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New Minelab Gold Monster 1000

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13 minutes ago, LukeOzDigger said:

Please minelab let it be waterproof! Or atleast oopsy dunk proof...

Yes Luke you got it. I want it at least oppsy proof too.

 I want one to okay with in my area. Just for giggles. Hope the discrimination works well. I have super good nail diggings to try one in. 

Cheers mate


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2 hours ago, Randy Lunn said:

Yes, at 45KHz it is getting very GB2'ish

More like GMT'ish. Going by the size of the hand full of nuggets in the video that mentiond JP Field Tester, 12 nuggets in 45 minutes,  they weren't too shabby. Very interesting. I didnt see what size the two coils were.  One looked about 5" round. Wasn't too impressed with the guys sweep pattern at 42 seconds in on the video. Cheers.


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It's funny... I tried looking at the specs on the Minelab site as per the instructions and link in that thread, and I can't select Gold Monster 1000...

Maybe Minelab do have forum scourers, and they saw that the cat was out of the bag a little early .

I recall that the same thing happened before the GPZ 7000 was released: just before the official announcement, you could view the specs using the same method of comparing detectors on their site... up until it was all over the forums. Then the option disappeared until it was officially announced/released.

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Ok Steve when you get your hands on one. it would be great to see a shootout between new minelab monster, Gb 2, Gold Racer, and new Fisher gold detector when they are all available.  What is a the 1000 in the name of the minelab for? 1000 bucks, 1000 cc, 1000 sweeps an hour?

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I'm going to just keep on using my 20 year old gold bug 2. I'm scared of monsters. 

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From Minelabs Facebook page:

"Thanks for your comments! For those people that have questions about the product name; Minelab’s new ENTRY-LEVEL specialist gold detector, the GOLD MONSTER 1000, has been designed to meet the needs of both consumer recreational enthusiasts and small-scale artisanal gold miners around the world. In order for this exciting new product to be distinctly recognisable to these diverse markets, Minelab has created a universal logo that reads left-to-right in English language script and right-to-left in stylised Arabic script. The Arabic pronunciation of GOLD MONSTER is “Wahesh Al Dahab”.

Further to the dual logo, Minelab will be providing 5 languages on the product carton and 8 languages in the Getting Started Guide to make the GOLD MONSTER 1000 our most universal detector to date. From America to Australia to Africa, and everywhere in-between, the GOLD MONSTER 1000 offers the newcomer to gold detecting their best chance of success!

[Note: The GOLD MONSTER 1000 supersedes Minelab’s Eureka Gold VLF detector.]"

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  • Similar Content

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Headed out for 3 hours late this arvo to the spot where I left off on my last little finds with the GM 1000. In amongst the exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had sluiced down to & also in & around their tailings races. Didnt take long to get the first little hit on the drop off down in to a tailings race.
      Scratched it out of that crevice on that little ledge

      The next signal was down about three inches & I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be.

      My next signal was in the exposed bed rock on the top edge of a tailings race or drainage channel that the old timers had carved out of the solid schist.

      A few scrapes & the signal was out

      It wasnt long until the sun would be going & I hit another signal just as the sky lit up in to a beautiful sun set. The signal was a small piece of gold.

      And the sky was a beautiful gold as well. Time to pack up & walk out.

      All up 5 tiddlers for .34 of a gram Deep All Metal Mode & Manual Sensitivity on 10.

