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    • By Shasta gold hunter
      So while we are subject to all kinds of silly regulations that hinder our fun and profit, up here in Shasta County they are blowing up the old Antlers bridge in Lakehead (interstate 5) and catching the debris with Lake Shasta!  
    • By deathray
      Lol. And before someone asks, I do have permission...reason for the nighthunt is the hwy you can hear in the background.
    • By dsrtdwg1
      I am interested in hearing if anyone has had any luck detecting the Chocolates. West of 78/Ogilby. I am aware of both the mine and the bombing range, there are areas that are open. I have never seen or heard of a detected nugget, small gold that can be drywashed but has anyone here had any detecting success?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab has released what has been dubbed the "lifestyle video" which leans more to being a short travel guide about Placer County than about the PRO-GOLD Panning kit specifically. I am sure a lot of people here will recognize many of the locations.
      It is actually quite a bit of work doing a video like this but we had fun also so I am fortunate to have taken part. Thanks Minelab! The video also has an accompanying blog post by Chris Ralph at Minelab Treasure Talk.
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Brandon, lost his case here in California.  To me this is terrible.  I guess this will go to the federal level now.
    • By Digger Bob
      Ok, I'm going to try something here.  I'm not sure it will transfer over to the forum or not.  This is a VERY cool movie that was shot sometime in the early 1930's.  It shows the road from Yreka (essentially) to Happy Camp, Calif.  Note the narrow, one lane, rock slides, old cars and buildings, and especially, about half way through, a bucket dredge working the Klamath River.  Note also the multiple tailing piles all along the river.
      There is no sound so don't try that.  This was posted on a Yreka facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Yreka.News/videos?ref=page_internal  I've no idea how someone found it but it shows how much has changed, and yet how little.
      Digger Bob