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Late Afternoon Early Evening Detect

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Hi there orgone500, Thanks for dropping in & for your kind words. I have in other places where I have hit many multiple gold targets in a single hole dig with the detector. The end result was more gold weight in the panned gold than the detected gold. That has happened on quite a few occasions. Check out these pics

This was the start of it


The first piece


Going on down & more signals coming to light


2nd piece


At the end of the first days detected gold out of the hole


Covered the hole up with some flat slabs of schist at the end of the day. Was going to ba a week before we could get back


But back we did go. Took the Falcon MD 20 & there were signals all through the dug out dirt





Mrs JW even had a go at detecting a few bits



She scored the bigger bits detecting & the Falcon scored the others & some of the 2nd days panned gold as well


Time to load up the back pack with the digging dirt & cart to the nearest water hole which was not close

Mrs JW loading the pan ready for washing



This was typical of every pan



End of 2nd days panning


Had to cover the hole up again & return later



JW :)

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Wow! That's some tasty corn flakes right there. from what I've read online the falcon MD20 would be the perfect tool for double checking for smaller gold in the crevices. Well done again and thank you for Sharing your photos.

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double up

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    • By whitebutler
      Woke up grabbed the 7000 and left for the day. It's what I love to do on my birthday. I called an old friend to ask if I could swing a coil of his land. Of course you can he replied. I haven't ever been there with a detector so what the heck.
      After my half hour drive a stepped out grabbed my gear got suited up and headed out. I stepped about sixty feet from my pickup and was mired in a patch. Four hours I was up and down like mad. Every swing yielded a nugget. I got tired after 3.3 ounces. Had to head home for a pint. Here's some pics

    • By madtuna
      Rain stopped about mid day so I shot out for a couple of hours in the arvo.
      Bang on 1/2 oz which brings the total for this spot to just over 5 oz so far.
      I can smell a big chunk hiding here somewhere.

    • By GoldEn
      Hi all
      they small you get 10-15-20 each time but they add up.
      And they usually clean nuggets.
      All very shallow and fun to get.

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I went off for a late afternoon detect yesterday back to the same area as my previous tiny tiny zed gold post as I hadn't finished there due to getting chased out by fading light. The beauty of going back over old areas is that there is very little to no rubbish. I did get a few tiny remains of some boot tacks but that was it. Not far from the last little bit I got the time before I got a sweet faint signal in some up on edge schist.

      Scraping away a bit of dirt I uncovered a small crevice in the schist that I was sure the signal was in. Right beside my pick point

      It was getting deeper & still in the crevise

      Finally it was out

      Never as big as the signal makes you think/hope it is going to be. Especially when you are getting down a bit.

      The Zed still surprises me at the depths it gets this small gold. This was getting down to about 6 inches.
      This is a view of the ground sluiced area & the schist the old timers exposed. The back filled hole is just past & under those two briar rose bushes just right of center. As you can see there is still a bit of deeper ground between the higher exposed schist. I scored some multi gram bits in those back with the GP 3000.

      My next very faint signal was right at the picks I thought. You will see that it is stuck in some lose material that is covering a crack or crevice in the schist bed rock.

      After a bit of scraping in that now exposed small shallow crevice at the bottom of the pic, I realised it was in a tight crack. that you will see above that first crevice & to the right. I ended up hauling a big slab of schist out as you will see by the large hole that created.

      My dilemma now was that the signal was dropping down deeper & deeper in to that crevice. I was lucky that about 5 years ago I had left a 5 foot crow bar hidden in the bushes not far away that I had used to leaver out some moranic boulders from where the old timers had stopped sluicing. I scored some nice bits of gold from doing that. So that bar was my Savior here, allowing me the power & leverage to shift these slabs of schist. My other dilemma was that this was not far from a cliff face dropping 80 meters down in to the river below & although these slabs of schist were solid were they weren't fractured. The fracture direction was like sliced bread peeling off & dropping to the river below. When I put the bar in to a crack & levered, the whole lot would move.
      My next move was to try to move that larger slab of schist at the top end of the pick head at that 90 degree fracture line by the picks point. Got the bar in there & yer....moved the bastard. Ye Ha

      Now I had the signal a bit more isolated in the middle of that hole. I just had to try & get to it without opening up the schist more & having the signal keep dropping on me. Other wise I was going to lose it.
      Here is an idea of how deep it was getting. You can see the original height from the dirt line on that back wall. You will also see from my shadow & where my detector is just where I was the 2nd pic below.

      Another angle. Note the drop off to the river down below. May not look far in that pic but the next one is from the same area but back a little bit.

      In fact, that ground you can see in the bottom right hand corner those gravels are on the same run of schist, the schist edge is just to the right & out a bit more

      Ok put you out of your misery.....Did I get the target???    After about an hour of careful levering prizing & scrapping with a stick I had the signal out.
      It wont pay off the National debt....but no catch & release. Boy ...did I work hard for that piece.

      I then moved on to another area & got three little bits out of this small surface area. All very shallow

      So  all up 5 bits for .67 of a gram.

      Settings. High yield/normal. Audio smoothing OFF. Sensitivity 6. Cheers
      Good luck out there
    • By phoenix
      Even though the temps here have only been in the low 30`s, for weeks now there has been no wind and no cloud so you get to about 10AM and it`s quite unpleasant outside.
      I went out for a 2½ hr detect yesterday at the closest goldfield to my house and when I had been there about 15 min I got this one.  Really deep in a old diggers mound.  I took the picture with the microscope because it`s hard to see the gold in this piece, but it should clean up well in the acid.    It sg`s at 1.1 grams.
      cheers Dave

    • By Squizz
      Finished night shift had a camp then proceeded to me gold fields.Arrived late afternoon , a few clouds around, thought I would have a couple of hours to snag a peace. Fired up the z'd and started , holy the clouds were thicker than I thought , lighting every 10 seconds tied to put up with it , but gave it away.Anyway went to sleep early and woke early moon was awesome and bright was about 3am had the usual coffee and breakfast and off . About HR later got a faint signal . Yep gold , little peace ,wet grass was not helpful 😏 10mins another tiny peace . Then another even smaller. Went back for smoko and thought I would have a look a some new ground .  2 hrs later had a target, 😄Sounded awesome and as I had taken about 3" off still there. Then out emerged a nice 9.5grammer . That was it I was done still 36degrees and humid as. Will get bac when cooler! 😃 Was the first hunt for awhile due to the heat ! 
      Good luck out there people.
      Regards Sqizz