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New Metal Detectors Machines 2017

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53 minutes ago, ozgold said:

My measure of success is getting out there swinging and leaving all the cares in the world behind.

I dig everything. I don't discriminate. I love wasting time digging all targets. Its the thrill of the chase that gets me in. Gold is a bonus

Cheers ozgold

Not a truer word spoken ozgold & the way I look at it too. It is the whole journey not just the destination. Go out there with no expectations, be mentally ground balanced & if the gold is there & has your name on it then it is yours. Just enjoy the day for what unfolds. You cant beat the great out doors. Gold or no gold. It is great to be alive & out there.

Good luck out there

JW  :smile:


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Time for a recap and update to original post. How did it all shake out?

First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) - The Fisher CZX was targeted for 2016 but is running late. Not even rumors now and something would have to happen soon to make it by the holiday purchasing season. Maybe 2018 now. First Texas are basically the odd guys out now with nothing new in a very long time. I am not sure what to make of the announcement that a new PI is in the works. This could lead be simply a parallel product track or a sign that the CZX project has run into a wall.

Garrett - The new coils/versions of ATX finally appeared, and new machine (AT Pro 2?) announced for 2017 happened as expected - the Garrett AT Max. There was also the introduction of the Z-Lynk wireless system. That presumably wraps a successful model introduction year up for Garrett.

Minelab - From Codan 2016 Annual Report, page 9: "In response to customer demand, two new products are planned for release in FY17. A larger coil for the GPZ 7000® will give a significant depth increase over the standard coil. In addition to this, an entry-level gold detector will be released to the African market at the end of 2016. This product has been specifically designed for the African market to fill a gap in our product range, and is expected to quickly take market share from competitors."

This of course turned out to be the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. There was also the introduction of the Pro-Sonic wireless system. Minelab tossed in a last minute surprise also with another new model to be announced in September.

Nokta/Makro - The new selectable frequency detector announcement due by year end happened as expected - the Nokta Impact. These folks are on a roll so look for waterproof detectors and possibly a PI in 2018.

XP - The long awaited XP V4 update for the Deus happened as expected - Deus V4. Nothing else on the horizon except possibly a dedicated nugget detector version like the Depar DPR 600 for the U.S. market.

White's - Nothing was really expected for 2017 so no surprises so far. If anything was planned for year end I would expect we would be hearing about it before too soon.


Barring any last minute holiday surprises the Minelab new model to be announced in September should wrap it up for the year.

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      I was looking at the number of post for each detector and by that I come to the conclusion that posting shows the popularity of each,
      At this time Minelab is leading all by a large margin.
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      On the front page of Lost Treasure 2018 issue they offering a chance to win a White's MX 7. To enter go to www.losttreasure.com for more info.
      I couldn't find any review on the MX 7 but if you win come back and write one here.
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      Apologies if I missed it in another post. When can we expect the Equinox to be available for purchase in the US... Dec, Jan, Feb or later?
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      What do you suppose Minelabs next flagship gold detector will be, and how long will it be until Minelab releases it.
      I just want to make a comment on the GPZ 7000, in my opinion Minelab hit a home run, more depth, more stability, more everything and over all better settings and digital presentation, its truly a modern technological marvel...
      Where could Minelab possibly improve on the GPZ ?
    • By Doc
      Well after 31 years I put my office building up for sale.  We remodeled and put it on the market.  For those of you who have visited my business you know what a great location it was, close to the Las Vegas strip, airport and convention center.  However, it was a really high crime neighborhood.  To be honest I had real reservations about whether I would get a buyer.  But God always provides.  So who do you think bought my office building?  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  My office building will be the new home of the Neighborhood Criminal Justice Center.   So you know what that means?  In two years, after they clean that neighborhood up, all the property values will go up.  That's OK.  I am glad to have left something for that neighborhood that will be positive.  There are a lot of nice people that live in that area.

      Fact is, that a professional office building is not really the proper kind of structure to run a Metal Detecting Prospecting Supplies and Accessories business out of.

      I am always amused by how information sometimes get twisted in this industry.  I have heard every rumor imaginable.  Some people heard I had sold my office building, so somehow that translated into "Doc died."  "Doc went out of business."  "Doc isn't a Minelab dealer anymore."  "Doc got into financial troubles."

      Rumor 1.  Not dead.  Rumor 2.  Not going out of business I expanded business.  Rumor 3. I am one of a select few Minelab dealers that is a "Managed Dealer."  That means I deal direct with Minelab, not some go between distributor.  I am also one of  a handful of dealers that is a Certified Minelab Gold Machine trainer.  Bottom line I am a Minelab dealer, I have been for 25 years.  Rumor 4.  I have been very fortunate in life financially.  I sell metal detectors as a hobby business.  I am 68 years old and I could have retired 25 years ago.  I am a psychologist and years ago I developed some written psychological tests, back in 1977.  Those tests are still used by over 850 companies around the world to screen employees.  So I have always had a steady income stream from my testing business.   I have invested my money very wisely in safe investments over the years. I own my 8 year old home, free and clear.  I owe no one anything.  I have no debt.  I started selling metal detectors because I loved the hobby and my wife would not allow me to stay home and retire.  (I mean who in the hell retires when they are 43 years old?)

      You have helped Doc's Detecting become one of the largest suppliers of Metal Detectors and accessories in the Southwest and we needed to expand.

      To that end, March of 2017 we moved to a new location.  We have rented a 4500 sq foot Office warehouse in Henderson Nevada.  Unlike the old location, this is a beautiful location.  1180 Wigwam Parkway, Suite 110, Henderson Nevada.

      This is the largest warehouse West of the Mississippi dedicated solely to Treasure Hunting and Gold Prospecting Equipment.  From Metal Detectors to Sluices, to Gold Pans and classifiers to Picks and digging tools.  

      We primarily do mail order, but if you would like to drop by for a cup of coffee, please call for an appointment.

      Thank you for your support over the years, it is you that have made Doc's Detecting Supply grow into the company it is today.

      By the way if you would like my free 51 page color catalog, PM me with your mailing address.  U.S. residents only please.

      Doc's Detecting Supply

      Visit my YouTube channel

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      Rob’s Detectors has a sell on all items of 10 percent discount today from his store!
      The discount code is ilovegoldnuggets
      If Minelab had told us the price of the coils and other items that go with the Equinox I’d jump on this with both feet.
      Minelab I hope you will extend the same offer when we receive our Equinox. Being myself and others will miss this great opportunity to save money.
      Chuck 😪🤧