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Metal Detecting For Gold Nuggets And Old Coin’s And Relic’s

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Well, that took an unexpected turn for the best.

Thanks klunker. I honestly do not know what to do sometimes, and am bound to make mistakes. This forum is founded on an idea sadly lacking today - that of common courtesy and respect combined with attention to factual information. The forum if people think much about it only has one rule - the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would wish to be treated and all will be well.

Thank you once again everyone for helping reinforce my faith that there are still good people left in the world.

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Great write-up Ron! I am a repeat offender and have been personally trained by Gerry, Ron and Lunk in 3 different 3-day training classes and learned many new things each time.  When I read Ron's words, I found myself nodding YES in every paragraph. I bought my first GPX and didn't have the benefit of professional training and guess what...I didn't find any gold! That quickly changed after my first training class and I took alot of notes that I still use today to refresh my memory after a long winter in Colorado. I have built quite a library and still read information on detecting like a new kid in a library. I'm still learning from the pros and will always be open to new tips. Thank you for your service to the nugget hunting profession. :D  :minelab: = :nugget:



Thanks Bill. Hope to you again in the near future.

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Ron, what a great write-up with a lot of great reminders and advice included that is worth reviewing.


Thanks so much for taking the time to write it, and all the best,



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    • By fishersari
      Hello there, 
       After few months of heavy used at waterfall, beach and dirt, I'm happy that the MX sport didn't have crack, leakage issue . I'm still learning the language of the MX sports.. Still didn't understand about the threshold, what it use for, what does it tell me when the hum disappear in a brief of time especially at high mineralized ground like beach. And I still not confident using the relic mode, too much information its giving out for me . Thank you very much. HH
    • By JDIGGS
      I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success.  I'm ready for something different with a little more depth.  I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold.  Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes.  I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz.  I understand size matters on ability for any detector.  2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.

    • By Aussie
      G'Day to our American Friends from Australia,
      i am new to your forum and new to Gold detecting, the little amount of detecting I have done has been very successful in finding dozens and dozens of 22 bullets along with the odd can pull tag.    I live in an area renowned for Gold, but I am starting to question the advise I have been given by the sales people, it's fine to have a detector that will pick out the smallest gold, but to my way of thinking you need to be in an area that is isolated, 
      Can you advise me on detectors that are designed to highlight small nuggets but larger that a 22 bullet, I am thinking that if a detector is less sensitive it would miss some of the trash, your thoughts are appreciated.
    • By tvanwho
      While we are on this beach hunting  topic, what do you guys do for keeping your keys, wallet, cell phone safe while you are beach hunting? Do you leave this stuff in your car under the seat, or wear a waterproof plastic bag around your neck with your valuables in it? Where can I get a  waterproof neck pouch? Zip Lock bags are NOT watertight. I found this out the hard way with my cell phone.
      I will be out in a  waist deep river with a black bottom next week using my sucker stick to get the placer gold in between the river bottom cemented cobbles. What to do with my keys, wallet, etc? If I accidentally drop them in the river, I will never see them again for sure.
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      Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to  get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE.  But if their is something different or better please share and let me know
       So what do you guys think. 
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      Hi, hoping one of the Gold Bug Pro brains trust could give me their opinion please?

      I'm new to detecting & was wondering about the ground balance number and the ground phase number in the middle of the screen. In order to ground balance I'm pumping the coil up and down whilst pushing the GG button and most often the ground phase number and ground balance number match closely pretty quickly, however.....once I get started sweeping again the ground phase number (in the screen centre) jumps all over the place. Is this normal? Or should after I've ground balanced, the phase number pretty much remain the same? 

      I've read through the manual and I think I'm doing everything correctly, just not sure if an erratic phase number is right? I was in all metal mode, both dials at 12:00 and up on dry sand. 

      Thank you