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Good on you Chris, getting out prospecting again is good for the soul, no matter how big the piece of gold was or how arduous the journey.


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El Dorado    90

Great new on the nugget, It was a fantastic spring like day for sure

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~LARGO~    93

Hi Chris,

Good to hear you and Dad got out and enjoyed the beautiful country. Perhaps it gave he and you some quality time to refocus at least for a bit.  Take care, and keep us posted.

LARGO    AKA:  Gary Long/Boise

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matt    103

Nice Chris! Best wishes to your Dad, as I did not know about the loss your Mother. Looks like a picture from the bridge at Mineral Bar? Slater and I were out that way a few weeks ago.

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Reno Chris    1,102
3 hours ago, matt said:

Looks like a picture from the bridge at Mineral Bar?

Yup, the photo is from the bridge at mineral Bar - I wanted to stop there for a minute to see what the NF American river looked like. The last time you and I were both out detecting in the same spot, years ago, I remember you found a pretty decent one with your minelab. That same general spot is where this nugget came from, but lets not say the name of the location and keep it a secret. There are a lot of old hydraulic pits in that general area. Over the years, I've found at least a little gold in a bunch of them.

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matt    103

You are right Chris! I found 5 in less than an hour that day and one of them weighed a dwt.

Went up to Downieville last Sunday for a day trip and the rivers are running high and it looks like a lot of material has moved around. Should be a nice summer up there this year for prospecting. Too bad we can't put a dredge in the water!

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DDancer    249

Good find and fine company I say!

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  • Similar Content

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Mrs JW & I went over to the West Coast for the weekend to catch up on my mate over there. So no detecting done. But today I couldn't help myself & took Mr GB2 & the Zed for another walk this afternoon. Similar bedrock areas as the last time. First signal within the first minute down into the rotten schist.
      Couple of scrapes & it was out. So tiny.
      In the same scrape dig another sweet little zip zip
      Another little bit of gold. A tad bigger
      I decided to scrape the area over, taking off about half an inch of the rotten schist bedrock.
      Detecting as I went & filling the scrapings back in behind me. I did this working my way back towards the edge.
      Ended up with 8 little pieces of gold & not one shot gun pellet. Gee...that is a first.
      I then moved on to some other ground & got the Zed involved. Again, like last time, I swung the Zed over some deeper ground between the schist bedrock. Got a sweet little signal
      Out pops a tiny bit for the Zed. And I mean TINY.
      A faint little signal down into a schist crevice. Took a bit of scraping to finally have the target out.
      A sassy bit of gold. Ye Ha
      Down into another schist crevice.
      And another small piece of gold for the Zed
      I called it quits at this piece & wondered back to my wagon just on dark.
      All up 8 bits for MR GB2 & 3 for the Zed. A total of 11 more bits for the poke at just .72 of a gram
      Certainly not breaking any records but a fun afternoon & bugger all rubbish. Cheers.
      Good luck out there
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I was feeling sorry for my old faithful GB2 gathering cobwebs as it sat unloved/ unused, hanging up on its rack in my garage. I decided to take Mr GB2 for a walk along with Mr Zed. It was a lovely sunny afternoon & the weather is supposed to pack a sad tomorrow. So I took advantage of the fact & head out to some bedrock areas. Gosh...not even two minutes into it & Mr GB2 had his first sweet little Zip Zip.
      Could of course be a shotty pellet. But it wasn't. Cricky.....how small is that???
      A few minutes later....another sweet little Zip Zip.
      And another little piece of gold for Mr GB2
      That was it for a wee spell. So I moved on to another area of bedrock.
      Another few minutes & on to another sweet signal.
      Smashing into the bedrock & it was out.
      Just the one piece from here so moved on again. I headed to a couple of old digs from a while ago where I got a couple of pieces. Notice the opened up cervices in the schist bedrock. Both of these produced gold for me before & I got a very faint signal in that bigger one right down in the bottom of it with the GB2
      Then another wee piece next to the moss that you can see to the right in the 2nd pic above.
      There was some deeper ground in this area & that was my plan with the Zed. But the deeper ground I lucked out. I had got some nice pieces in this deeper ground with my GP 3000 but not today with Mr Zed. Bugger. So I took Mr Zed over some of the deeper gutters amongest the schist bedrock.  To my surprise I got a sweet definite little hit from waving the coil over the top of an old dead rabbit carcass. Sorry for the picture, but it was how it was.
        So I kicked the carcass aside, thinking the signal was probably a shot gun pellet in the carcass. No...there was still a signal in the ground.
      I dug down & I was still just in the top soil when the signal was out. Oh crap....just going to be rubbish.
      But no. It was a sassy bit of gold.
      Then a few crap targets before getting on to another sweet sounding hit.
      Carving into the schist bedrock & the signal was finally out. Another little piece of the good stuff. Ye Ha....
      The good old Zed...never fails to impress me with the small gold it finds on areas that I have thrashed in the past with my smaller coils on my PI's. The last gold I got from this area was with the 4500 & the Nugget Finder Advantage 14 x 9 coil. That was a small bit down pretty deep in the schist & I was blown away when I got that piece. I scanned that crevice with the Zed but there was no more. That was in fact my last bit for the afternoon. Dark wasn't far away & I had a bit of a walk back to my wagon. So I headed off.
      5 for Mr GB2 & blew off the cobwebs & it still proves it has what it takes & 2 for Mr Zed. Grand total of .66 grams for a fun few hours.
      Cheers guys
      Good luck out there
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Seems like anyone that uses a Gold Bug 2 much flips that iron disc switch back and forth so much it eventually gets loose. There were also periods when the proper star washer did not get used at the factory, and they got loose real quick!
      The fix is easy. There is a large shallow nut that holds the coil connection fitting in place below the battery doors. Remove this nut and washer. Of course the coil must also be disconnected.

