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River is way up from this morning . Raw  sewage is pumping out the manhole and is flowing right by my house and into the Feather River . Yet dredging is harmful .


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Damn that's crappy!


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I'm probably too far away to do much good today filling bags, but let me know if I can help with clean up after roads open up.

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This is a super rich creek I visit and do some picker picking. After this water drops back down five feet and isn't so dirty it's a spot to literally pick them up by the hand fulls. It got the perfect look for that. The other two I couldn't get to due to trees down with power lines. Wasn't going to chance those ones. 



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I wandered down to the Truckee River here in Reno for a look at 4:30PM...




Here is same bridge at low water for reference...


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The NF Yuba River along Hwy 49 at 5 pm, long before its peak level. It cant raise much more and it will be flowing down the highway. I saw this as a video but just couldn't capture it off Facebook and insert it here- but the water is flowing like a freight train.



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