. The first MX Sport thread on this forum set records for views and replies by a giant margin. Obviously I am not the only one who was really interested in a new White's offering and looking to find out all I could about it. I used the thread as a personal exploration tool as I delved into every aspect of this new machine, wanting to know everything about it. The new design seemed to me to represent a possible new future for White's and the feature list hinted at a machine that would not only match but improve on the MXT for overall features. It only made sense to me that this machine if done right could possibly replace the MXT as part of a totally new lineup of detectors going forward. I speculated on this a lot on the thread but also made the case that this would not be an MXT stuffed in a waterproof housing, but instead a fully unleashed version of the MX5. The MX5 has a small fan club insisting it is a very good detector, so I did not see this as a bad thing. White's supported this idea with a video posted on the forum comparing the MX Sport to MX5 and MXT and making the case for the MX Sport being the better machine of the three. A member of the forum, auminesweeper, took immediate and very strong exception to the video, saying that in his opinion White's was purposefully downplaying the MXT and at the same time playing up the MX Sport. I focused less on the video itself, since I think video tests pretty much show whatever you want to show, and just trusted the message White's was sending. It seemed a very strong statement by White's that the MX Sport was really going to be something special. More than ever I was thinking this was a major release from White's that would make people sit up and take notice. My faith in White's was such that I insisted auminesweeper was perhaps being unfair for laying into White's so strongly over the video. Then came some early reports with me being a bit slow to round up an MX Sport on release. But something funny started happening. Posts and threads on other forums started drying up, some with just a short note from somebody saying they gave the MX Sport a go and sold it quickly. People then piled on those folks for not giving the machine a fair chance. Which then really shut people up. I made a comment on Findmall about waterproof headphones not being on White's website and was promptly told I was bashing White's. The defenders of the faith are guarding the portals it would seem. Of more concern was Paul(CA) posting this on the Dankowski Forum "To be honest, I'm not pleased with the MX Sport. It's terrible, tones are too long and the coil foot print is too big and recovery speed is terrible as well." However, Paul also was able to find two modes that not only worked well for him but so well it made the machine all he wanted and then some "To be honest, My opinion White's only got two modes right (Prospecting & All Metal). These two modes are great especially Prospecting mode and can be tweaked to operate like a hot MXT" and "turns out the prospecting mode when turning off VCO turns the unit into an MXT only a tad hotter." So now I am thinking "hmmmm, maybe not all it could be but maybe a good niche unit at certain settings". All along I was counting on the MX Sport to be not only waterproof but lighter than an MXT. It then was revealed White's was quoting the weight without batteries and the machine basically weighs same as the MXT and if anything was a bit nose heavy. The shine was starting to wear off, but I continued to have faith that if I could get my hands on one I would see a gem in the rough. I finally did get one, a unit purchased and pulled from random stock, so what everyone else should be seeing at this point. I did a basic just out of box review recently on the forum. My goal when I wrote that was to wait 30 days before saying more, both to deal with other stuff I have going on in my life, but also to get more time on the machine under varied conditions. Well, I have had the MX Sport out and I ran into a problem. The same problem Paul had mentioned about the tones and recovery speed. Honestly, I thought that surely it can't be that bad, maybe Paul was just not used to the old fashioned White's boombox sound or had forgotten how it was? Having been responsible for generating a lot of discussion about the MX Sport prior to release and as a side effect in doing so creating what people these days call "hype" I think I put myself in a corner. In generating all that interest I think I have a certain responsibility now to raise a red flag if I run into one, perhaps earlier than I intended. What I am seeing is such that I feel I have no choice but to jump the gun on my plans and post early about the MX Sport. Long story short - after few hours with the MX Sport at a local park, bad soil, lots of targets, I have to say something now and not wait. Either the MX Sport has design goals and decisions made that are totally eluding me, or this thing has some issues. What, exactly, is this machine supposed to do? From the White's website: "This general purpose waterproof metal detector can do it all! Beach hunting, relics, coins and jewelry, and even prospecting. With it's roots in the MX lineup, MX Sport builds on the legendary MXT, with new features and the latest technology." What I am expecting here is a machine that hits on all cylinders, one