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Late Afternoon Early Evening Detect

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Hi there orgone500, Thanks for dropping in & for your kind words. I have in other places where I have hit many multiple gold targets in a single hole dig with the detector. The end result was more gold weight in the panned gold than the detected gold. That has happened on quite a few occasions. Check out these pics

This was the start of it


The first piece


Going on down & more signals coming to light


2nd piece


At the end of the first days detected gold out of the hole


Covered the hole up with some flat slabs of schist at the end of the day. Was going to ba a week before we could get back


But back we did go. Took the Falcon MD 20 & there were signals all through the dug out dirt





Mrs JW even had a go at detecting a few bits



She scored the bigger bits detecting & the Falcon scored the others & some of the 2nd days panned gold as well


Time to load up the back pack with the digging dirt & cart to the nearest water hole which was not close

Mrs JW loading the pan ready for washing



This was typical of every pan



End of 2nd days panning


Had to cover the hole up again & return later



JW :)

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Wow! That's some tasty corn flakes right there. from what I've read online the falcon MD20 would be the perfect tool for double checking for smaller gold in the crevices. Well done again and thank you for Sharing your photos.

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double up

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