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Steve Herschbach    7,843

I have it from good authority at Minelab and have been given permission to pass on....

"Control box is water resistant / rain proof / splash proof, but not designed for submersible underwater operation. The coils are waterproof and can be submersed underwater for detecting operation. Specifications and depth rating for the coils will be published soon."


From http://www.minelab.com/customer-care/product-notices?article=305146

We are pleased to announce that the GOLD MONSTER 1000 detector will be available soon. The GOLD MONSTER 1000 turns beginners into experts with fully automatic operation in an easy-to-use, high performance detector.


The GOLD MONSTER 1000 comes with a choice of coils, battery options and shaft configurations. If you are looking for super sensitive gold performance at a great price, then this is the detector you've been waiting for!


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Extra sensitive VLF performance
  • Highly adaptable
  • 2 search coils included
  • Easy quick start


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Digger Jones    36

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for metal detecting with Minelab and XP releasing new products. Hopefully Whites and FT have a rabbit in their hats as well and there's the QED, Rutus out and probably Impact on the way and I'm probably leaving something out.

Interesting times indeed!

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Ringmoney    72
1 hour ago, Digger Jones said:

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for metal detecting with Minelab and XP releasing new products. Hopefully Whites and FT have a rabbit in their hats as well and there's the QED, Rutus out and probably Impact on the way and I'm probably leaving something out.

Interesting times indeed!

The AKA Intronik STF

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Steve Herschbach    7,843
1 hour ago, californiagold said:

Does this new Minelab vlf having any kind of visual target identification while using All metal mode? 

I sent an email inquiry to Minelab and got this response:

“Yes it does. Minelab will be releasing further product details about this within the next couple of weeks.”

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whitebutler    226

Is there a release date? What is the definite price tag? Like the 19" there were a few different things posted about them.

 It's hard when there is a release of a new product when so many see and perceive things differently. I like to know facts and get things in order so I may make the right and educated purchase of said product. 

I thank Steve for being forthright and bringing facts to us.

All the other garbage I've read in this machine makes me a bit confused. 

Thank you Steve for your work. 

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Steve Herschbach    7,843

Numerous dealers are taking orders at USD$799.00, not just one or two, but a lot of them, so I have to believe this is what they have been told is the "sell price" by Minelab. They are also quoting shipping dates of April 2017.

My serious advice to everyone - be calm. What you have is pre-release information, and details are promised in the next week or two. You can't get a machine until April at the earliest. So sit back and relax. I promise whatever gets posted on this forum is by and large the earliest confirmed accurate information you can get, though some dealers do now and then jump the gun and post things before they are supposed to. I do not, ever, so that might mean having to wait a bit longer here to get the straight scoop. Once you see it here however you can pretty much take it to the bank.

Honestly though, if you just look at the control panel and read what has been stated about the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 so far, I doubt there is much room for a lot of extra super duper secret information. This is not a complicated metal detector.


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Reno Chris    1,102

Minelab Is showing demo units at the GPAA gold shows. So if you're going to the Phoenix show in about a month you will be able to see one there.

Plenty of information on the new detector will be available in not too much longer.

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Mxt Sniper    56

I saw the Monster 1000 at the Pleasanton Gold Show a couple weeks back, they didn't appear to be demo'ing it, the gal in the booth had no technical information on it either, said it was too new. I did like the looks of it, nice combo of coils too. For me to get interested it would have to equal my GB2 in detection ability, Would be handy to have a grab and go tiny gold detector which requires very little adjustment as you hunt. I get tired of thumbing the GB control in the alkali soils every couple ft.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Reno Chris
      I took a friend out for a couple days in central Nevada to some hard rock mines (just got back). He got his first gold specimen with a GB2 within a couple hours, several more afterward and some more really nice ones  the following day. I got some nice pieces using the Gold Monster 1000. The GM100 is actually a really good machine on the dumps for picking out specimens. The very effective discrimination did a fine job of eliminating all the nails and other bits of iron trash so common in old hard rock dumps. Look for a more detailed article on using the GM 1000 to scan old hard rock dumps maybe as a treasure Talk feature or in the ICMJ magazine or both . Hard rock mines are overlooked by many prospectors and they have real potential. Its interesting that we got both pieces where the gold was quite yellow and others where it was silver rich and very much in the electrum range. The gold rich stuff tended to be more platy and the silver rich electrum was more wiry. Fun to pick this kind of thing off an old mine dump - this is a nice specimen of wiry, silver rich electrum gold - the gold comes out the back side of the specimen as well, so it goes clear through. You know the old miners didn't intend to throw this stuff away.

    • By Ridge Runner
      The odd thing is some GM 1000 work great out of the box. Then others have trouble with the small coil. But then you have people like me and a few others have trouble with both coils.
      It would be interesting to know if Minelab has more than one plant where GM 1000 comes together. Then too if Minelab had to buy their electronics from another company that could of been substandard without knowing it.
      This wouldn't be the first time a top name company got the shaft unknowing what they were buying was substandard.
      How many of you have sent your GM 1000 in to Minelab ?
    • By AU_Solitude
      So I rolled the dice and picked up a Monster even though I am well aware of the potential coil problems. I know Steve, Chris, and many others who are vastly more experienced than myself have reviewed the detector but I thought I'd document my first six hours of use here as I am more of a novice. 
      Things I Like:
      Build quality - most of the photo's online make this almost look like a child's toy, fortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth and I really love the cam-lock system. Not quite as portable - or quickly deployed - as say the SDC, but I can break it down and fit it and the SDC in a 30L weekend pack. Very adaptable. Automatic ground tracking - As a fairly new prospector I love this for one reason - it eliminates the human element of error. I can use old standbys like the GB II fairly well, adjusting with my thumb as I go, and doubtless manual ground balancing is an edge under certain circumstances, but occasionally my mind wanders and needless to say I know personally I'm not getting optimal depth 100% of the time with manual ground balance. Speaker volume - love the adjustments here; I can dial it down when in the middle of nowhere or crank it when working near water (Headphones see below.) Iron/Gold Probability - I dug probably 200+ targets in six hours, the only time the discrimination was off initially was on a few square nail bits, and it pegs very strong gold on graphite hunks. All hot rocks I encountered swung to the iron probable side occasionally crossing over a little. Things I don't like:
      Lack of 1/4" headphone jack - I like using headphones and while I can get an adapter for the 3.5, my favorites are 1/4" and it's just one more cog in the works to bug out. Threshold - this is going to take some getting used to. I actually ran most of the time in auto+ just to get some noise.  
      All in all I am happy - I'll probably honestly keep this as my sole gold VLF and sell off the others. It's still a new machine, but I have not experienced any of the falsing or bump issues that seem to be so prevalent here on the web. I have ZERO issues with tracking out targets - as long as you maintain a wide, slower, swing speed over the target it doesn't seem to be an issue. 
    • By Dallas
      I just bought the monster 1000 have you work AZ yet with your 1000
    • By Northeast
      Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). 
      Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). 
      Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish.  Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys.  Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too.   
      Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change.  Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with.  
      A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin.  And one nice little specie 👍🏻  Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it.  
      Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )

    • By Andyy
      Here's a question to the GM owners .... will large coil still pick up down to 1 grain tiddlers?  (at the surface)  Or is that where you need to switch over to the 5" coil?  Thx all.