that across the board works and works well. What I got in the park - fruit salad. That is the only thing I can think of to describe the audio on this detector when on the ground with real targets. It is not the tones per se - they are pleasant enough to listen to. It is like Paul has said. The tones grab and hold on too long, and for a machine where a selling point has been quick recovery it seems anything but. Worse, there are transient false signals. VDI numbers do not like to lock on, so if using multiple tones it is just tones all over the place and targets that come and go. The DD coil generates complex responses on close targets. A shallow single target can sound like two or more. All the time tones hanging on for a second or even two, and changing constantly. Basically, a real mess. The machine just never seems sure of itself. Now, I can hunt through just about anything but with all this going on it rapidly becomes apparent that trying to use the tones is a waste of time. The solution is to do what Paul did and just get rid of it all. By going to prospecting mode and turning VCO off you do end up with a powerful machine for digging non-ferrous targets. The problem is, if the way to get the machine to run well is to shut off all those neat features then what is the point exactly? It was bad enough I tracked down and borrowed an MXT just to make sure I was not nuts. Boom, the MXT proved again why so many people like it. Clean solid hits on targets, and after using the MX Sport like leaving night and going back to day. Relic mode, clean, simple, and effective. Relic mode on the MX Sport? Weird nulling overshoots, tones, all metal VCO buzzing - fruit salad. Either I am really, really missing something, or somehow the MX Sport got out the door doing things I just can't comprehend as being right. Did the people testing the machine see what I am seeing and think it is ok? Did it work differently for them, and some last second change resulted in side effects that got missed? Is my machine just defective? Based on Pauls comments I do not think so - I think he saw what I am seeing and I just could not believe it without hearing it myself. I confirmed what I am seeing privately with several other people before deciding to make this post. I am certain mine is not an isolated case. Well folks, the big problem I faced is I have a bunch of family visiting and I am going to be unable to follow up or do any more regarding this after tomorrow. I had two choices. One, just say nothing for that 30 days until I got more time and hopefully figure things out better. However, my conscience just won't let me do it. Despite what people may think it does not take forever to figure a metal detector out when it comes to certain basic things. What I am seeing now any expert would see in minutes. Worse, a novice may see it and think it normal. I sure don't want people to think I am giving up on the MX Sport by any means as it does have great possibilities in some regards. But based on all the speculation and hope that this machine would be an unquestioned across the board do it all and do it well type machine I just had to say something right now. I always tell people to not rely on my word alone when it comes to judging metal detectors. Usually that is to damp down overly excited expectations. The same must hold true here - do not decide the MX Sport is bad just based on my mentioning an issue with my particular unit. Time and more reports will tell just how much of a problem this is and how White's will respond to it.
  22. I was in Oklahoma coin hunting with a friend with my MX Sport. I had the 950 concentric coil on with it in the Coin & Jewelry Mode. Had the Sensitivity set at 5 and had it on 4 tones. The reason for the concentric coil is I just like it over than a DD coil when coin hunting.. With the sensitivity set at 5 gave me more depth for the ground I was digging in. The ground was like you had stack flat rocks on top of more of the same. I've seen lots of rocky ground but this was beyond rocky. On the number of tones I may up it as time goes by. Like old home sites most can be a high trash ground to hunt. I found I could pick out a coin in between trash being on both sides without any trouble. The Sport would give me a good reading on my target with no trouble on it's ID. I've hunted with a lot of solid coils over the years but I really like this concentric with the hole in the center. When you pinpoint a coin you can almost see the date through the hole in coil.Haha. My friend sure like the different tones for each coin I would detect. I have White's TRX pinpointer and the only time had trouble when it got within about a foot of the coil. Over all I find the MX Sport to be a great coil hunting detector. I've yet to do any nugget hunting so that will come at a later date. The only thing I think that could be better and that is the detector stand. Unless you put it on level ground it will fall over. I'm going to see what I can come up with to correct the problem. The detector sits so low the elbow hits the ground when put down. This is just below the hand grip. I put a leather wrap to protect it from damage over time of hitting the ground. This is because of the short stand too. Chuck
  23. I was wondering if anyone has been using the MXsport for prospecting and what your opinions might be? Thanks...