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Found 45 results

  1. Hi Steve & All Im UK based and detect for coins, relics, well just about anything really, I may even have found some info of a river that may produce gold, Im not sure how many of you guys can help, Im in the market for a new detector and I have been pondering the XP Deus for some time but have held fire on my purchase because of the release of the Nokta Impact, I am always on this site looking at the reviews etc and wanted to hear any experiences of the Nokta Impact, I know its early days yet and reviews are thin on the ground, but experts like yourselves will have an initial feeling about new gear and instantly know if you like it or not, in the UK the Deus will be around £300-£350 more expencive than the Impact, so my question is to those who may have both, Which do you prefer, why, which would be your go to machine, does the Impact compare to the Deus, which do you think maybe the best all rounder, is the Deus worth the extra $ Any help is greatfully received, Thanks in Advance, Shanan
  2. Since the V4 update came out, it has been real quiet on here. Anyone using the update with any success? Anyone figuring out the programs and making any custom ones? I got a custom program from a friend. For iron infested areas. He was explaining to me the Deus was made for European hunting. Of course I knew that. But he further explained that they have wrought-iron in Europe and we don't we don't have so much in the states. So he has figured out a program that is better suited for the iron and steel in the united states. So I am going to go test run it. So if you have any success stories or issues, please share. That is my goal with the Deus this year, is to learn it, and become more proficient with it.
  3. Alright, another hunt today,,5 hours long,,same site as yesterday. I feel the need to share some I think worthy information. Xp Deus version 4,, is quite a bit different from version 3.2. Overall it is better,,will I think make some sites come alive again,,hunted previously with any detector really even Deus and previous versions to Version 4. I listened close today,,and did make some worthy finds,,,considering all or maybe some of these has had a detector coil over them by me personally during the course of the last 6 years. So what is different with version 4?? First let me say,,,so far my exclusive use of version 4 really is running the hot program. I ran disc setting again today using full tones disc between 2.0 and 2.5., I did find a few finds by using,,and with time in the site today,,I really started bearing down. My goal was to try and start seeing if by audio alone and how it behaved,,could I start cracking the code on maybe trying to realize what real challenged nonferrous might just sound like. Well I tried using the disc settings above,,,whalt happened??? I was digging nails,,,yes nails sounded pretty darn good,,,one thing though about these signals here I was digging,,they were a bit shorter,,but has the other characteristics of usually what a good hit would sound like. Well as I went t along,,I got over another one of these similar behaving/sounding targets,,,so I'm saying to myself,,huh and other nail??? Well here is where the light bulb started brighter,,,I started reducing disc,,got to zero,. this suspect target still sounded like a good hit(closer),,so I just kept lowering disc,,and sweeping,,,,when I got to -2.5--- Eureka!! With disc setting -2.5 in full tones using version 4,,, to me this sounds awfully close to version 3.2 does. Meaning the Deus over nails,,,give the rolling sounds,,with grunts. I hunted for around 2 hours using in the site,,,,and the site sounded like I was running 3.2 (almost),, and this here is BIG. Deus version 4,, based even on so far roughly 8 hours in the field,,,has even more of an inate ability to find nonferrous in iron and nails,,,but ALSO has the more inate ability even a user will listen to tone intelligence/ characteristics,,,to ID ferrous materials with unusually shapes,,including round(er). And before a person says,,Well Deus has always liked round,,,yes I know this,,,but I think now,,,even in a separation and unmasking detecting scenario,,,it is seeing more here on even ferrous,,,and I think this carries over to the nonferrous side as well. Some folks may have thought Deus version 3.2 was the end all for Xp,,,well I got news for those who thought --Wrong. I do realize due to weather, some Deus users are grounded so to speak,,,all I can say,,is if you are a Deus runner,,and enjoyed running full tones using 3.2 with zero and even lower disc,,,I highly recommend you opt for disc setting of -2.5,, for your self,,,to at least establish a base line of sorts,,,this I think will help you and speed up your learning curve overall. In the pic,,ferrous on top,,nonferrous on the bottom. The 2 nonferrous button and brass thingy,,dug on edge around 5-5.5" deep,,the bigger item towards the right is lead,,,looks a lot like the find I dug earlier here. This particualr find,,,I would almost bet the farm,,if swung over using Deus version 3.2,, user would be thinking iron. The little musket ball,,a mere 1.5" deep,,,covered with ferrous too,,and the little flat button a mere 3" deep. The iron finds,,they had quite a bit of signature of being nonferrous,,,I really think Deus with version 3.2 would have be used to study these targets,,,likely would have called them moreso iron. Not as much of a way to base audio on the shape of ferrous. Seems version 4 has narrowed the gap a bit as far as ferrous and nonferrous,, distinguishing with tone. I have always said,,and folks I think don't realize this,,,most folks seem to guide their thinking on how well a detector sees nonferrous or alerts on it or recognizes it. But something equally important is how a detector recognizes iron and nails and the degree to which they do. I mean a detector has to do both well,,to be a very good detecto IMO. I would also bet,, version 4 Deus is better on say half of coins in ground and in nails and iron vs Deus 3.2. Dragnet is wider using version 4.0....
