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Steve Herschbach

New Forum Alternate Themes / Color Options

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I have always wanted to do this but just never found the right options. sjmpainter however contacted me and asked about perhaps making the forum darker as it was a bit bright for his eyes on whatever device he is using. I look at the forum on my iPad in the dark sometimes and have to agree, though for regular light it is just fine. Most people seem to light the lighter brighter theme compared to the old one.

No matter what a single color scheme can't please everyone, but what if you had alternatives you could choose from. Well now you do!

Go the the very bottom of the forum and look for the "Theme" button. It was not there before. The list you see when you click on it has Normal (Default) which is this forum theme. There are now two alternatives, one which can be highly customized.

Custom Color lets you each pick your own custom color theme for whatever suits you best. The key is this little Paintbrush symbol both in this theme and the next one I will tell you about:


When you click on that button you will see a color palette pop up topside that will pick both the primary and secondary theme colors:

You can make some pretty crazy and downright ugly combinations, but the neat part is they are yours and yours alone, and the forum will remember your settings.



Now, the one thing you can't change is the main forum body background which is still light. So there is yet another theme you can choose using the Theme button, the Dark Theme. I like this one, based on a gaming theme, and with four choices of background image, though the differences are subtle. The main thing is the entire theme is dark and works real well viewing the forum in a dark room.


OK, word of warning. These are custom themes and so the layout is different than the Normal theme. If Invision makes an update to the software the Normal theme will always work, but custom themes can break and have issues until an update is also issued for them, and there may be a lag. Second, the Browse and Activity buttons in the upper right on these themes are hover drop down menus when used with a mouse. On a touch screen there is no hover function and so some menu navigation options are missing. The key thing to remember if having issues of any sort is just go back down to the bottom and select the Normal theme again to get you back here. You can  switch themes at any time depending on your mood and ambient lighting situation.

I have to say, I think that is just purty darn neat. Thanks sjmpainter for prodding me to finally get this going, as it was something I wanted to do with the new software anyway.

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11 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I have to say, I think that is just purty darn neat. Thanks sjmpainter for prodding me to finally get this going, as it was something I wanted to do with the new software anyway.


Guy's this is a really fun feature. Take a little time to explore the new theme options get crazy and have fun with them see if any peak your interest. I noticed you can set the themes up and scroll between the three and any selections are saved so you can bounce back and forth between the themes and see the changes. And if you don't like any of it just click back to the default and poof ground zero.

Steve, knowing you are having a ton of fun working your butt off to set the rest of us up with a really cool forum to hang out on is really AWSOM.


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I like the dark theme. It's easy on your eyes early in the morning.

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Both of the forum alternate themes were updated this morning to apply various bug fixes.

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