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Kudos To Steve Here On His Forum

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Yup.... No doubt about it. This is a great forum and well put together.

I find it very user friendly. 

Thank you for all your hard work Steve.

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      New Member Signup - Click Here!      Lost Password - Click Here!
      Forum Tips & Tricks
      Welcome to the Detector Prospector forum! Anything remotely related to metal detecting and prospecting may be posted here as this is the general discussion forum. Forums for other subjects may be found here. The main goal here - to inform and educate. Please keep threads and posts on topic (metal detecting and prospecting). Off topic posts may be moved or deleted without warning.
      The main goal of the forum is to share information. If you see something interesting on another forum or anywhere else, please link to it. Mention any brands you like. The only goal here is to inform and anything interesting or informative is not only allowed but desired as long as it is on topic.
      While visiting this forum please act as if you are visiting my home. Treat others with decency and respect. Politics is not strictly prohibited but limit it to items of concern such as public meeting notices, comment periods, etc. No detector wars - every detector serves a purpose for somebody. For general editorial purposes this forum is treated as if it is a magazine.

      A note about the Google Ads - I know we all hate ads but they pay for the website. All I can do is to promise not to go overboard with them. Special Note To Dealers - Dealers are welcome here, with minimal guidelines. Please read My Policy Regarding Dealers
      If you have problems logging in or any other issues while on the forum Personal Message (PM) me or send me an email. Information on other general forum use and features can be found here.
      Steve Herschbach
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Ok, time to out myself. I am self declared promoter and cheerleader for all things metal detecting. I may appear at times to promote a certain brand, but simply Google me and study a bit and you will see I promote all reasonably good brands. It has nothing to do with brands. Ultimately, I am a consumer advocate and do what I can to foster competition and innovation in the marketplace. It is all for very selfish reasons - I want the best metal detectors possible to be put in my very own hands before I get too old to use them anymore.
      I have always tried to the best of my ability to treat all the manufacturers fairly and with an even hand in commentary because I very much want to influence them if possible. Being too much on any one team would hurt me by limiting my access to the other team. Bashing anyone at all in an unreasonable way is self defeating, so the trick is to try and offer critical commentary without being rude about it.
      You are all part of this. This forum had a specific goal by design of trying to attract the most knowledgeable detector users possible. Hand in hand with that is an insistence on polite, reasoned discourse.
      I can tell you for a fact most manufacturers look on the forums as a Wild West show at best, and it you are honest the behavior exhibited on many forums should embarrass us all as a community. Why should manufacturers listen to a bunch of bickering children casting insults at one another? Or those who say that they, the manufacturers, are stupid dull idiots?
      I am sure this forum gets watched by more manufacturers now than most, purely because there are some smart people here providing some smart commentary. That means that you, the forum member, have a certain degree of influence, but only if you present yourself well as a person who can put two sentences together to make a logical argument.
      Do certain things about metal detectors frustrate you? Are there things you want improved? Competition is now heating up to unheard of levels and the only manufacturers that are going to win are the ones who start listening to their customers more than they ever have before.
      Be part of my plan and get on my team as being a person to provide and offer commentary on what detector products do well and why. What do you like, what don't you like? Do it in a professional - that is the key - as professional a manner as possible, and I believe I can promise your desires and concerns will get seen by people who can make a difference.
      You do have a little power here. Please use it responsibly.
    • By phoenix
      I came across this site a couple of months ago and I use it all the time for resizing my photos. Way quicker than going in and resizing them with Microsoft Paint. Some how with this site you don`t even have to upload the photos. From when I dragged this photo onto the site, it was back down in my download folder about 2 seconds later. I resized it 50% so it went from 1.22mb to 292kb.   Apparently with the site you can do 150 photos in less than 60 seconds, but the most I`ve ever done in one go is 6.
      I`ll never need to resize that many photos in one go, I just don`t find that much gold 

