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Steve was observing recently that it's amazing how fast a patch can go from a great producer with nuggets seemingly everywhere to a place where you work for hours just to grind out one or two. It seems like we are always on the hunt for the next patch.

Nice find on the matching nuggets.

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Found the nuggets metal detecting this summer. They were found in a straight line, approximately 30 ft apart. And found in order from left to right. On separate occasions. Guessing how they interlock, that they were one nugget at one time. Then eroding out of the same piece of quartz. Pretty cool I think!


Tha'ts great observation to jig saw puzzle those bits together & they do seem to fit pretty good. May well have been one piece originally. A prospectors greatest tools are his observation & imagination. You have done very well on your patch. Well done & congrats. Hope it keep producing for you.


Good luck out there


JW :) 

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Had a couple of hours to kill Sunday afternoon. So I went to one of my beaten old patches. I've probably ran my coil over this area 50 times. Goes to show you that you never can get it all. 


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    • By jasong
      Does anyone have a vid link to a nugget going low-high (filmed after the update only) that shows how deep it was and how big the nugget was?
      On nuggets up to 40 grams I still cannot get a low-high signal with just one exception and that is squirrly little wiry or thin flaky pieces that flip between high-low and low-high, and with some regular pieces when they get really close to the coil they will flip between the two as well. 
      I had a 65 gram slug of solid smelted gold and it was going high-low on the GPZ. It was low-high on my 45 though.
      What I'd really like to see are the types of gold that are low-high from beginning to end, no matter how far from the coil. If anyone has some links or has such a nugget and could toss it on the ground and film it I would be very grateful.
      One reason I'm wondering (ok, don your tinfoil hats) is low-high is so often iron now that I can't help but wonder if discrim might be possible with ZVT tech and there may be some kind of "discrimination update" coming in the future.
      Also, bonus question: can anyone show me a case where General is outperforming High Yield in depth and sensitivity and what exactly the type of gold (weight/sponginess/etc) is that causes such a thing to occur? Or ground type if that is causing the difference. We see it on the ML chart (or it would appear that way but we don't know for certain due to omission of actual sample defintion), but I haven't found a case with my gold where it happens yet so I'm curious what to look out for or if I should just give up on going back with General after HY unless I have gold past a certain size threshold.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Hopefully this clarifies things for people!
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I have done a goggle search on this & have come up with nothing. I thought I saw an article on here about it but a search showed nothing here either.  I thought there might have been something printed on the box to help out.....but no.  Is there any thing I need to know or is it all pretty easy really? Thanks for any help or advise. 
    • By russ
      I've been back to 5 old patches with the new detector but I'm limited with a health condition as to how long I can swing the detector but It might be up to 40% less   I've got about 20 more old patches to re-hunt that will take many more days.
      So far I've picked up 6.2 dwt's that were missed by several other Minelabs and a gold bug II and different operators over several years of hitting the same patches.
      I don't think I need to say much about the detector because the testers Steve, Chris, and JP have well written reviews about the GPZ . The biggest nugget so far is a .8 dwt and a .9 dwt nugget. I'm still waiting for the bigger gold....   but in all fairness to the GPZ the ground is mostly deep where the big gold was found and I used big round mono's up to a 25" nuggetfinder and a 24" Coiltek to find the big gold. 

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         Just a FYI, make sure you understand the settings and what is working best.  I just realized the first day out, even though I found 8 nuggets, I was running settings that were no better than the GPX 5000 after some further testing.  What I would consider a large nugget, the GPZ considers it a "small" nugget, which is best for High Yield over General.  
      I also realized "Difficult" soil really makes the unit purr, but takes a lot of performance away on the ground I was hunting.  I was trying to find a happy medium from a noisy Normal to a Difficult soil setting with a higher gain.  
      Experiment is the key.  What I originally thought was good, wasnt ..... 
    • By russ

      Posted by gullyhunter.
      That's very strange... unless he tracked out the target by pumping the coil?