      Cheers guys.
      Good luck out there
    • By Sourdough Scott
      I know it is really early in the bout. But possibly is the new kid on the block going to knock out the reining champion of many many years in the gold nugget VLF sport? 
      I'm hearing so many good things about the GM 1000. And I'm really leaning on getting one soon. Hearing so many good reports from " Average Joe" dectectorists. 
      I have had way more experience and success with Minelab detectors than any other brands. So I guess I speak Minelabbian better than anything else. 
      My gut feeling thinks that we might be crowing a new Welterweight Champ. 
      I guess time will tell????? 
    • By 1864hatter
      One of the guys at my workplace has been tagging along on some of my recent gold trips and has thus been inspired to purchase the GM1000 from a local dealer as soon as it became available.
      As a first outing we went to a claim I am a partner in for some detecting. We went as part of a group of 5 that had 4 different types of detectors with them. We have detected this river claim extensively and unless there is a flood that moves some material and exposes bedrock we don't find a lot anymore. Consequently we often dig by hand and scan the bedrock that we expose to recover the gold.
      Once at the claim three guys got to work digging a hole while myself and my friend with the GM took off up the creek in order for me to teach him how to use a detector. The plan was for me to use the GM1000 for a while and get him to watch me work while I told him what I was doing and then gradually hand over to him.
      First gold came after about two steps in a bedrock crevice. I had detected a small nugget in the same crevice before on a previous outing but obviously the GM was more sensitive and had managed to find something. There were two tiny prices in the crevice. We continued up the creek and found a few pieces here and there, all were small to very very small. Some bits well below 0.1g.
      After about half a dozen bits I left my friend to carry on on his own and joined the other three guys with digging the hole.
      After a couple of hours the man with the GM returned successful, he'd found his first three pieces of gold and was very happy. After that I got my hands back on his detector and found more pieces up and down the creek.
      The main points of interest with using the GM1000 I found are;
      #easy turn on and go operation
      #very sensitive to small gold
      #light weight
      #quite reliable ferrous / non ferrous indicator
      #lack of threshold easier for amateurs to interpret
      #clear signal from targets
      #excellent pinpointing
      #picks up hot rocks
      #signals when entering water
      #sensitive to coil and coil cable banging (although, what detector isn't)
      Generally I think this detector is a top performing VLF that is ideal for hunting gold in bedrock crevices or other shallow ground. Ideal for getting the last scraps from gold producing areas. Not so good for outright depth or areas with a lot of hot rocks as, despite the ferrous indicator, they still make a signal to burden your ears. Much of the gold that we got with the GM seems to have been quite small and other detectors simply missed them. We were calling these pieces monster flakes! 
      Detector was run in maximum sensitivity in the deep / all metal setting. Bedrock is generally un-mineralised with isolated bands of noisy rock. 5 inch coil was used.And the total loot in the picture below, biggest bit is 1.39g (found with SDC2300 but anything could have found it). All but I think three pieces were found with the GM1000.
      If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.

    • By Reno Chris
      Greetings fellow prospectors! For a more than a year I have thought about doing up some Youtube videos on prospecting and I have finally gotten off my backside and done it! This is the first video of a 3 part set where I will be taking a look at Minelab's new Gold Monster 1000 nugget oriented metal detector. This part one video is an introductory discussion about its various features and settings. In the next couple weeks I will put up part 2 which will be on testing the GM1000 out in the field and then part 3 will cover some practical suggestions for prospectors on getting the most out of your Gold Monster 1000 and a discussion of some of the best kinds of places to use the GM1000. I will publish those other parts soon, but for now, here is the part 1 video. The quality here may not be perfect, but there is a lot of good information and content in this video. Additionally, now that I have the ball rolling you can expect other videos on different prospecting topics coming later once I have completed these 3. - Chris
    • By principedeleon
      Hello everyone..  
      Im rookie starting out gold prospecting with a metal detector. I have always dredged for my gold and wanted to give metal detecting a go.
      So i have gotten the GM as my first gold prospecting detector and i would have to say im very impressed. Im happy with how simple it is even in our hot soil here the Dominican Republic.  
      I had to switch from deep all metal to "Gold Mode" most of the time because of the ground noise.  
      But it was manageable for a rookie like me just walk everywhere and just detect.  Found a couple false signals but they was like pockets of black sand they appear while scraping off the overburden to reveal more the signal.  
      So i have went to a place where some lady just walking by found a piece of gold since i dont know of no place here where people would metal detect since no one do nugget shooting with a prospecting machine. After about like 10 minutes i got a good signal and i dug my first gold nugget about 4" down. It weighted in at 1.4 Grams.  After trying to search the are for 10 more minutes and not founding nothing more i left since it looked like it wanted to rain. 
      So i have found my first place where i know i have found shallow gold. Hope i could start now a list of these deposit to revisit when i have a PI machine .

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys. This is my first ever bit of video footage I have ever done, saved to youtube & then had to cut, edit, & merge 4 different clips together in to one. So not sure how it will turn out.
      Footage is of a couple of targets I got using both the Gold Monster 1000 & the Gold Bug 2. I didnt mention in the footage the Gold Chance Indicator & what it was reading but you will notice that as both targets were non ferrous it was indicating to the right quite strongly. Even when the GM 1000 was in iron reject it was still giving an audio signal as well as indicating to the right. If it were iron then there would have been no audio signal & it would have signaled to the left.