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Minelab Service Rep Seems Is Watching At Least Some Forums

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2 hours ago, Rick Kempf said:

Detector companies are cursed with customers who want to use their products for 20 years. 

The customers are not to blame. The reason this doesn't happen as much in other tech industries is because they innovate more, create new products that make the old products obsolete more often, and as a result have a customer base that is always looking forward to buying a new model and getting rid of the old one, not repairing it.

Also, the detector industry doesn't really decrease the prices on their older models by much unless they are about ready to retire them. There are still detectors from the 90's, 25 years old, selling for the same price or more as when they were released, and still competitive with new releases today performance-wise. In the computer world you can get 1-2 year old stuff for huge discounts, so people with 5 year old stuff have a big motivation to upgrade and stay relatively current. Something older than 10 years is often worthless.

I still use the same 2 detectors I started with 10 years ago. Just no reason to upgrade because no company is giving me one. Give me a reason (price and performance) and I'll never look back. Granted, the detector market is smaller than say computers or phones. But it's not as small as some people think either, it's big enough to support innovation, Minelab is a prime example.

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 One would think that the cost of the top of the line nugget detector being over $10,000.00 (GPZ with both coils) would encourage some viable competition. That would in turn would force Minelab to improve build quality and customer service (or claim 50% more depth*). But I haven't even heard any rumors of a competitive detector.

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