      Now grab the ground balance knob on the control panel and wiggle until the control panel pops loose in the housing. Pull the control panel and guts carefully out a couple inches. There are wires leading from the circuit board to the battery compartments and threshold knob so take it easy. I usually just pull out far enough to be able to see the nut on the backside of the disc switch inside the control box.

      If you look at the iron disc switch on the control panel above you will see the round portion has flat sides. You need a tiny wrench to grab hold of this. There is also a loose nut on the backside (that's why the switch is loose) that you can turn with a tiny wrench or a firm grip with needle nose pliers. If the lock washer is missing you can't add one without desoldering wires, so the best bet is to just add a tiny drop of loctite and firm everything up.
      Now reseat the control panel, lining the coil connector up properly with the hole, and reinstall the large washer and nut. Job done!
    • By Sourdough Scott
      I know it is really early in the bout. But possibly is the new kid on the block going to knock out the reining champion of many many years in the gold nugget VLF sport? 
      I'm hearing so many good things about the GM 1000. And I'm really leaning on getting one soon. Hearing so many good reports from " Average Joe" dectectorists. 
      I have had way more experience and success with Minelab detectors than any other brands. So I guess I speak Minelabbian better than anything else. 
      My gut feeling thinks that we might be crowing a new Welterweight Champ. 
      I guess time will tell????? 
    • By Swifty
      Southern California Desert, GPZ 7000, settings high yield, normal ground, high smoothing, sens @9 rest at default. It was very windy so the audio is a  no go.
    • By brogansown
      A little over a week ago I received my repaired Gold Bug 2 back from Fisher in El Paso.  I thought my threshold knob was bad, but Felix at Fisher said it was the ID and Mineralization toggle switches-probably from years of dirt build-up.  They replaced the toggles, checked out the calibration and cleaned it.  Turn around time, shipping included, was less than three weeks. We took it out four days ago and got this .7 gram nugget in shallow gravels on bedrock.
      To preclude the problem from happening again I bought a thin neoprene washer and cut a round disc using a Henry rifle cartridge.  After slicing a tiny x in the center of the discs with an Exacto knife they slipped tightly over the toggles.  Not pretty but I think this will work.