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I appreciate people posting relevant links - what would the Internet be without links?

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    • By Ridge Runner
      I don't believe it's necessary to say the name of any detector.
      I do find if I swing with the right hand on some detectors all is well. Then others would be best if in the other hand.A lot has to do with what side the controls are on. Like some you find them on the side of the control box. Then others it has to do with the headphones and where they plug in. I dislike a detector that don't come with a stand. It don't go out the door until I make something to keep it off the ground.
      I think the best for all is when you find the controls above your hand and can be seen in either.
      Tell me if you find yourself standing on the wrong side of your detector. Just maybe yours is user friendly.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Really short video that illustrates a very basic difference between VLF and PI nugget detecting. It is not so much that a PI finds gold better but but that a PI ignores ground and hot rocks that make a VLF go nuts.
    • By Rivers rat
      I think thats is really cool
      Imagines a xterra on prospecting mode int hose rich gravel rivers..................................
      A Explorer 2 waterproof is really good too..
    • By MikePfeiffer
      I am writing this in hopes that some metal detector manufacturers will read this and see what is wanted by the people in the field.
      What manufacturer to you think is on the leading edge? (why)
      What manufacture do you think needs a wake up call?
      What is your favorite all purpose detector? (coin, jewelry, and relic)
      What is your favorite prospecting detector?
      What do you wish the manufacturers would incorporate in new machines?
      I am not going to answer the question as I do not feel my knowledge base is at the level of the people on this forum. I still use a 30 year old detector. Everything I have read shows that this forum has the highest knowledge base of ones I have seen. Add any additional question that you think may be of interest.
    • By Ringmoney
      I wont mention the brand for fears of any bias against the manufacturer. This is one for the tech heads on here, what does the following quote mean to you, is there any substance in it?
      Now here is one for the nugget hunters on here, how does this compare to existing top of the line gold detectors?
    • By Rick Kempf
      Fisher made it clear (accidently) a long time back what their new gold machine would be - it would utilize more than one frequency at a time. It will process signals in ways not done before. It will require fewer controls. It will provide new modes of operator feedback.
      Unfortunately the 2016 release date which was shown on the "leaked" information was not met.  
      Why does it take so long - what are they waiting for?  Here's something their Chief Designer, Dave Johnson posted a while back about the pace of detector development.
      It's a compromise between what marketing department wants to sell, and what engineering department is capable of delivering. Some products require years of development of new technology before they're ready to sell-- for example, the CZ was ten years between initial concept and product introduction, and the development process went through 18 different prototype designs.