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13 minutes ago, LukeOzDigger said:

Please minelab let it be waterproof! Or atleast oopsy dunk proof...

Yes Luke you got it. I want it at least oppsy proof too.

 I want one to okay with in my area. Just for giggles. Hope the discrimination works well. I have super good nail diggings to try one in. 

Cheers mate


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2 hours ago, Randy Lunn said:

Yes, at 45KHz it is getting very GB2'ish

More like GMT'ish. Going by the size of the hand full of nuggets in the video that mentiond JP Field Tester, 12 nuggets in 45 minutes,  they weren't too shabby. Very interesting. I didnt see what size the two coils were.  One looked about 5" round. Wasn't too impressed with the guys sweep pattern at 42 seconds in on the video. Cheers.


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It's funny... I tried looking at the specs on the Minelab site as per the instructions and link in that thread, and I can't select Gold Monster 1000...

Maybe Minelab do have forum scourers, and they saw that the cat was out of the bag a little early .

I recall that the same thing happened before the GPZ 7000 was released: just before the official announcement, you could view the specs using the same method of comparing detectors on their site... up until it was all over the forums. Then the option disappeared until it was officially announced/released.

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Ok Steve when you get your hands on one. it would be great to see a shootout between new minelab monster, Gb 2, Gold Racer, and new Fisher gold detector when they are all available.  What is a the 1000 in the name of the minelab for? 1000 bucks, 1000 cc, 1000 sweeps an hour?

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From Minelabs Facebook page:

"Thanks for your comments! For those people that have questions about the product name; Minelab’s new ENTRY-LEVEL specialist gold detector, the GOLD MONSTER 1000, has been designed to meet the needs of both consumer recreational enthusiasts and small-scale artisanal gold miners around the world. In order for this exciting new product to be distinctly recognisable to these diverse markets, Minelab has created a universal logo that reads left-to-right in English language script and right-to-left in stylised Arabic script. The Arabic pronunciation of GOLD MONSTER is “Wahesh Al Dahab”.

Further to the dual logo, Minelab will be providing 5 languages on the product carton and 8 languages in the Getting Started Guide to make the GOLD MONSTER 1000 our most universal detector to date. From America to Australia to Africa, and everywhere in-between, the GOLD MONSTER 1000 offers the newcomer to gold detecting their best chance of success!

[Note: The GOLD MONSTER 1000 supersedes Minelab’s Eureka Gold VLF detector.]"

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    • By Northeast
      Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). 
      Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). 
      Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish.  Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys.  Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too.   
      Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change.  Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with.  
      A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin.  And one nice little specie 👍🏻  Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it.  
      Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )

    • By billdean
      I have noticed when using my monster that it really sounds off when bumping into rocks weeds and such. Especially on auto or auto plus or higher sensitivity manual.   I think I have finally figure out what seems to be going on and was wondering if and one else has noticed this. Where the cord attaches to the coil there seems to have a little to much movement in the cord and when you bump something it is actually the movement of this cord that is making it sound off. I have taken some velcro and rapped around the cord so the cord can not move when the coil is bumped. Kind of stretching the cord to the shaft to minimize movement.  It seems to help a lot. Anyone else notice this or is my machine defective?
    • By Doc
      Offered on Ebay
      https://www.ebay.com/itm/Docs-Essential-Rod-Kit-and-Accessories-for-Gold-Monster-1000-Metal-Detector/322903192432?hash=item4b2e87b370:g:yKoAAOSwTmtaGS5v   Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector NOT Included

      Doc's Essential Adjustable Rod Kit and Accessories for Minelab Gold Monster 1000
      Manufactured and Distributed by
      Doc's Detecting Supply
      Henderson, Nevada

      No one can dispute what an amazing detector the new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is.  However, there are some design considerations that the average gold prospector may find frustrating.

      Included standard with the Gold Monster 1000 is a three piece screw together rod that is non adjustable.  These three pieces form one rod set and in order to change coils, you have to remove one coil from the end of the rod and attach the other coil. 

      This Minelab standard three section screw together rod can be nice for travel.  However, in actual use, these three rods have a tendency to want to become unscrewed.  (I recommend putting a piece of electrical tape around each screw together joint to prevent them from becoming unscrewed.)   There are no tie wraps included to secure the coil cord to the rod, this can cause the detector to false when the loose wire bumps a bush.
      The Minelab provided plastic scoop is angular in design, and can actually get rocks caught where the scoop is molded to the handle.  It is essential to have a nice rounded bowl type scoop that can work like a mini-gold pan to isolate those little nuggets. HERE'S WHAT YOU GET! Included with Doc's Essential Rod Kit and Accessories are: One (1) high quality light weight real carbon fiber upper with 7 adjustment holes so you can find the exact length to suit you.
      No more rods coming unscrewed from itself. Two (2) 28 inch lower fiberglass rods, one for each of the 2 coils  that come standard from Minelab with your Gold Monster 1000 (detector not included).  No more unscrewing the coil.  Simply switch the rods with your coil already attached. 4 real VELCRO® brand tie wraps, 2 for each rod to make sure your coil cable is securely attached. 1 Heavy Duty high quality Treasure Scoop. *We use authentic Gorilla Glue® brand glue in assembling our upper rods and lower rods.  Gorilla Glue expands as it dries.  Accordingly you may find some excess dried glue on the rods.  This is perfectly normal and does not effect the functionality of these high quality products.  The excess glue will wear off with use. 
      **Doc's Detecting Supply is a Certified Minelab® dealer.
      ***G.M. "Doc" Lousignont, Ph.D. is one of only a handful of Minelab Certified Gold Machine Trainers in the United States. 

      QUESTIONS?  CALL Doc 1-800-477-3211
    • By Andyy
      My apologies if this has been covered.  I did some searches and did not find answers to the question.  
      I have a GPZ with headphones (Sun Ray Pros) and would like to use these on my new Gold Monster 1000.  I have tried the typical stereo conversion cable and it still did not work.  By not work, I mean the sound stays on speaker.  It did not work for Sun Rays or Black Widows headphones.   But of course, the original GM1000 headphones *do* work.   But we all know how cheesy those are.  So far, the only solution I have heard involves opening up the headphones and making permanent modifications.  Has anyone else been successful at this?   (see my attempted conversion cable below..)
    • By TerryinHawaii
      I am using the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 here in Oahu.  So far I have found 16 gold jewelry items.  And yes, I do dig a lot of tin foil and many small pieces of other types of metal.  Most of the time, I can operate in manual sensitivity level 9 or 10.  In some areas, I do have to switch over to auto sensitivity + to be able to hunt.  I do have high hopes for the Equinox 800 here. 
    • By Andyy
      I've been tossing around Steve's idea of using the the GM1000 (5" coil)with the shaft adapter to drastically shorten for use pin pointing.  But I know this detector is very sensitive on the small stuff and was wondering if anyone has had issues with the detector circuitry setting off the coil.  I have mine on a 2.5' broomstick and don't notice much difference.   But it is difficult to tell.