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"Swimming With Gold" Gold Phishing Scam

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You guys are way too cautious, I replied right away and received a three million dollar check within a very short period of time. I was a bit annoyed that I did not get the full five million and contacted them again. I was told to use two more different names and and was assured that the remaining two million would be on the way. I am not going anywhere until that other check arrives. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS




Check my book out at     TRINITYAU.COM

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    • By Kennedy Mend
      I have Gpx5000 detectors newly bought but it menu list is different from what I view from the web. On the my menu list there was no option to chose during the Alarm Metal but in the manual book there was options like Non ferrous, Gold, Silver. Now the question is without that option can my gpx work or not ? Or how can I get the alarm metal chose on the LCD menu on my detector.. Thanks for Helping 

    • By JT66
      Be aware!  I saw this on eBay today and it looks like a fake to me. But the seller says, "it was an early test unit."  One pic Shows an obvious name change and other shows paint peeling off the bottom of the coil.  My sdc did not have a painted coil.  Hopefully, Steve can confirm one way or another on this unit...  I really don't want anybody to get sucked into a scam...

    • By auminesweeper
      Someone posted this else where, after they sent in their pin pointer in to Garrett to have it repaired only to find out is was a Fake, Lucky for him he used Ebay Via Paypall and got his money back and the Son of a Chinese Meadow Lady has been reported,
      Can you tell them apart ?? my guess is the top one is Real but I am not sure