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Steve Herschbach

New Garrett ATX Coils & 2016 ATX Detector Options

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Is the newer 11 x 13 waterproof to 10 feet still? I know it would be a royal pita to wave around in the water but does garrett still make those ones waterproof to the same depth as the older ones?

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New Garrett ATX detectors that come stock with the new coils are being advertised as waterproof to ten feet.


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15 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

A 15" x 20" DD would be a real beast, and since the discrimination only works at shallower depths it does not help you when you need it most - on those real deep targets that have you digging pits.

The 12" x 10" was not discontinued and since many people buy the ATX for use in the water it may be the more popular option.

Thanks very much for your feedback, Steve, it makes a lot of sense.

If you were deciding between the 11"X13" closed coils (either DD or Mono) and the 15"X10" Deepseeker Mono for use in the U.S. West/Southwest focusing on large nuggets which would you choose and why? Despite the Deepseeker's greater depth (BTW, do you have any information on that issue?) on deep targets vs. the 11"X13" closed coils which would you choose? Initially I was favoring the Deepseeker but the thought of digging one deep hole after another only to discover iron would make me reconsider.

Regarding your observation that the ATX with the Deepseeker coil is already quite heavy and that the same-size coil as a DD might even be heavier, my view is that the added weight of a 20"X15" DD coil wouldn't make a lot of difference. I assume most ATX users use a harness when swinging anyway; the added weight would be well worth it if it resulted in more nuggets. 

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There is no 15” x 10” mono. The Deepseeker is 15” x 20”.

I do not think the Deepseeker coil offers much depth advantage at all on the gold nuggets most people are likely to find. Mainly what you get is better ground coverage. I would not expect to see much depth advantage unless nuggets were a half ounce or over. With open space to swing a large coil being rare where I hunt and multi ounce nuggets even rarer, I sold mine.

My favored coil for the ATX at this time is the 11” x 13” DD. This link has a full review.

I would expect most people use a harness with the ATX regardless of coil - I do.


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