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GPZ 19 Coil & Other Matters

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As the author of a 'bashing a coil cover thread' I must say that I would not let such a rant touch upon JP or any of the other Minelab developers and innovators here or in Australia.  Their focus has been on using the technology to maximum advantage and I am a great beneficiary of their efforts.  The 7000 has provided me with more pleasure than any detector I've owned and other Minelab products have provided me and my wife even more.

Brand loyalty takes many forms for different products from automobiles, computers, headphones, cameras, etc., etc.  When someone bashes for purposes that don't suggest a benefit to the brand then they are a quite blind and stupid lot.  They should just spend their money and promote the brand of their choosing and leave the 'bashing' of other products to someone who wants to make those products better.  (They should also thank Minelab for making them so mad as to use their product to prove Minelab inept.  Many will make great finds with their equipment just to prove Minelab wrong!)

Good luck to those bashers as I don't want to read them.  Steve's forum is enough for me on such details.  I am hopelessly immersed in Minelab jargon from JP and others and hope to continue for many years.

There are times to express frustration as I did but as Norvic has said ... time has proven the technology.  Unfortunately this will NEVER win the day in a brand loyalty contest.


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Proof is in the the post I posted yesterday, JP's advice helped me . By the way if you's read the link JW put on I was in the same area as JP's test ground !  Didn't know that 😏 But have had so luck .



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The following is what l replied to JP but before this l would like to add.

I could not understand why a certain individual keep attacking JP with such venom. However it appears to me over the last week or so that individual's intent has become so clear to those capable of reading between the lines. If anyone follows or reads the other forums on a regular basis sarting with his attacks on JP and the 19 inch coil and then read all his posts including his replies on the other forums and arrange his posts by time posted you will see a lot of contradictions and denials of vested interest by that individual. That individual has now miraculously become a Official tester for a certain detector even though he claimed to not know those involved in it or the members of a certain forum actively supporting it. So l urge you all to read the posts on the other forums and read between the lines and make you own mind up as to who you believe has the most interigity. My choice is JP and now my reply to JP which l posted on 4umer.

Good post JP look fwd to the vid

Regardless of whether you are a Minelab Tester  and some will say a vested interest. (If you ever offered to swap lifestyles with someone,  there would be a stampede and a queue from one end of the country to the other  of people willing to jump at the chance of trading places.)

I have also listened and taken note of your advice re detecting methods, setups and methods to suit various Minelab Detectors and can say the advice you give is fairly spot on with only a few tweeks here and their to suit different conditions.  

I actually now look back with amusement at the release of the 7000 and the disapointment of some early purchasers who were ready to rip it to bits. Yes it had some teething problems but once sorted with ferite and upgrade those same early doubters now reckon it is the best detector ever made. You stated early that the Zed was something special as far as detectors go and you were spot on.  

So regardless of what a minority say you have over the years in one way or another directly or indirectly helped nearly everyone who swings a detector whether they realise it or not. So who cares whether you have a vested interest or not you advice has benifited many.

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There is a difference between critical thinking and bashing. People often label anything but roses and sunshine as "bashing". Saying a skid plate is not designed properly based on using that same skid plate is not bashing, it is an observation based on use.

Bashing is just mindless negative commentary for no real reason other than to be negative, usually with some sort of agenda.

I really like critical thinkers. They help make the world a better place. Bashers and negative people are a different breed. They try to pull themselves up by pulling others down. At minimum they are the ones who create a problem for every solution. They are the ones who make an excuse for why gold can't be found before even trying.

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JW - good thread to make others aware of what JP has to put up with.

JP - keep up the good work. Your information has been invaluable to me - and obviously heaps of others  

Steve - only a newbie-ish to detecting and the forum but it's addictive. You run a very informative and welcoming ship.  Thanks.  

mn90403 - "I am hopelessly immersed in Minelab jargon from JP and others and hope to continue for many years".  Love it!!  Very well put :smile:

Bed time here in Oz.  Goodnight :sleep:

Cya, Northeast. 

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    • By ken
      Hello Johnathan the GPZ 7000 has been out for a while now, is there any plans to do a DVD. I could see how a soft ware upgrade could potentially make it harder to give any advice on settings as upgrades come along. Or is the whole thing a big head ache.
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      Hi all  does anybody ground balance there machine as per instructions then leave the machine on the ground with ferrite under the plate ?
      I did this while i was getting the rest of my gear ready and it really made it quieter , in very  hot ground.
      The machine was sitting there for about 5 to 8 min approximately. 
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      I updated to the latest firmware in september, sunday when I was detecting I would lose my sound through the wireless, I plugged in headphones and no sound from the machine through them either EXCEPT for turning it on, and also when the WM wireless connects I hear that (but probably from the unit not the headphones)
      Anyone else have issues, I do see 2 other threads but have tried both fixes including updating again. No dice, need the GPZ!
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      JP has put up a youtube video about this new ground balancing method.

      cheers dave
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      Above is a quote from Jasong, from another thread that hits the nail on the head. Somewhat a forbidden topic on OZ forums, which I guess says a lot about social media. This matter has been touched on by others when speaking about the "new age" coils on the Xs in other threads. While I`m a confirmed and dedicated Z user, I recognise because I`ve experienced the ability of these coils and how they have closed the gap( in the field on undisturbed gold), plus in some cases exceeded the Zs ability. Saying that I`ve also experienced more cases where the Z exceeds the Xs ability.
      But it is interesting and really says it all about the dominance of ML, their only true competition to their latest serious gold detector is their model it replaced. This has been so for how many years?  What are the other detector manufacturers doing? And why is it sort of "taboo" to post about this subject?
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      GPZ Coil coming soon.