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The Latest On The Deus V4 High Frequency Gold Coils

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Rivers rat    72

did you guys watch that one:???



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Steve Herschbach    7,478

No, I had not seen that yet - thanks for posting. Definite signal increase going from 14 kHz to 53 kHz. I would expect it to be even more pronounced on smaller items.

Also note the latest advertising is saying the top frequency on the 9" round coil is 59 kHz, the old early release informations said 55 kHz, and the actual control setting in this video show 53 kHz. It is honestly not enough difference to matter but they need to get their act together on clarifying what the exact frequencies are that will be shipping to people. I would not worry about it personally but some people might get up in arms if told 59 khz and then receive a coil operating at 53 khz. I have seen complaints over far less important things.

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Rivers rat    72

I agree with you Steve not too sure what s happening there one of my mate work in a shop in France and will test it all day tomorrow or Wednesday he is a skilled detectorist maybe the best i know and will feed me with some objective feedbacks.



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Hobo    57

Is it possible that the round coil is 59 kz and the eliptical is 53, dosen't seem likely to me, but what do i know.?

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Steve Herschbach    7,478

Go back to the beginning of this thread - the elliptical is being quoted at 81 kHz.


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Tnsharpshooter    140

Well, I'm surprised an Xp public relations person(s) haven't come forward with the real low down on their equipment.

They do need one.

USA market I think has been good to them,,,they should be giving us things straight from the horse's mouth.

This shouldn't be coming from dealers either.

But looks like we have to take what we can get.

Step up Xp.

Not that many forums in USA,,to copy and paste some real info to.

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Hobo    57

Guess I missed that!.   Thanx.

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Ridge Runner    413

Some time back I put my name on a email list of XP Deus to receive all the hot news coming out the door.

Well grab hold on something because it's hot.

They said the V.4 would be out soon.

Now how exciting is that ?

I don't know why but I think I've heard this before!



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DetectingMO    13

I didn't realize they made the XY screen a standard option and added ID and ground Numbers to the screen.  This is the best V4 addition IMO.  Pin Pointer looks very impressive as well with or without a Deus.

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Steve Herschbach    7,478

Yeah, coin and relic people have been down a bit on the V4 upgrade but when you add it all up there is a lot there, even for those using the standard coil. I am not sure how useful the XY display is in practice but it is slick.

1 New XY Display
Within the Profile menu is the XY screen option, the XY is an oscilloscope display and can be used as the main screen. The XY display may offer a better visual discrimination aid for certain targets that do not have a specific signature, such as certain large ferrous items, bottle caps etc. The display resolution of the XY trace has 10 levels of magnification thanks to a Zoom function accessible by pressing the Pinpoint button for 2 seconds.


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  • Similar Content

    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Published on Aug 4, 2017 - Testing the new Deus HF elliptical coil against the Garrett AT Gold on a gold earring.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      This post here for folks interested in Xp Deus, new users of detector and anyone else desiring more information.
      Goal here is to make this more of a one stop shop for folks looking for information concerning Xp Deus.

