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Steve Herschbach

Like New White's Bigfoot Coil Only $525!

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I have a bigfoot for an XLT. I can't ground balance it using the recommended Bigfoot method but it doesn't seem to work.  Picks up a quarter at about 4".

It does though have extreme sensitivity to movement of the cable stress relief or any pressure on the housing.  Does this mean maybe the taped connection to the shield coating came off or something?  Easy fix?

Also, those numbers in the diagram .35 and .22, are they AWG numbers or what?

What would be the DIY maker process on this?  How to choose the TX resonant capacitor - max. signal from RX coil on a target, or?


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Hmmm... I don't know what is causing it but it does not sound right. Perhaps contacting the person that by a previous post in this thread is indicated as doing repair work on them. He would probably offer some advice for free.

William Lahr
514 West Bennett Street
Compton, CA 90220-4604
Phone: (310) 635-0869
E-mail: coilrepair@gmail.com

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You may want to try the Geotech Forum which specializes in technical questions such as yours.

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