    • By Steve Herschbach
      A member recently posted an off topic thread despite the rules saying up front "Please keep threads and posts on topic. Off topic posts may be moved or deleted without warning." Well, I did just that and the person got upset and requested their account be deleted, which I promptly did.
      So I got to wondering, am I being to draconian with the whole thing? I have no interest in changing the policy, but I could create an "Off Topic" forum where off topic things can be moved to or posted because they would no longer be violating the policy! Then people could have a go at whatever things they wish. The catch is it would be unmoderated unless I received specific serious complaints, as I have no desire to get involved in or even read lots of what people seem to love to argue about on the internet. That being the case it would be "Enter At Your Own Risk".
      Anyway, it might be a solution for those who think I am too strict. Thoughts, advice, and opinions are not only welcome but extremely important to me on this issue.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Unlike most forums this one is not beholden to any dealer or manufacturer. However, I respect many dealers as being some of the most knowledgeable people in metal detecting. To ban them here would be a bad idea. I in fact would like to attract them. I welcome any posts from any dealer intended to enlighten and inform. Any smart dealer should know people do not like overt sales. The way to go about it is show you know your stuff. Help people. Be useful.

      I also do not mind dealers advertising in the Classifieds and in fact again, I welcome it. There are limits however. First, you must identify yourself as a dealer in your ad. Second, only advertise real deals. Genuine limited time offers that people would regret not knowing about. Do not "flood" the Classifieds with ads. A few good quality listings is better than sheer volume.

      In particular, dealer ad listings for used detectors and demo units are most welcome. Offer the members of the forum real deals, and you will be appreciated.
      Dealers can be aggressive types but if so they will meet their match in me. I have very high standards for this forum and demand polite, informative discourse. Anyone wanting anything else, well, the internet is loaded with places that cater to everything else. Here, we stick to meat and potatoes.

      This site will always put regular member interest first over dealer interests. Any member who has a problem with or objects to the behavior of any dealer on the forum, please PM me with your concerns. One person complaining that a dealer did them wrong may not sway me but on the other hand I do not want to support dealers in any way that do not make a habit of going above and beyond for their customers. Since this is all an experiment I am making up as I go you can bet I will be watching like a hawk and make adjustments in practices and policy going forward as I see fit.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I have been thinking for some time how it might be nice every once in awhile to recognize somebody on the forum in a special way. I thought about doing a poll but that seemed like it could get into some kind of popularity contest with ballot box stuffing and hurt feelings so I just decided to make it simple. My forum, my pick!
      There is a guy on the forum who goes by vanursepaul. Back in March he did something that really made me sit up and take notice. He gave his White's MXT away to a total stranger on the forum! The story need not be told here and I have since wondered about the individual Paul gave the detector to, but there is no doubt it was a special act by a special person to do what Paul did. This was back in March at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/737-thank-you-to-all-the-men-and-boys-at-this-forum/?p=6731
      Further, Paul works at the VA supporting our veterans. Now, I will admit to being a peacenik of sorts and there are few if any military actions that have taken place in my lifetime that I think were worth a drop of American blood. Regardless of that however I have an very deep and abiding respect for the men and women who serve in the military. There is no doubt that having a strong military is vital to the nation, and that without the willingness and sacrifices of the men and women in uniform I would not enjoy anything like the life I have had, because of people like them willing to put their lives on the line for me. I am awed and humbled by them all. You all have my greatest respect and I thank you for the jobs you do or have done.
      That also goes very much to people like Paul who look out for the interests of our veterans in any way and at any level. There are those that have paid a serious price for serving our country and we can never do enough to help them. Thank you Paul.
      Then I saw that Paul was the first person I know of to jump on ordering a new Makro Gold Racer and it all clicked. Paul was the obvious candidate. Dilek Gonulay with Makro is my partner in crime here because she provided me with a brand new Makro Pinpointer to give to Paul for use with his new Makro detector when it arrives. There is not a more deluxe pinpointer package on the market and totally waterproof also. It comes in it's own little hardcase and even has a couple special slip on protective tips for use scraping and poking around in rough conditions.
      So I met Paul today and bought him lunch and gave him the pinpointer Dilek sent me. Thank you for the donation Dilek.

      Congratulations Paul Kirkeminde - Detector Prospector Man of the Year!