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Video Of New XP Pinpointer

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If this video is already on this forum,,,then it can be deleted here.

Anyway,,,yes this pinpointer is related to version 4 update,,,pinpointer can be used with any detector really.

A good video,,to get folks up to speed on.


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This looks sweet! XP seems to be embracing the computer age more than others. If they get into the PI market we may have a true contender for the throne!

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    • By DolanDave
      I believe Minelab is sueing XP metal detectors (over wireless detector and pinpointer applications).
    • By Chet
      GMT Pin-Pointer
      I modified my GMT to fold down and hang on my pack belt.  It works quite well with my GPZ 7000 with the monster 19” coil. If you lay the two detectors close together and manually tune the 7000 you will find a few relatively quiet EMI null frequencies.   I normally run at frequency 22. When in use I lay the 19” coil behind me or far to side of the dig site to further minimize the interference. 
      The GMT works well in the compacted length. It will still telescope out to full length for extended hunting in nail patches.
      Have a good day,

    • By Auriferous
      Auriferous: In my case contains 20388 grams/ton Au (20.4kg/ton)
      I found a single extremely high grade gold rock specimen and I am unable to locate more. Lode and Placer mining equipment would not find these other than a lode process crushing everything in the area. Specimens at these grades are worth more than the gold they contain. I do not own a metal detector but have spent a good hundred hours learning what I can about the technology and systems. 
      Cold Rock:
      I believe I need a metal detector system that is optimized to locate cold rocks (non-ferrous negative hot rocks, opposite to ferrous hot rocks). I cannot obtain a resistance reading with a multimeter that is capable of reading millions of ohms even though the gold concentration is extremely high in both the assay results and with the naked eye. To me this means it cannot be metal detected as a solid metal object (nugget) of any size. However it might hopefully be detected as a cold rock of some size.
      Ground Conditions:
      Dry and no salt. Size: Shale (loose rock) slope with a little vegetation on top of it. The size of the rocks are mostly 2 inches to 12 inches with a few larger rocks going up to about 4 feet. There is very little "gravel" size rocks (under 3/4in). This specimen is about the size of a baseball (3in/75mm diameter) that I cut in half. The other half went to the assay lab (had I known I would have sent a MUCH smaller sample size). This half of the specimen weighs 146grams. The other half that got fire assayed weighed 180grams. So the original specimen before I cut it in half weighed at least 326grams. Mineralization: The location contains very little mineralization (as in very little iron). The only sign of "iron" is decaying/oxidizing pyrite. Some of the rocks have a lot of pyrite in them. I suspect some of the "pyrite" is arsenic based (Arsenopyrite) but I have not had an assay on those to confirm. Even some of the Au found in this specimen may be rare gold pyrite (Aurostibite). Trash: There is very little "trash" (as in manmade metal objects). I would even go so far as to say no trash whatsoever but I'm sure there is something in there. Certainly no aluminum wrappers that have been shredded thru a lawn mower. ASSAY RESULTS:
      Au = 20388.2 gm/t
      Ag = >100 ppm
      Mo = 23 ppm
      Cu = 435 ppm
      Pb = 1471 ppm
      Zn = 1032 ppm
      Mn = 1446 ppm
      As = 34 ppm
      Sr = 89 ppm
      Cd = 9.2 ppm
      Sb = 39 ppm
      Bi = 891 ppm
      Fe = 5.57%
      S = 5.79%
      What Metal Detector system to use for Auriferous rocks (cold rocks)?
      If I had not made this post to get feedback, my research/learning points me to purchasing a IB/VLF system like the White's GMT with a few different search coils for the first 12 inches of depth. However I do not feel confident in that decision because maybe it should be a Fisher Gold Bug Pro instead, or something else.
      Can a deep large object metal detector (relics) work for detecting "large" cold rocks like this beyond a few feet of depth in the ground conditions described above?
      High rez pictures of this specimen that I need to find more of are attached! 

    • By Steve Herschbach

      The new MI-6 Pinpointer has a wide range of innovative features compared to other products on today’s market:
      Audio signal is transmitted directly to the DEUS Interference suppression system between MI-6 / DEUS. Lithium rechargeable battery with long battery life. Waterproof: 6 m / 20 ft. Advanced levels of adjustments via the DEUS: 50 levels of sensitivity Adjustable tones 2 audio modes Battery level indicator 4 programs MI-6 recovery mode - find a lost MI-6 even if it has been switched off for several weeks. Fast one touch pairing between the MI-6 / Deus. More information on the MI-6 advert : MI-6
      Specifications can be changed without notification.

    • By ozgold
       I Have used my ML pin pointer 100% of the time on the gold fields with great success. They do save a lot of time and guess work digging and locating targets in confined spaces. Here in oz we are going through extremely high summer temperatures with high humidity which makes for unpleasant prospecting at the moment.
      Recently I have found a new use for my pin pointer around the house. My wife wanted a picture mounted on the wall, so got the trusty pin pointer out and found the stud in the wall to fastern the mounting point to (we have a steel framed house). It got me thinking more on what I could use the pin pointer for. I was out in the chook house hunting rats with my air rifle and foxy terrier / jack Russel dog the other night and managed to get a couple. I got the pin pointer out located and surgically removed the lead slugs from the rats so I could feed them to my pet diamond python. Might be a thought for KIWIJW in NZ when hunting ducks and other birds in locating lead shot before consumption. I have read on another forum that pin pointers are also good for taking to the shop when buying non metal boots for detecting.
       I have found that detecting of any type gives me relief from the fever when I cant get out swinging !
      Cheers ozgold
    • By AuWanderer
      I have been thinking the other day as I was digging yet another deep hole with a sweet sound how I wish I could just reach for my small discriminating pin pointer. Something small like a Garrett ProPointer. I could reach for one in my back pocket and check it down in the hole and than I can decide to leave it or clean the trash out. Sure would save some  time. Sure I can modify my Tesoro silver U max and make it a stubby disc pointer, but its too big for me to carry around as I have enough on my back all ready. I don't see any sense of nugget hunters with a vlf buying one, but for PI users with a mono coil who just want a quick would be a killer accessory. The way I see it the more targets I i.d. and decide to dig or not dig the more chances of me finding gold that day....