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New Metal Detectors Machines 2017

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53 minutes ago, ozgold said:

My measure of success is getting out there swinging and leaving all the cares in the world behind.

I dig everything. I don't discriminate. I love wasting time digging all targets. Its the thrill of the chase that gets me in. Gold is a bonus

Cheers ozgold

Not a truer word spoken ozgold & the way I look at it too. It is the whole journey not just the destination. Go out there with no expectations, be mentally ground balanced & if the gold is there & has your name on it then it is yours. Just enjoy the day for what unfolds. You cant beat the great out doors. Gold or no gold. It is great to be alive & out there.

Good luck out there

JW  :smile:


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Time for a recap and update to original post. How did it all shake out?

First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) - The Fisher CZX was targeted for 2016 but is running late. Not even rumors now and something would have to happen soon to make it by the holiday purchasing season. Maybe 2018 now. First Texas are basically the odd guys out now with nothing new in a very long time. I am not sure what to make of the announcement that a new PI is in the works. This could lead be simply a parallel product track or a sign that the CZX project has run into a wall.

Garrett - The new coils/versions of ATX finally appeared, and new machine (AT Pro 2?) announced for 2017 happened as expected - the Garrett AT Max. There was also the introduction of the Z-Lynk wireless system. That presumably wraps a successful model introduction year up for Garrett.

Minelab - From Codan 2016 Annual Report, page 9: "In response to customer demand, two new products are planned for release in FY17. A larger coil for the GPZ 7000® will give a significant depth increase over the standard coil. In addition to this, an entry-level gold detector will be released to the African market at the end of 2016. This product has been specifically designed for the African market to fill a gap in our product range, and is expected to quickly take market share from competitors."

This of course turned out to be the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. There was also the introduction of the Pro-Sonic wireless system. Minelab tossed in a last minute surprise also with another new model to be announced in September.

Nokta/Makro - The new selectable frequency detector announcement due by year end happened as expected - the Nokta Impact. These folks are on a roll so look for waterproof detectors and possibly a PI in 2018.

XP - The long awaited XP V4 update for the Deus happened as expected - Deus V4. Nothing else on the horizon except possibly a dedicated nugget detector version like the Depar DPR 600 for the U.S. market.

White's - Nothing was really expected for 2017 so no surprises so far. If anything was planned for year end I would expect we would be hearing about it before too soon.


Barring any last minute holiday surprises the Minelab new model to be announced in September should wrap it up for the year.

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