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Video Of New XP Pinpointer

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Tnsharpshooter    175

If this video is already on this forum,,,then it can be deleted here.

Anyway,,,yes this pinpointer is related to version 4 update,,,pinpointer can be used with any detector really.

A good video,,to get folks up to speed on.


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Digger Jones    36

This looks sweet! XP seems to be embracing the computer age more than others. If they get into the PI market we may have a true contender for the throne!

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      With all the Equinox hype, these seem to have being overlooked, if true that is. I cant find anything on Minelab website.
    • By GB_Amateur
      I was a big fan of the Carrot, but then mine went on the fritz.  I sent it in 10 days ago (under warranty) so hopefully returns as good-as-new.  In the meantime I bought a White's TRX, which is about $20 more expensive.  It compensates (somewhat) on the price difference by operating more cheaply (if you go the non-rechargaeable route, anyway) on two AA's.  It will also work on a 9V, like the Carrot, but why would you want to except in a pinch?  When the carrot comes back I'll do some side-by-side comparisons.  But I've gotten used to the TRX and really like it.
    • By Norvic
      Found the pinpointer is not up to it, gave the Deus a go but it interfered (coil being on seeking RC) with the Z now will the Monster save digging those Z19 holes so big.

    • By Ridge Runner
      The Scuba Tector is made by Deteknix and is a great water detector if you are just looking for rings ( maybe ) and coins. 
      I was wondering around the net and was looking at MD-Hunter.com and here was a picture of my Scuba. I click on the picture of it and it went to three videos. I pick one of the videos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It couldn't detect gold chain. So here I go digging out gold chain i'd found in the past. It didn't make any difference being one two are all three in a ball the detector didn't see them. I pulled out some nuggets and the results was the same as in nothing coming out of the Scuba.
      Now it detects rings great and my thinking on this is because of other metals in the rings. Even at 14 K gold that's only about 65 % gold. So you can forget about finding any gold chain with the scuba Tector . If i can't detect it in a ball with two others your not going to find one laying out straight.
      Looks Good.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Received my MI-6 pinpointer today.
      A few comments.
      I have tested and used a little bit.
      Nice addition I feel to anyone operating a Deus unit.
      Will benefit both Deus lite package users as well as packages containing the remote unit.
      The pinpointer if a person has the remote, will have no problem knowing if the pinpointer is switched on or off just by glancing at the remote, not so with Deus lite package ( looking at headphone module).
      Unit easily pairs to actual Deus unit.
      Notice I said Deus Lite package above (no remote).
      This brings up a good question for dealers here, and I will be posting this actual thread on another forum where actual dealers sponsor.
      For good reason too.
      Folks who opt to purchase Deus lite package, if I am correct there, if a dealer will use an "in house" remote and pair the pinpointer for Deus lite purchaser,,the pinpointer can in fact be used in an actual interface fashion.
      And with drop shipping, yes this could be a problem.  But I think if a person looks around, maybe they can find a dealer with items in stock at dealership.
      I do have a question for Craig (detecting Mo). 
      If the pointer is paired using the remote of course for say a person who has Deus Lite unit, later on after this has transpired,,can the Deus lite owner operator,, can they actually unpair the pinpointer intentionally or accidentally, making pairing void, hence since the person wouldn't have a remote to re pair,,they would be SOL.
      Am I right here Craig with my thinking.
      I like the belt clip and how it rotates.
      I have played with the non interfaced option of using, still not ready to comment on it just yet.
      Will say for folks buying pinpointer,,and if a person is thinking of later upgrading or buying a Deus unit,, you might want to go the MI-6 route,, and yes it can be used it seems at least to the satisfactory level with any Vlf detector.
      More to come maybe.