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    • By mn90403
      I've been out a few times now with the 19" and finally got over a couple of keepers!
      Yesterday I was hunting in a known meteorite area in Gold Basin, Arizona.  Meteorites in this area are primarily surface targets to maybe 1 or 2 inches.  You can still hunt in some areas for them without a detector.
      I started out with the 14" coil and found the 25g meteorite on the right.  Now that I had located an area still holding them (and showing dig holes) I wanted to try the 19" coil.  I didn't have to walk very far away before I got the 18g meteorite on the left.  My first keeper of any kind with the 19" coil.
      Today we went a few miles away from where we found the meteorite and got the little .45g nugget that was 'missed' in a patch where I found several with the 14" coil.  It was about 4" down.  When I saw it and gave it a 'Find Point' I thought it was .2g.  The sound was very faint but when I got to pinpointing it screamed.  I was using JP's conservative settings.
      Before we went to Gold Basin we were in Quartzsite where I have very little experience with big gold at any depth.  Actually I have very little experience anywhere with big deep gold so I'm trying to remember stories I have heard from others and go to those locations but I'll have to research more.
      It's just good to break in the coil.

    • By fredmason
      my buddy jeff and I went up to Gold Basin for a few days...The Basin has never been generous with me or Jeff but we scapped out some gold and meteorites. This was the first time Jeff has ever bested me in quanity of meteorites and in their size. He also found the first little nuggy...we are not rich but had a fine time!
      I will attempt some pic's
      First is mine
      second is me proving I need to lose weight except I disappeared
      three is jeff's

    • By fredmason
      I am hesitant to broach this subject. Please donot take this as my expert opinion as I am not in any way an expert. Also, I am not very good at remembering every setting I tried with the Z. So with those disclaimers......
      When I was in Gold Basin for my maiden Z voyage the schiest-y rock there were abit of a problem. They were always really difficult with a vlf. I learned to trust my 3500 and 5000 when the distinct warble came through. However, the Gpz is completely new to me.
      Inititially I tried the default settings and thought the tracking system would quickly eliminate the HR's...that didnot work well. Then i set up with Doc's settings he posted on Rob's forum. (thank you, Doc)...that seemed better for noise but the Hrs still came through. Then I decided to try my old system for judging if the signal was an hr or a legitimate target. While in auto-track I would raise the coil a few inches; if the signal completely faded away I was sure it was an HR. However, some of the bigger and/or deeper Hrs still gave a "good" signal so I would dig...just a another Hot love-stone.
      There are a lot of these rocks in Gold basin so i was not thrilled.
      After a while I setup the user button so I could go from tracking to manual/fixed...checking in manual the HR seemed less hot and using the fast-tracking they would usually track out quickly. Just to be sure I tested with my little test nugget near the hr...the nugget always came through albeit with a different signal...more testing and experience is needed. 
      The few iron-stone type hotrocks I detected were handled better by switching some of the modes...again more experience is needed but  a similar result seemed to be had using the raise the coil or manual tracking/fast track option...I will be going to The dale area next week to see how the tons of ironstone is handled there. And to practice until perfect-that could be a very long time.
      One of the meteorites I detected I was fairly sure  was ironstone but it would not track out...and it looked a little different...on filing an edge it proved to be a chrondrite...so even small meteorites will probably not track out-that is good news to me.
      On my way home I spent an hour or so in the Potholes area on a field of basalt that has/had a little gold. I thought the basalt was handled pretty easy in HY/Diffcult and auto track...I used Russ' setting there mostly...the detector ran well but no gold.
      I have much to learn so any tips or techniques for improving in hotrock infested areas will be appreciated...
    • By fredmason
      I went to Gold basin for a few days. Since I got the GPZ I had not been skunked on a trip. Some days were goldless but the GPZ always found something on each trip.  That was not to be this time. I did find 6 little gb meteorites for some consolation....I wandered into some areas unknown to me but did not find any new areas. So, I returned to an area where I have found lots of meteorites and a few bits of gold. Things are getting less and none are growing back...oh, well, maybe the next time.
      here are some pics

    • By mn90403
      I went out to the Franconia meteorite strewn field last Friday.  It is an area I know pretty good and I know a fair bit about the types of meteorites you can find there.
      One of the major types of meteorites is what they call an iron.  It is a small meteorite that was blown by winds to their present location after a main mass burst in the atmosphere. They landed away from the main strewn field.  
      Prior to the 8th of May I had never gotten more than 3 irons in a trip with various detectors and coils which includes a GPX 5000.  Many thousands of these meteorites have been found over the years by hundreds of hunters.  When you detect them the larger ones can scream at you.  They are never very deep.
      This was a good and different trip.  I had a Zed.  I found 25 of the irons and a couple of larger meteorites.  The largest iron at the top of the circle is .8 grams.  It ends up with a tiny meteorite that I can't weigh.  The total of all irons is 4.1 grams.
      The two larger meteorites are 46.7 grams and 114.4 grams.  They were found in the same area with a depth of less then 5 inches. The Zed had no problem distinguishing them from the hot rocks.
      Now, bring on the gold fields!

    • By fredmason
      Well, thanks to the GPZ and Roger D I had a fairly successful trip to Bill's Outing at Gold basin...This is my 6th trip with the 7000 and I have found gold every trip...I hope this never ends!!!
      The rock to the left of the gold fooled me until I cleaned it up...it is the best Wrong I never wanted to find.