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whitebutler    226
13 minutes ago, LukeOzDigger said:

Please minelab let it be waterproof! Or atleast oopsy dunk proof...

Yes Luke you got it. I want it at least oppsy proof too.

 I want one to okay with in my area. Just for giggles. Hope the discrimination works well. I have super good nail diggings to try one in. 

Cheers mate


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kiwijw    1,338
2 hours ago, Randy Lunn said:

Yes, at 45KHz it is getting very GB2'ish

More like GMT'ish. Going by the size of the hand full of nuggets in the video that mentiond JP Field Tester, 12 nuggets in 45 minutes,  they weren't too shabby. Very interesting. I didnt see what size the two coils were.  One looked about 5" round. Wasn't too impressed with the guys sweep pattern at 42 seconds in on the video. Cheers.


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Ian    0

It's funny... I tried looking at the specs on the Minelab site as per the instructions and link in that thread, and I can't select Gold Monster 1000...

Maybe Minelab do have forum scourers, and they saw that the cat was out of the bag a little early .

I recall that the same thing happened before the GPZ 7000 was released: just before the official announcement, you could view the specs using the same method of comparing detectors on their site... up until it was all over the forums. Then the option disappeared until it was officially announced/released.

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californiagold    452

Ok Steve when you get your hands on one. it would be great to see a shootout between new minelab monster, Gb 2, Gold Racer, and new Fisher gold detector when they are all available.  What is a the 1000 in the name of the minelab for? 1000 bucks, 1000 cc, 1000 sweeps an hour?

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Steve Herschbach    7,495

From Minelabs Facebook page:

"Thanks for your comments! For those people that have questions about the product name; Minelab’s new ENTRY-LEVEL specialist gold detector, the GOLD MONSTER 1000, has been designed to meet the needs of both consumer recreational enthusiasts and small-scale artisanal gold miners around the world. In order for this exciting new product to be distinctly recognisable to these diverse markets, Minelab has created a universal logo that reads left-to-right in English language script and right-to-left in stylised Arabic script. The Arabic pronunciation of GOLD MONSTER is “Wahesh Al Dahab”.

Further to the dual logo, Minelab will be providing 5 languages on the product carton and 8 languages in the Getting Started Guide to make the GOLD MONSTER 1000 our most universal detector to date. From America to Australia to Africa, and everywhere in-between, the GOLD MONSTER 1000 offers the newcomer to gold detecting their best chance of success!

[Note: The GOLD MONSTER 1000 supersedes Minelab’s Eureka Gold VLF detector.]"

