First Hunt For 2017 , Skunked First Day !

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7 hours ago, Squizz said:

How do I edit title ? Anyone?


Use the edit function in the post.

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G'day Sqizz, Wicked mate. Good on you. Skunked first day, (I thought you were going to blame JP's settings) but you made up for it on he 2nd. Had to laugh at your "JW Special" Story of my detecting life mate, the sub grammers. Thanks for sharing

Good luck out there for 2017

JW :)


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14 hours ago, fredmason said:

there would be no surprises if everyone did it your way, Mitchel!

great story, I liked it.



I wanted everyone to see the gold.  He said he got skunked ... far, far from it!

Good job on the edit Squizz.


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    • By DolanDave
      Got out Friday, and decided to use the good ol Boat Anchor 19 " coil on the ZED. After finding the Specimen Gold, and into it 2 hours, my Bungee broke, and I had to go to my backup bungee, and also switched back to the 14". I was using the High Yield Mode with the 19" coil, since the soils here are not to bad, and I seem to get a little more depth using the 19" with High Yield.

    • By phoenix
      I got out to Tarnagulla today for a detect and I got 2 little specimens and then I finished off the day with this beauty. I was using the 7000 with JP`s recommended conservitive settings and this sounded like a very deep target.  I was surprised when I moved it about 5" down.  What really excited me about this one was I did some testing and the 2300 can get it at about 8" and the 7000 can only get it at 6". That in itself told me there was a fair bit of gold in it. I suspect a 5000 would struggle to hear it.  This speci is predominately quartz but it has a thin layer of ironstone around it.  In the first 2 photos are the only two pieces that are readily visible but under high magnification there are at least 100 pinpoints of gold visible all around it.   I have no idea how much the ironstone mucks up the SG, but the sg for quartz says there is 28.649 grams of gold in this piece.   I`m not going to drop this one in acid till my mate waves his 5000 over it. I`m hoping there is going to be a heap of gold visible once the ironstone is gone.  cheers Dave

    • By Northeast
      So some of you may have seen my piece I put in the thread about 'What are your detecting goals' as I was happy I had reached the goal of getting a nugget over 1 gram (it's sad but you have to start somewhere ).
      Well 24 hours later and I've got another. 
      11 grams is the big one. 6 is the littler one. And 3 smallies which have been my standard fare.  
      Its been a beautiful weekend here in Northeast Victoria for Easter. These beauties have topped it off. 
      Happy Easter everyone. 
    • By phoenix
      This is a specimen I got last week with the 7000 and 14" coil at about 5-6" and it readily sticks to a magnet. The total weight of this piece is 0.85 gram so there is not a hell of a lot of gold in it, and I figured the 19" coil would struggle to hear it, but with JP`s deep gold settings, the 19 can hear it about 4" away .  It should look good when it`s been acid cleaned.

    • By bloodgold2
      Hi all, just thought I would share my find for my first day detecting of 2017, nothing big, but it's a start  Cheers Dave.

    • By Bear
      Today I went to an area that I recently gained access to.  I looked at imagery to see where the old workings are.  I picked a spot where a drag line and wash plant had been though.  As I was driving in I noticed a lot of the ground had all of the rocks racked off.  I figured who ever did it had to have found something.  So the tailings will have to wait.
      I decided to run the SDC 2300 over that ground.  After digging the 10th piece of shot I got another signal about a foot away from one I just dug.  It was real hard to pinpoint and find but the sun hit it right on the coil and I knew it was a little piece.  Finally I found a nugget in New Mexico.  Nothing like others recently on the forum but I was pretty jazzed.  My first desert piece.