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    • By Steve Herschbach
      A topic got brought up at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1510-awesome-day-in-the-desert-sw/?p=17706 which is so important I wanted to cover it in detail on it's own thread.
      There is a feature in digital photography whereby information about the photo can be encoded directly into the photo itself. This originally was just information about the photo itself including the original file name and camera setting information, date taken, etc. There are two common formats you are likely to run into - EXIF and IPTC. EXIF tends to be technical details about the photo, and IPTC is more about copyright, description, and other details useful for publishing. Details on EXIF and IPTC here.
      When cameras equipped with GPS became a possibility, GPS information was added to the EXIF data. This was normally just something common to phones with GPS built in but more cameras are now coming with GPS built in and more GPS units are coming with cameras built in. Activities like geotagging and such make tying location data to a photo very popular. All those photos loaded up for viewing in Google Earth? Way easier if the location data is encoded into the photo.
      I use a great little free program called IrfanView which is amazingly powerful and compact. The IrfanView portable version can run off a USB stick. IrfanView has a photo information tab under Image in the menu which reveals all the EXIF and IPTC information, and allows the IPTC information to be modified. You can also set options for stripping EXIF data, both on image save or via batch processing. Like I said, very powerful little program.
      When you display the EXIF information in IrfanView, it offers to display the photo location in Google Maps, Google Earth, and some other mapping programs. Great for photos you took but can't remember where.
      OK, here is a photo I took on my phone, cropped, resized, modified the brightness, and added a caption. I saved as a renamed jpg but did not toggle the checkbox that strips EXIF data. I want to show that just because an image has been modified does not mean that data gets changed. Here is the image, and then a shot from IrfanView showing the EXIF data....

      Now, you could save my lake image to your computer, and open it in IrfanView and view the EXIF data, but there is an easier way. Depending on your browser you need to get the address of the first photo I posted. If you use Chrome, just right click on the photo, and choose copy image address. Or you may have to click on the photo, choose the Save option, and copy the address out of the browser window. Bottom line depending on the browser you need to get the address where the image resides online. In this case the address for the lake image is http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/uploads/monthly_01_2016/post-1-0-57762000-1451694506.jpg
      If you have copied that address (again, easy way is with Chrome) now go to this website http://www.verexif.com/en/ and where it says Or paste a picture URL paste in the address of the photo and hit return. A page will pop up with the basic EXIF information, and you will see a map at the bottom of the page showing you where I took that photo!!!!
      Notice the site has an option for stripping EXIF information from your own photos.
      It gets better. If you have an iPhone or similarly equipped device it even knows the direction you are pointing the camera, and this data is also encoded. If you did download my photo and open it in IrfanView you can load the location directly to Google Earth and see where I was and which direction I was pointing the camera. In Google Earth below as loaded from IrfanView the view was looking straight to the top of the screen capture which is rather obvious since I was taking a photo of the lake. The funny part is I named the photo "looking west" and now that I see where I was and the direction of photo it was looking east.

      OK, lessons learned. First, just use a camera without GPS, which is what I normally do. If you use a phone or other GPS enabled device, learn where to shut the EXIF GPS recording off or just turn off the GPS when taking photos. Even then I would use IrfanView to make sure you did it right. Possibly the most dangerous thing is uploading directly from a phone as it is too easy to forget and load up location data without thinking about it.
      Many sites like this one resize large images and EXIF information may get stripped in the process. In fact it is easier to lose the information than retain it if you do much with the image. It is not always bad stuff to have and keeping it can be a good thing - I purposefully use EXIF and IPTC information to help insure that people copying my photos without permission might be caught using the encoded data. It really is only the GPS location data that can be a problem given the nature of prospecting. But never count on the data getting stripped by a website, be sure it is not there in the first place if you do not wish it to be.
      We all really like photos, myself in particular, which is why I set this forum up with generous photo display options. I sure do not want to discourage people from posting photos - I want to encourage it. But do be careful when posting photos from a GPS enabled device to be sure you are not posting more information than you intended.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Look at the forum tabs up top and you will see a new option - Leaderboard. This was added in the last forum update. The Leaderboard leverages the "Like" button to reward people for posting content people like and in turn making it easy for you to find highly liked content. If lots of other people like a post, you might also. From the IPS website:
      We are excited to announce the Leaderboard as the latest all new feature of IPS Community Suite. The new Leaderboard is designed to better highlight your most active members and content based on reputation and other metrics. The Leaderboard will greatly enhance both member and content discovery on your community.

      Leaderboard Home
      First you will notice the new feature of member leaders based on a specific time frame. In the example above it is set to All Time showing those members with the most reputation overall on your community. It also shows the content with the most reputation for the same timeframe so you get a snapshot of both popular members and popular content in one view.

      Past Leaders
      The Past Leaders tab shows the "winners" of each day in a history. The system counts all reputation made each day and logs the members who had the top reputation counts that day. Using reputation rather than post count encourages your members to post quality of quantity which is really important to any site.

      Winner Profile Badge
      Those who win the day also get a badge on their profile page to highlight that they were the member with the most reputation for a particular day.

      Top Members
      Top Members shows you a list of all members sorted by various metrics. By default you will see members sorted by reputation but you can also easily sort by total post content Suite-wide or per-app. All of these views can be linked directly to so if you wanted a menu item to show members who post the most files in Downloads you can just directly link to that sort view.