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      The battery door of the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 has a loop of steel wire that acts as a safety to keep the door from getting lost. I needed a temporary fix for another problem and stole the loop off my GM1000. The wire loop looked like it might be handy for many things, and I vaguely remembered seeing them someplace. Finally tracked it down as a keychain or luggage tag loop. Picked up a pack of 20 on Amazon for just $7.49 including shipping. For 0.37 each it just seemed like something I could use in my tool box.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This subject has been mentioned before here but it seems some people are having issues that may go beyond the "norm", whatever that is. See Bill Southern's forum at http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/30883-mike-c-falsing-fix/
      My 5" coil starts to exhibit touch sensitivity at Manual Sensitivity level 9, becoming more pronounced at 10. I have had no issue of note with my 10" coil, which is the coil I use almost exclusively. My impression has been this touch sensitivity in the 5" coil is inherent in the High Gain/Audio Boosted design of the GM1000. For me the solution had been to either lower the Gain/Sensitivity or to just get down and dirty with coil control. See my post from May at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3614-understanding-the-sensitivity-control-on-the-gold-monster-1000/?do=findComment&comment=39955 as regards all this.
      Any experienced detectorist knows a loose coil cable near the coil can create problems, and Mike Conner has suggested affixing the coil cable on the 5" coil as firmly as possible to prevent movement in the cable, with what he reports as being good results.
      This has been a non-issue for me as I run the 10' coil almost exclusively and my sensitivity when in manual ranges between 6 - 8 with rare forays to higher levels as described in my recent thread here. My main concern is reports of 5" coil touch sensitivity at much lower Gain/Sensitivity levels than what I have experienced. So the big question for you Gold Monster owners (no second hand reports please) - what coil sensitivity are you experiencing and at what Gain/Sensitivity level does it start to exhibit with each coil? Have you tried more firmly affixing the lower cable to the rod, and has it helped?
    • By Cabin Fever
      Thought I would post on how I modified a GPX shaft to make it a little more compact.  I cut roughly 6" off the end and drilled 7 more holes in the shaft so the lower poll would go further up into the upper shaft.  Now my Monster shortens up to about 30" and extends to 4 feet.  I now have lots of adjustment options from extra short to full length. I also picked up an extra lower poll to keep the second coil mounted.  Changing coils is a pet peeve of mine so I like to keep it quick and simple. I've been on 4 short hunts now with this setup and can't be more happy.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I purchased a Golden Mask telescoping rod with the intent of using it for my Deus HF elliptical coil. XP placing the battery in the trapezoidal lower rod section however made an adaptation more trouble than it is worth for something I am not sure I will keep anyway. I decided to repurpose it instead to the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 in an attempt to make it as easy as possible to collapse down and put in a rucksack.

      The arm cup removal is easy. Just remove the bolts. The grip/handle however is both screwed together and glued. Have to give them credit - beautifully made rod assembly. Some heat from a hair dryer and careful prying got the grip assembly off the rod.

      The upper rod is thicker than the standard rod diameter and so the neat little clamps Minelab includes with the GM1000 will not work. Instead standard hose clamps will serve until I get some that fit better.

      The upper rod is not quite long enough to get the proper spacing for the armrest, so this is a mockup until I find a short piece of rod the correct diameter to install in the upper rod for a little extra length. Roughly 30" long when collapsed. The coil needed to be shimmed with an extra rubber washer. I used the skinny little Golden Mask plastic bolt but will drill the isolator rod out to accommodate the Minelab bolt later.

      Near final product, with way more length fully extended than I need at my height of 5'11" but that is good for working overhead cut banks and poking around in the brush. Click all photos for larger versions. Once I get the rough edges finished this will be a sweet little backpacker unit.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Interesting report at http://www.findmall.com/read.php?27,2384757,2384757#msg-2384757
    • By auminesweeper
      I just found this video about the GM-1000, One thing that I have noticed about the GM all along is that it has a fairly fast GB system and this can work against a person, Anyone who has owned certain Whites machines will already know the effects that a very fast GB system can have on target response which is why most of us who own or have owned such machines prefer to work in fixed / or lock the tracking,
      I have always thought that Minelab's tracking systems have always been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to speed where as Whites tracking systems can GB them selves within One or Two pumps of the Coil, The GM has about the fastest tracking system ever fitted to a ML machine and I think this is why loyal ML users are having trouble with the GM, because in some settings it will track out targets where as some Whites machine will hold on to some targets when in the Tracking mode,
      So if you find that signals keep vanishing with your GM just stop swing over the target and ground balance over a fresh piece of ground to your right or left of you and then re-sweep over the target area, The GM machine is not alone in this tracking out the target and it is not a fault in the machine either, It is doing what a tracking system is meant to do in tracking out the ground and if there is a target in that ground then it will be tracked out, This is why many of the testers have said that "Once you have found a Target" that you should sweep past the target so the GB systems stays focused on the ground and surrounding area and not the Target,
      In this video you will see and hear what happens when you keep swishing the Coil over the targets and see and hear it vanish before your eyes, This is very important for you Lads and Lasses who swing them big ML thumpers that ground balance at sun up and sundown, The Gold Monster is a rocket ship in comparison, Not as fast as some but quicker than most anyways I hope this helps,