      I highly encourage all to read the version 4.0 manual.
      It can be found online.
      A lot of Deus units received by folks may indeed have 3.x manuals provided with their units.
      After you use your new unit, go back reread portions of the manual.
      And again repeat this.
      It will take more than a few times to comprehend all.
      And some in field use and testing will go a long ways in understanding some of what is stated in manual.
      Deus is not a dead quiet running unit!!!!
      It will chirp, if used to detect.
      Don't be trying to get it not to chirp.
      Deus, the way it IDs targets is a break away from tradition here when compared to most other Vlf detectors.
      A person air testing their units, this air testing (as it relates to ID) don't paint true pic of how Deus actually works in the field.
      A lot of what Deus can do, how it will sound, how it will react,,,these tendencies can be mimicked a great deal with on top of the ground tests using nonferrous objects and item made of ferrous commonly found while detecting.
      Navigation of unit needs to be mastered.
      The only way to do this  is to navigate, and peek around.
      Especially under the expert tabs.
      Mineralization meter.
      New users should heed the data this meter provides to user.
      It can and will affect some settings as far as performance.
      Ground balance
      User has options.
      KISS priinciple should be applied here.
      A pumping GB over clean ground to start off with.
      Understand the icons for pairing of devices as depicted on remote (if applicable)
      Understand the 2 boxes where ground phase data is supplied.
      Be mindful of silencer setting, this setting can be changed on its own, depending on selected reactvity setting chosen.
      Understand some audio volume while over deeper targets can be had with audio report levels 5 and higher.
      Deus disc layout is not your typical disc layout.
      If offers disc settings expressed in tenths with some settings.
      New users IMO should steer away from all metal modes of detector excluding the use of pinpoint function.
      Users should study the factory program settings depicted toward the rear of manual.
      Users should learn what the term Vdi normalization means, and by turning this feature off,,,know how both means affect detector readings, and find out any advantages by using one setting or the other.
      Understand Deus doesn't have a depth meter per SE,,,but does offer other means to judge depth (generally on coin sized objects).
      Understand the notch feature.
      It's use and affects  is not exactly what a person would think, due to the way Deus IDs targets in the field.
      When asking others for Deus advice,,,you should provide you soil mineral levels generally found in your sites.
      Like refer to mineralization index meter readings as low scale, mid scale or 3/4 scale.
      Deus will behave differently here depending on what the index meter says.
      Users should learn  how to marry their components themselves.
      Very good chance your deus detector will arrive with all components married to one another.
      Pay very close attention to proper charging instructions as far as how the charging clip is connected.
      I think this information above.
      Will get a person on their way.

      Here is link with summary of what version 4 brings.
      Here is link with actual Deus V4 users manual.
      http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/telechargement/Instruction manual/DEUS_V4_MANUAL_UK.pdf
      Now these links, when read and studied may cause  some folks to asked some questions.
      By all means ask.
      With the talent of folks that visits and or post on this forum, you'll likely get an answer.

      Folks will notice the Deus Lite package.
      This is package without remote.
      Here is some info shedding light on the Deus Lite package.
      You may see this referred to as Starter Pack.
      Here is what you have access to via wireless headphone module.
      Factory program number selection
      Remember some of the slots will be blank--- due to no upload
      Ground balance-- only manual-- no tracking or pumping like you would have with remote
      Number of tones,, to include pitch and full tones
      Sound volume
      Coil selection-- in case you have more than one coil
      So you can see from above,,,you won't have access to the following,, remote purchase allows the following settings changes
      Tone break setting
      Tone freq setting
      Ground notch
      Iron vol adjustment
      Auto ground tracking
      Pumping GB option
      Vdi normalization option
      Xy screen option
      Update version option,, or downgrade version option
      Tx power setting
      Freq shift
      Overload setting
      Pinpoint function
      All metal mode(s) selection
      I think this is most of what you miss with wireless headphone module use ONLY.
      Additional comments  here.
      A person purchasing a Deus package without remote.
      They can use another person's remote and infact update their headphone module  and coil.
      They can by using someone's remote, actually program their setup with programs that entail making changes to the settings outlined above.  (Remote only viewable/adjustable settings)
      If a user does this, they will not have a way to actually view (or change) these settings, but the settings will be felt by user when detecting.
      So a person would need to write down their settings per slot number on remote to remember which settings apply.

      Here's a link with multiple videos talking about Deus.

      MI-6 pinpointer users manual
      Xp classroom and skills center videos.
      To conclude here.
      Deus with latest released High Frequency coils looks to have made the Deus a better gold nugget finder.
      So even though this post is in the coin and relic section, gold nugget hunters may find this info useful too.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The new Deus HF elliptical coil has just slightly smaller dimensions than the 10" Gold Bug 2 coil. The Gold Bug 2 coil is solid and the Deus coil is an open web design. Even more important, the GB2 coil is a concentric as are all Gold Bug 2 coils. The Deus coil is a DD coil. This means the Deus has a more complex response on small shallow targets than the GB2 coil but the DD design may have advantages in more mineralized ground over the GB2 concentric coil.