  4. I am seeing folks report problems with V4. I have recently downloaded and updated both my units. If I try to go to disc,,and hit expert keys,,screen freeze. The same with notch selected,,,hit expert screen freeze. Also no freq shift allowed,,screen freeze. Have to power down to get out of screens. Some folks are not having this problem,,but many are. Seems going back to 3.2 version solves all these problems. Stay tuned.
  5. Alright, Deus V4 hunt, 9" coil. Three and a half hours roughly. I can already say this based on this short period of using V4 in the wild. The $1 and $2.50 USA gold coins,,the half dimes,,even the real worn ones,,eagle cuff buttons,,,,all should be shaking in their boots. Version 4 is no BS folks. Very solid performer. This site I've spent a lot of time on,,I call this one of my detector proving grounds site,,,cause it is challenging,,and I take certain models detectors here to just see what happens. I only ran the hot program on Deus version 4,,, 90 sens ,,,dead on GB,,,reactivity 2.5 silencer -1. Super signals provided on these targets in pic. I have dug similar finds in this site with Deus version 2 and 3.2,,So I know what most of them sounded like,,,these targets today BIG difference. I encourage relic hunters at least to waste no time updating their detectors to version 4. So besides the super signals on these targets what else did I see. Don't know what this means exactly,,,all of these targets but one,,,could not be detected in plug even if the plug was turned right side up. The harmonica reed was pretty deep,,,and it had a bit of iron twang to it. I compared hot program to Deus fast program with the same settings dialed in,,,they seem different to me. I will bet over the last 3 years somebody in the USA with Deus has actually swung over a $1 gold coin,,not that deep mind you,,,and never was alerted. If they would have had version 4 Deus running in hot program,,this coin would have been recovered. I checked the mineralization meter,,remember Inwas using 9" coil,,,4 ticks in the meter,,checked in 3 different spots. Hot program seems a bit sparkier in iron,,,and here is some thing I never notice before with version 3.2. If a person using hot program,,if they hover their coil over iron they will make it sound like a more diggable signal. I played a bit with negative Disc,,,but I hunted with disc level at 2.5 using full tones. Version 4 seems to make shakier version 3.2 signals,,and turns them into full fledged good signal. Big congrats deserving to Xp here,,,I really mean this too. I expect to see some nice finds made with version 4 Deus runners. I have been hunting this site for 6 years,,on and off,,mostly on,,,today,,for time hunted my most productive hunt,,and to think I was wet behind the ears with version 4,,,,this should tell folks some thing,,,it does me. The three finds top left are ferrous,,the rest nonferrous. This site has never produced much for me over the years,,straight across the road,,that spot has been a lot better for me,,,now I got to hunt it using version 4. No telling what I'll find,,that is where the contemporary capped bust dime was found.