      Leaderboard Settings
      There are various settings to control the default behavior of the Leaderboard. You can define the default view and how many members to show which is helpful to tailor it to your needs.
      We hope you enjoy this initial launch of the new Leaderboard feature. We are excited about the new content and member discovery abilities this offers and look forward to adding new options to the Leaderboard as we continue to develop!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Classifieds ad forum is provided as a free service to forum members. Herschbach Enterprises is not responsible for issues resulting from the use of the Classifieds forum. As always, buyer beware!
      No negative comments. If you see an issue, contact the seller or a moderator via pm. Notify everyone when the item has been sold. Use the edit function to modify the original post to do so or add a post saying the item has been sold. Protect yourself. Be careful about giving any sensitive information to prospective buyers. Advertising deemed inappropriate or out of place for any reason may be deleted without warning. The standard Forum Terms of Use apply. Dealers are welcome as long as the items advertised are somehow involved in products related to the prospecting and metal detecting world. Dealers must identify themselves as such. I ask that dealer ads be limited to genuine special deals like closeouts and used detectors. See my general policy regarding dealers for details.

      The Classifieds is designed to protect you from unwelcome contact. Only registered forum members can contact you via PM (Personal Messaging). This does mean if you want people who are not forum members to be able to contact you that you need to put that information in your ad.

      Be as descriptive as possible and always try to include clear pictures of clean items. Many ads are ruined by blurry pictures or not taking the time to clean items before sale. Be sure to make note of any remaining transferable warranty, if any.

      Review your ad one last time after you place it to be sure everything is accurate. You have the ability to edit it at any time.
      Go to your ad and at bottom next to multiquote button hit edit Once to edit screen choose "use full editor" You should be able to edit everything there, including the title. The Prefix selection lets you put colored For Sale, Wanted, and other banners on your ad. Put up a Sold banner when your item sells or ends and the ad will be deleted within a couple days. Ads may be deleted by the admin after 60 days if no attempt is made to update them or otherwise indicate they are still active. A big tool for sellers is the eBay sold listings. Go to eBay and search for what you plan on selling. Then click the "used" box on left. Then click the "sold listings" box. Now you can see all similar items that sold recently and what they sold for, giving you a realistic way of checking current market value. Oddball items unfortunately may not have enough sales volume to get help this way.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      On a PC or tablet just below the menu bar on left you will see a little house icon and the word Home. Clicking on Home will always take you to the top of the forum structure which is at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/
      There are two major sections, Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Forums (the active forums) and Archive - Closed To Active Posting
      Home will take you to both together but you can also access each one separately. If you do that, the other section will not be visible, so Home is the safe bet.
      Here is the Home Page:

      There are five new forums open to posting:
      Metal Detecting For Coins & Relics
      Metal Detecting For Jewelry
      Metal Detecting For Meteorites
      Gold Panning, Sluicing, Dredging, Drywashing, Etc
      Rocks, Minerals, Gems & Geology
      Several archives which corresponded to these new forums were deleted after the content was moved to the new forums. I also moved some newer threads to the appropriate forums, which is why you see quite a few threads on each forum already.
      Most people here who are interested in things as they have been can just continue on here as if nothing has happened. If you are interested in all the forums, become familiar with the Unread Content option. This will collect all new content for you in one location. I will monitor the forums and move threads if need be to the correct forums. Other than that, if you have friends who might want to share the new locations with you let them know. Thanks!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      If you go to your name in the upper right next to "Sign Out" and select "My Settings" by clicking on your name, you can adjust your basic forum settings and information. Be sure and set your time zone!
      If you put something in the Location box it displays in your posts under your avatar/picture. In the past the Interests box only showed if people looked at your profile. I have made that also display under the avatar/picture. See my examples to the left.
      I also added a new field "Gear Used" where you can list your favorite detectors, dredge, ATV, whatever. This also will end up displaying under the avatar/picture.
      All this stuff is totally optional and honor system obviously.
      In the left column is the "Signature" option which is where people create those signature lines you see under all their posts. You can get pretty creative there as an alternative to these simple options.
      Any comments of other suggestions please let me know.
    • By Steve Herschbach
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      Welcome to the Metal Detecting For Coins & Relics forum! Anything remotely related to those subjects may be posted here. Forums for other subjects may be found here. The main goal here - to inform and educate. Please keep threads and posts on topic. Off topic posts will be moved or deleted.
      This forum is unaffiliated with any dealers or manufacturers. If you see something interesting on another forum or anywhere else, please link to it. Mention any brands you like. The only goal here is to inform and anything interesting or informative is not only allowed but desired as long as it is on topic.
      While visiting this forum please act as if you are visiting my home. Treat others with decency and respect. Politics is not strictly prohibited but limit it to items of concern such as public meeting notices, comment periods, etc. No detector wars - every detector serves a purpose for somebody. For general editorial purposes this forum is treated as if it is a magazine.

      A note about the Google Ads - I know we all hate ads but they pay for the website. All I can do is to promise not to go overboard with them. Special Note To Dealers - Dealers are welcome here, with minimal guidelines. Please read My Policy Regarding Dealers
      The Metal Detecting & Prospecting Forums are the only active forums. This is by design. If you are new to the forum, or been around but are looking for an old thread, look in the Forum Archive. Threads that have no activity for some time are closed and then moved to the appropriate forum in the Archive. This makes finding all old threads on a given subject relatively easy. However, you may not start new threads or post on old ones in the Archive. If you read an old thread and still have questions about it, simply start a new thread on one of the active forums.
      There are different color theme options available via a "Theme" link at the bottom of every page. Give it a try! However, some functions may be missing on alternate themes so if you run into issues just switch back to the Normal (Default) theme. If you have problems logging in or any other issues while on the forum Personal Message (PM) me or send me an email.
      Steve Herschbach