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    • By Ridge Runner
       I just wanted you to know I ordered your 7 in. DD coil for my MX Sport last week and I got it today. It looks finer than fog hair and solid as a rock. I had to put it on right away and fire up my MXS. I had to check the sen and depth with both looking great. Hope to get in the field soon but now it's colder than a well diggers butt and until it warms up I won't be going out. Just too young and tender !haha
      Thanks for a great coil and White's also sent me their calendar for 2017.
    • By beav_can
      Well, it looks like Garrett finally has the New ATX coils added to their web site!
    • By vanursepaul
      Hey y'all-------this is the link to a bunch of pictures and one video of the coil repair----
      It isnt the prettiest job but it will hold up now!
      We used a piece of a PVC gutter downspout my buddy found while we were prowling thru the hardware store trying to find something that would work and hold glue--(Thanks for the tip on nylon--)
      Anyway, once we finally found that piece it was pretty simple,,,if you lived in a bigger town you may be able to find standard PVC L-brackets and that would save a few steps!
      Total cost was about 12.00 usd..... plus the fun we had making it...lolol---- (Grumpy Old Men)
      Thanks again for all your alls help in this 705 adventure!!!!
    • By Goldgrabber
      Here's a short video from just my second time using my new Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal Detector just last Sunday.  I was visiting some woodland we have permission to hunt on and took my Mnelab and the very first find was a Canadian coin which is something I was not expecting to find considering I detect in the North East of England, UK and it is in outstanding condition.  OK, it's not the oldest coin but why it was found where it was if a mystery, it wasn't the only coin of the day either, finding a 1913 farthing too.  Along with the coins, the Minelab X-terra 705 metal detector also found me some old lead bullets, some bullets casings and a little bit of trash too.  I was detecting with a more experienced friend who declared the Canadian coin the find of the day and the farthing the oldest, so the Minelab X-Terra 705 did me proud :D  #metaldetecting #minelabxterra705 

    • By wannabe
      i have three coils for sale, one minlab 1100 new in bag for 175.00, one coiltec 6" goldstalker, used, for 150.00 and one coiltec 15" wat coil, new, not in package for 150.00. i was using these coils on a minlab eureka gold which i no longer have, they may work on other detectors, you can contact a dealer to check 
    • By Ridge Runner
      The article was written by Chris Ralph on the pro's and con's of big coil nugget hunting. Thanks Chris for writing a great article that for most of us brings back the trouble and at the same time the good side of a big coil. I liked it when you said you pinpoint several targets and then change to a smaller coil so to keep the size of the hole down. When that pick almost comes back in your face from that hard ground you want that hole as small as possible.
      Never was a price said about the cost of owning a big coil. You did see a picture of Chris holding the GPZ 19 inch coil with a bigger than big smile on his face. Here he's holding a coil costing more than a lot of detectors I own.
      Thanks Chris