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    • By Steve Herschbach
      The reality here is there are a lot of great do it all detectors that are fabulous for jewelry detecting. A lot waterproof beach detectors are for all intents and purposes jewelry detectors.
      Yet as many people as there are for whom jewelry is the number one thing, I do not recall any company ever selling a detector that specifically targeted that market.
      White's has a leg up in a way in my opinion. The DFX with BigFoot is my favorite park and field jewelry detector. The Big Foot coil is a large part of that, but the DFX 15 kHz raw "un-normalized" mode is hot on jewelry and the SignaGraph is one of the best jewelry hunting digital displays ever designed in my opinion.
      I think there is a market for a premium price machine sporting a BigFoot type coil, running in a native 15 kHz type range. This does cause coin responses to lump up on the high end but spreads out responses on various aluminum items, allowing certain pull tabs etc to be better identified, and if need be, ignored. There has to be an ability to notch items, especially on the high end. One thing I do not like is machines with discrimination schemes that assume you are looking for coins and do not allow the high end to be blocked out. If I am cherry picking for gold jewelry, it is the high end coin range I am likely to block out, not anything in the low end.
      A stripped down DFX would be the ticket, or, if White's does not want any new metal box designs, something similar in the MX Sport package.
      Tesoro could easily come out with a machine that used a Cleansweep coil mated to a properly designed Golden uMax if they went for a tone based unit. Or, a machine with dual disc controls. One knob starts at the bottom and eliminates items as you turn it up, just like a normal disc knob. But I want a second knob that starts at the top end, and eliminates items into the coin range as you turn it down. These two knobs could either be straight forward reject item controls, or better yet, set the break point for three tones. Turning the one knob up sets the low to med tone break, and the other knob the med to high tone break.
      I tried to get Makro to make a BigFoot coil, but nothing has come of it so far. Mated to a Racer 2 you would have a great unit. An X-Terra 705 in native 18.75 kHz mode with a BigFoot/Cleansweep would do the trick. A Fisher F44 with a Cleansweep coil - water resistant!
      The key to all this is name the machine so that people know it is a jewelry detector, and sell it as a jewelry detector. The Jewelry Finder Extreme (JFX)! Given that nobody makes a BigFoot right now Tesoro could do this with more or less off the shelf parts if they desired, and it would help freshen up their lineup.

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      One thing I have never heard talked about I don't think.
      Is does what we see as far as reaction to differing targets' conductivity (and size) wise using discrimination with Vlf metal detector,,when using different frequencies,,,does this carry over to the All Metal side of the house???
      In terms of separation and depth,,,with all other things being equal.
      Solo sitting nonferrous targets,,deeper,,,does frequency make a difference? Is it as critical as when using discrimination side of detector??
      Just maybe the reason,,this has not been addressed is because there aren't that many detectors that can toggle to different frequencies while wearing the the same coil.
      I plan to be running AM next week weather permitting,,,and could use any and all worthy info maybe to help me.
      I have used all metal,,not a whole lot,,,certainly not with Xp Deus,,,I can't keep it tuned.
      Would like to hear some folks weigh in here,,,and besides this new Impact detector is right around the corner for some.
      They may could use some worthy info too like me.
    • By Sajuu
      Hi steve Herschbach Sir
      Hope you are good
      Sir i want to buy metal detector that can detect upto 15 feet
      I belong to pakistan 
      Here the soil is mineralized
      Some people suggested me GPZ 7000
      Some suggested the jeo hunter 3d dual pack (made in turkey)
      I have also searched the BR Royal Analyzer Basic which is launched recently in 2017 
      Sir i want the best detector thats why i need your help 
      Pls suggest me the best detector .
      Waiting for your reply Sir
    • By Zampano
      Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me in understanding this.
      In all the forums we are told "If you go for gold you need to dig it all". And it says that – depending on ground conditions and depth plus surrounding targets – you may never be sure if it is aluminum or gold catching your detectors attention.
      IF this is true, why should anyone invest in gear like a Minelab CTX 3030 (which is what I am about to do...). Why not a simple Garrett AT PRO.... and why not a PI machine?
      I am aware of higher freqs = better for gold, lower freqs = more depth. And I am aware that every product has it's special strengths. But this does not answer the blunt question for me of why investing in fantastic ID capabilities if it's not worth it in practice.
      Thanks much for your piece of advice!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Like a lot of people I like keeping up on the latest and greatest. I am always on the lookout for something new in detecting.
      However, now that we have several forums I have been thinking about what constitutes a prospecting detector these days as opposed to machines made for coin or relic detecting.
      It is obvious that any detector specifically marketed as a prospecting detector is of interest on this forum. Ones where the advertising clearly is all about gold prospecting.
      The problem is mostly with VLF detectors and the fact that nearly any decent VLF detector made these days can double as a prospecting metal detector. Machines designed to run in the "teens" from 13 kHz to 19 kHz are overrunning the market. Most are marketed as general purpose machines. Sure, you can also use them for prospecting, but there is nothing in particular about them that makes them of special interest to prospectors.
      Two recent example on the forum; the Nokta Impact and the Rutus Alter 71. These are two new entries that run up to 20 kHz and 18.4 kHz respectively, and which can be used for prospecting along with the other uses the machines were designed for. However, neither of these detectors is being marketed specifically to prospectors but are aimed mostly at coin and relic hunters.
      I don't care too much where threads start out. This forum software is really great and just keeps getting better. I can move threads around easily, and I can leave a thirty day temporary link pointing to the new location. An example right now is my moving the Nokta Impact thread from the Detector Prospector Forum to the Metal Detecting For Coins & Relic Forum.
      In general from now on most new threads on VLF detectors will get started in the Coin & Relic Forum, or, after they start here, get moved when interest wanes on  the DP Forum.
      Exceptions will be VLF type detectors that really are marketed specifically for prospecting, or which have exceptional capability in that regard. I do not consider machines running at 20 khz or lower to be rare any more. However, any VLF detector that offers 30 kHz or higher is exceptional still and so will get my interest as a possible nugget detector.
      No big deal and nothing anyone need worry about. I will keep stuff sorted out but just wanted people to know what the rationale is behind some of the moves.
    • By jjm861
      Well, it is that time of year that I always get the itch to by a new detector.  I am primarily a beach hunter here in So. Cal., so I have owned most of the latest and greatest detectors that are suitable for wet sand.  The CTX 3030, E-trac, CZ 21, Dual Field, ATX, TDI SL just to name a few.
      Here are my thoughts....regardless of brand, there is little discernible difference between high end multi frequency machines.  The same goes for pulse machines, no real performance difference say between a TDI SL and a Dual field.  
      With that said, I am going to hold off buying any new detectors for a awhile.  It is my opinion only that current pulse and VLF technology has reach its limits. Again, I am referencing technology for beach hunting and maybe even coin shooting.  I will be in the new detector market only when new technology offers one of two things:
      1. When a multi-frequency (discriminating) machine can cut through black sand like a pulse (or)
      2. When and if a true discriminating pulse detector becomes available.
      What are your thoughts?