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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Wow, just did the latest update to the forum software and was not prepared for the drastic change in the look. Blue shades went away and now more white and gray. Not sure I like it. Lots of other feature updates I have to dig into and look at. Anyway, if you got caught by surprise so did I.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Edit - this started as a post of a fun video. Apparently a couple members had some pent up anger they needed to express however. I have had to ban only a handful of people in the last few years and this thread resulted in two. Normally I would just delete the whole thing, and I may very well do so anyway. But for now I wanted to let it ride so people can see what happened and judge for themselves. I am not doing this in a bid for support but more as a full disclosure sort of thing. I hate banning people! If some people leave the forum over this so be it, but I just won't stand for rude behavior, whether aimed at myself or anyone else. - Steve Herschbach
      In Spanish but for those that don't speak the language lots of gold finding action to give an idea how the detector acts and sounds in the field.... plus what really happy prospectors sound like. These guys are having fun!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      New Member Signup - Click Here!      Lost Password - Click Here!
      Forum Tips & Tricks
      The Classifieds ad forum is provided as a free service for active, involved forum members. Members will have to have made at least ten posts on the other forums before being allowed to post in the Classifieds. Herschbach Enterprises is not responsible for issues resulting from the use of the Classifieds forum. As always, buyer beware!
      No negative comments. If you see an issue, contact the seller or a moderator via pm. Notify everyone when the item has been sold. Use the edit function to modify the original post to do so or add a post saying the item has been sold. Protect yourself. Be careful about giving any sensitive information to prospective buyers. Advertising deemed inappropriate or out of place for any reason may be deleted without warning. The standard Forum Terms of Use apply. Dealers are welcome as long as the items advertised are somehow involved in products related to the prospecting and metal detecting world. Dealers must identify themselves as such. I ask that dealer ads be limited to genuine special deals like closeouts and used detectors. See my general policy regarding dealers for details.

      The Classifieds is designed to protect you from unwelcome contact. Only registered forum members can contact you via PM (Personal Messaging). This does mean if you want people who are not forum members to be able to contact you that you need to put that information in your ad.

      Be as descriptive as possible and always try to include clear pictures of clean items. Many ads are ruined by blurry pictures or not taking the time to clean items before sale. Be sure to make note of any remaining transferable warranty, if any.

      Review your ad one last time after you place it to be sure everything is accurate. You have the ability to edit it at any time.
      Go to your ad and at bottom next to quote button hit edit You should be able to edit everything there, including the title. The Prefix selection lets you put colored For Sale, Wanted, and other banners on your ad. Put up a Sold banner when your item sells or ends and the ad will be deleted within a couple days. Ads may be deleted by the admin after 90 days if no attempt is made to update them or otherwise indicate they are still active. A big tool for sellers is the eBay sold listings. Go to eBay and search for what you plan on selling. Then click the "used" box on left. Then click the "sold listings" box. Now you can see all similar items that sold recently and what they sold for, giving you a realistic way of checking current market value. Oddball items unfortunately may not have enough sales volume to get help this way.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      When I created the Metal Detecting & Prospecting Classifieds the forum was smaller and less busy. I set it up initially so that any forum member can post in the Classifieds.
      So far that has worked well, or at least I have had no complaints. However, I am seeing a definite uptick in the number of people who join the forum for the sole purpose of placing an ad.
      This is in theory a good thing - new forum members! Unfortunately it does mean people with no forum history at all can place an ad one minute after joining, and that invites scammers.
      I have therefore just added a provision whereby only forum members who have made at least two posts on other forums can place an ad in the Classifieds. This is a free service intended for forum members in good standing, and a benefit for active, posting members. That provides for at least a minimal level of protection from someone trying to scam other forum members. I will generally be able to spot people who join and make a couple worthless posts for no other reason than to bump the count to place an ad.
      Anyway, this is kind of provisional, and I can remove the requirement, or make it more difficult by raising the post requirement even higher. The bottom line is if everyone is very careful to properly vet potential purchases this is not necessary, but I do worry a bit about somebody being taken advantage of and want to do what is reasonable to try and prevent that without being too draconian.
      Am I being to paranoid? Everyone comfortable with it the way it has been? Or is a post limit a good idea? Thoughts, opinions, feedback? 
    • By mn90403
      This morning I was greeted by a message from Google.  It asked me to review my privacy settings.  
      Many of us share photos and links and some are posted on forums with a link from Google Photos.  Location can be important on some pictures.  You don't want to give up your patch without knowing it.
      There is the ability to disable geo location.  You may want to review it. 
      Here is the setting:
      Remove geo location in items shared by link
      Affects items shared by link but not by other means.   Mitchel  
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, As you may have seen Photobucket have disabled me from sharing my pics with you. After using Photobucket to store my photos & share them around the world on various forums & sites for the last 11 years they now want me to pay them US$399 a year to carry on doing so. Not wanting to do this & if it comes down to it I will cancel my account & take down my photos. I have a feeling that I wont be able to take down my pics as I think they own them once up on their site.
      What sites do you guys use or recommend to share your pics, & do you have to pay a fee for doing so. Cheers.