  6. Just a heads up. USA link with info.,2354487 Version 4.0 manual manual/DEUS_V4_MANUAL_UK.pdf
  7. Some of us has been waiting on the version 4 for our XP Deus but it's been slow in coming. I've been doing a search if it's any info out there. Well if you do a search for a video on this subject matter you find one after another. One guy shows downloading the V 4. but nothing is said where you can. It shows guys coin hunting and lots of show & tell on the V 4. Chuck
  8. I enjoy running my Deus units in full tones while hunting,,especially relic hunting. But is full tones necessarily the best to run in all cases??? Can a nonferrous target be missed,,,even a worthy coin??? The answer to the second question above,,,YES. Deus users I recommend you do the following experiment and similar experiements for understanding. Take a look at the pic below. The ruler is in pic to show nail size. Two nails are pictured,,,but only one was used at a time,,,in the position associated with IH penny. Deus users using full tones (no disc or very low) sweeping down the barrel of this nail,,(I used 9" coil btw),,do you think you would dig the coin??? Would I?? IMO I even with as much Deus experience I have,,,,I would give a less than 40 percent chance of digging. What are the symptoms here with this coin and nail configuration?? You won't get much tone nuance,,little if any to identify,,,,you do get elongated low roar(so near iron grunt) it ain't funny. Meter reading will amp to and try to read in the mid20s to 30s,,,but the meter reading don't match the sound provided in the least. Btw I have seen some relic iron (solo buried) do the very same thing here. So what to do,,,to maybe not miss a find maybe laying in this configuration in an old site??? IMO,,,users would be serving themselves here well,,,if they have an adjacent program setup,,using regular 2 tone or 3 tones setup,,with disc at level between 6-7,,,I used 7 when testing coin with bigger nail,,,nail procided no tone,,dead quiet,,,,but put the coins,,,IH,,zincoln,,or clad dime as shown in pic,,and a good tone to stop you in your tracks. When in the field using full tones,,you hear a longer signal,,dull sounding,,meter reading in 20s or 30s,,toggle to your adjacent 2 or 3 tone program and sweep and listen.
  9. Simple bench test. Full screen version of video allows you to activate English subtitles.
  10. According to the latest post on XP's blog the frequencies of the HF coils are different than published before. The 9" round HF is now 14-30-59 KHz and the Elliptical HF, available in May 2017 is now 14-30-81 KHz. With 81KHz the Deus V4 should be even more sensitive than the GB2.
  11. Folks,,,I have been seeing some threads,,a few talking about Xp warranty. Seems some problems could possibly crop up with warranty repairs. I don't know what Xp's formal position is here on warranty repairs,,,,as far as needed paperwork,,registration,etc. I will post this link here,,,to maybe shed some light. I have commented in this link.
  12. Appears to be nothing on XPs site about this but maybe the wait is near over.
  13. I saw this over at Tom's and laughed my posterior off! This is not new - it refers to the delay announced back in September. At that time is was said "A test phase will take place in October and November 2016, and then, we will be able to announce a launch date." Well, I have not heard anything since and December is almost over, so this video really rings a bell with me. I admit recently I was thinking I should just sell the stupid thing, since the only reason I really got my Deus over a year ago was to try the V4 update! DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY LOTS, AND I MEAN LOTS OF PROFANITY!!!!!
  14. There you go lads, interesting ideas. I like the idea of the battery in the stem, something I wondered the never done in the first place. Should make buying new coils a bit cheaper. The pointer looks good but cant see how it would work wirelessly 20 feet under water though?
  15. Has anyone heard a word on the new coils XP Deus said was coming out soon? I'm wondering if what is going on between them and Minelab may put the coils on the back burner. I've looked all over for any word but I couldn't find nothing. Chuck
  16. Scott sent me this Google translate link on what appears to be a credible source discussing a detector show in France. Big news includes a two box coil setup to take the DEUS to the cache hunting world, a pinpointer, phone app, but most of all, that new mystery coil. Version 4 of the DEUS operating system brings with it a new coil that allows for 10, 20, 30, and 40 khz operation. (2/10/17 update - the new frequencies will be 14, 30, and 59 kHz plus 14, 30, and 81 kHz. Go here for latest info) The old coils will not run at these frequencies so this new elliptical will take the DEUS to a whole new level, one with obvious implications for nugget hunters. It is also in this leaked dealer video starting around 19 minute mark....
  17. I've been wanting to ask this question for awhile now & I realize the answer is somewhat conjecture (at least to a point & at this time)-----but-----what is your feelings on the (hopefully) soon to be released version 4 & new coils for the Deus? (particularly the elliptical coil)-------Do you think the Deus could then well fill relic, coin/jewelry---AND---gold nugget hunting needs/requirements in an improved fashion?---What with being able to use both the old coils and the two new coils and the "enhancements" version 4 provides.-----I have my thoughts/hopes on this subject (I must, I ended up getting another 3.2 version Deus with 9" coil & WS5 h.p.'s) & in anticipation of the version 4 & new coils.------But-----I wanted to see what other peoples feelings are on this.--------Thanks---------Del
  18. Liking the Xp the more I hear about it. Won't get one until the new coil and update are released but meanwhile was wondering if you can get sound in any way without headphones? Areas where I will be hunting have grizzly, cougar, wolf and the occasional sasquatch! So needless to say it's wise to keep at least 1 ear open but would prefer to set up something like what the minelab guys are using with the external speakers. Anyone using a set up similar to that? If so what are your thoughts on the subject. Thanks
  19. I've been looking at the XP Deus off and on but more on as time goes by. I really need another detector like I need another hole in my head. I keep looking at video's on the XP and at first it didn't peak my interest but over time I'm at a point I think I can't live without it. I got the money up for it and it's burning a hole in my pocket. I'm going with the 11 inch coil and with the smaller wireless headphones plus the control unit. The price is better than some other so it's a done deal when we meet this weekend. I've got the best insurance one can get because I may have enough detectors to hold up all the walls up in my home.. Chuck
  20. Are the 9" & 11" DD coils on the version 3.2 Deus going to work on (be compatible with) the new version 4 upgrade?-----Also---Is that new coil that's coming with the upgrade going to be a DD or concentric?---------Thanks
  21. Just thinking about the possibilities, some assumptions are necessary to further the thought. Let's assume the Deus introduces the 5X9 coil as expected. We know the Deus is unique in that the coil is the detector, no control box mounted on the shaft. We know the audio and control functions are wireless and transmitted to a very small pocket sized controller or wireless headphones. The Deus seems to be very accurate on Ferrous, at what depth I can't be sure. So, other than something to function as a handle, the coil could be carried in a pouch or belt holster, brought out and switched on as needed to check the dig hole for ferrous targets and pinpoint non-ferrous. The existing 8" round coil might be a little too cumbersome for this concept, but the 5X9 would be a reasonable fit. I know there have been a few people who have fashioned the same concept with the Fisher Gold Bug machines with varying degrees of success. They still have to deal with a wired control box. I ran the Deus side by side with the GPZ the other day. All I needed was about 10 ft of separation to avoid interference between them. The Z reacted if you pointed the Deus coil at it, but otherwise they played well together, both machines switched on at the same time. Your thoughts?
  22. I've been detecting for gold for over 20 yrs and never had much interest in the coin and relic side of detecting, but I was getting bored in sunny/hot Yuma. I got interested in the XP Deus because of its potential for gold prospecting in heavy trash and started my online research. Naturally, I experienced a good deal of confirmation bias, finding all good reasons to get a new Deus and ignoring all the downsides. I'm really betting on the come with the alleged new coil with higher gold frequencies. Nevertheless, I decided to buy one and get started learning a different side of detecting. Many thanks to Rob Allison at Rob's Detectors for helpful advice and putting together a nice package deal with the Garret Carrot pinpointer. It's only 87 degrees here at sunup so gold prospecting was going to have to be short and sweet. Yesterday I took the Deus out to the PotHoles area where I met Fred this past winter. We had detected near his camping spot and found way too much trash, but a few small nuggets. I brought along a .5 gram and a 1gram nugget for testing. I detected for less than an hr before it got too hot and found no gold. I practiced with my test nuggets in some of the hotter ground and in with the trash. The Deus detected both nuggets with relative ease, the .5 gram at about 4 inches in hot ground. I would not say that it was any better on the .5 gram than the $499.00 Gold Bug, but there are some nifty things you can do by adding different tones to ferrous targets without adding depth killing discrimination. I'm still learning this process, but I'm pretty sure it will have its place in some gold areas littered with iron trash. This morning I decided to try coin/jewelry hunting in the park. Yikes, I was not prepared for cacophony of noises from the trash in parks. After a dozen flip tabs and bottle caps I decided I better learn this detector elsewhere without making a mess of the grass. I understand the whole "plug" thing and the pinpointer helps, but I was not too confident that someone might not bitch about my excavations. So then I noticed that there were 5 new volleyball courts with nice washed river sand footing. I started thinking about Steve's micro-jewelry concept and decided that was the place to learn this new detector. I could dig every target and not make a big mess. I detected the first court and found a few zinc pennies then played around with the detector settings. Since the ground was relatively clean, I ran the stock "Fast" program, but took the discrimination down to 0 and switched the tones to "Full Tones". You won't miss much in clean ground with that program. The photo shows my success in less than 2 hrs of hunting. A couple pieces of micro-jewelry. The one piece has 2 sparkly stones, doubtful they are diamonds, but I'm on the right track. Now, normally I doubt you would see me bend down to collect a zinc penny in plain sight, but with detecting it becomes part of the chase. So I collected a bunch of zinc pennies, shouldn't take me more than 3 yrs to pay off the detector as this rate.
  23. I remember a thread where Steve H. was reconsidering the Deus in light of a yet to be released new coil option that raised the possibility of its use as a VLF gold detector for high trash areas. I searched the web and everything pointed to a summer '16 release, all silent since then. Just wondering if there are any new hot rumors out there, maybe Nevada Chris can give some insight.
  24. Steve, How is the XP Deus working for you? Is it really a worthwile addition for a CTX owner with small 6" smart coil for unmasking? I tried the Nokta Relic. I wanted to like it but too many false signals had me digging tons of trash. Some iron gives high signals even just 2 inches down in my dirt, out of the hole it goes low signal. I don't have time for that. Coins go into the upper nineties for target ID so a nail & coin look the same. I understand it's different in other States with milder soil. I finally bought a new CTX instead. These machines work here! I never seem to be able to get away from a Minelab. (Fisher has been good as well. Accurate target ID) -Don
  25. XP had the original model Deus in 2009, followed by four updates and another coming this year. 2.0 added features 3.0 added features 3.1 fixed 3.0 3.2 fixed 3.1 4.0 pending Details and links: XP DEUS (2009) V 2.0 (2011) The behavior of your DEUS remains identical but new functions are added: 4 Non-Motion modes: - PINPOINT - NON MOTION DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter - NON MOTION AUDIO DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter and audio discrimination - NON MOTION ALL METAL These Non motion modes are useful for example to locate cache inside houses, cellars. For conventional searching on fields Motion programmes are better. On the main menu: - Ground mineralization meter added - Signal strength meter featuring Accept/Reject indicator added Audio Response > Expert - Audio overload menu, to choose an overload sound when a target is close to the coil Program 7 WET BEACH > Deeper on wet areas Program 8 becomes DRY BEACH > Suitable for dry sand. V 3.0 (2013) The highlights of the new version include: 01 – New Program N°10 – Gold Field – Gold Prospecting/Nugget Shooting 02 – Better Target Separation And Depth 03 – Finest Adjustment Of Ground Effect 04 – Now 10 Factory Programs + 8 User Programs That You Can Save 05 – Silencer More Efficient 06 – Stronger Audio Response 07 – Two New Audio Modes – 5 Tones and Full Tones 08 – Pitch Mode Adjustable 09 – Id Norm 10 – Non Motion Improved and Easier V 3.1 (2013) – The ground balance adjustment in non-motion mode is faster (the increment or decrement of the setting was a little slow). – The display of the mineralization strength from the main menu has been adjusted. The scale is now more representative of the mineralization level. – The display of the frequencies (4/8/12/18 kHz) on the headphone has been fixed (Previously, in some cases the headphone could display a different frequency while the real frequency was 4 kHz). – The audio volume of the headphone is now saved when you turn the unit off. – The beach mode (GB > BEACH YES) had a malfunction when changing the GB value, it is now fixed. – The SILENCER (REACTIVITY > EXPERT) is adjusted so as to follow the value of the version 2.0 in the factory programs using REACTIVITY 0, 1 or 2. V 3.2 (2013) V3.2 will correct slow mineralization strength reading and also battery charge lever issues that were seen on some V3.1 units, also the Notch Ground function is now off by default. V 4.0 (late 2016?) The new software version V4 will add include the following: - New setting reaction - New tools menu - New function for searching the beach and in salt water. - Possibility of sending discovery information to the mobile phone Main reason for V4.0 will be to allow for use of a new 9" x 4.5" elliptical coil running at one of four new frequencies 10, 20, 30, & 40 khz