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Good on you Chris, getting out prospecting again is good for the soul, no matter how big the piece of gold was or how arduous the journey.


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Great new on the nugget, It was a fantastic spring like day for sure

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Hi Chris,

Good to hear you and Dad got out and enjoyed the beautiful country. Perhaps it gave he and you some quality time to refocus at least for a bit.  Take care, and keep us posted.

LARGO    AKA:  Gary Long/Boise

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Nice Chris! Best wishes to your Dad, as I did not know about the loss your Mother. Looks like a picture from the bridge at Mineral Bar? Slater and I were out that way a few weeks ago.

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3 hours ago, matt said:

Looks like a picture from the bridge at Mineral Bar?

Yup, the photo is from the bridge at mineral Bar - I wanted to stop there for a minute to see what the NF American river looked like. The last time you and I were both out detecting in the same spot, years ago, I remember you found a pretty decent one with your minelab. That same general spot is where this nugget came from, but lets not say the name of the location and keep it a secret. There are a lot of old hydraulic pits in that general area. Over the years, I've found at least a little gold in a bunch of them.

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You are right Chris! I found 5 in less than an hour that day and one of them weighed a dwt.

Went up to Downieville last Sunday for a day trip and the rivers are running high and it looks like a lot of material has moved around. Should be a nice summer up there this year for prospecting. Too bad we can't put a dredge in the water!

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Good find and fine company I say!

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  • Similar Content

    • By AuWanderer
      Did my choirs all morning and by noon time thought I'd go out for a quick hunt. The days have been nice and cool, ground soft after a few days rain so I went to the usual spots I have been clearing up of iron trash and nuggets. After about 2 hours of wandering, paying attention to my swing speed and listening very carefully I got this sweet mellow tone...along the bank of a small creek, digging down about 7 inches I found this sweet little nugget 1.47 grams. 

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, It has been a couple of weekends since I was able to head out for a detect. My eldest son, his wife & their little 8 month old son (my grandson, Archie) came down for a 6 day long weekend to stay with us two weeks ago.

      Smile for grand dad.

      Cute little bugger....just like his grand dad.

      Saturday just gone I headed off & finally was able to get into an area that had been out of bounds for over a month due to lambing ewes. Ye Ha...they had gone. So I headed on over to a far gully where I had never missed coming home with gold since my GP 3000 days. My last stint in here was with the Zed & the conservative settings, which had produced for me. Now that I am dialed in to the hotter settings & got my head around the extra noise with sensitivity up to 18-20, high yield & normal I have been dying to get back into this area. Oh no....I had left my phone at home on the charger in my early morning rush out the door to beat the heat. I had also taken my drone to get some footage of some further away gorges & gullies to scope out there possibilities. Save me a long walk & a lot of time. No phone....no fly the drone....damn Also no photos
      I ended up getting 13 pieces of tiny gold. 10 with the Zed & 3 with the GB2. Nothing bigger at depth which is what I was hoping & what I have been getting with the hotter settings. Not today though, bugger.

      I was detecting by 7.30 am & didn't stop until 3pm. Had a late lunch & then decided to go for a bit of a walk to one of these gorges. Saw a few prospect holes here & there but nothing to show any serious activity. It was nice to get into the shade of the gorge & out of the heat. I then walked up to the top of a spur & looked down into the next gorge. I didn't bother walking down into it but just had a look with my binoculars. Didn't see anything to excite me & it was stinken hot so I then packed it in & headed home at 7pm.
      Next day Mrs JW was keen to go exploring. We decided to stay local & went up the Arrow river which involves many river crossings in the 4WD. The river is for a lot of the trip the road. At the end of the "road" is Macetown, an old gold ghost town which initially was alluvial gold but then gold bearing quartz reefs were discovered & worked for many years. We hadn't planned to go that far & on a shady inside bend I decided to set up the sluice box.

      I wasn't holding my breath on getting much....if anything as we haven't had a good flood in ages to replenish the flood gold. Being a public recreational fossicking area it is thrashed & every other bend we went past had some one set up doing just what we were doing. I hadn't done this form of gold finding for a couple of years. It was nice to be in the cool but my rock wrestling days are over.
      I ended up putting two classified buckets of material thru & saw nothing. Mrs JW lurking in my dig hole.

      The Arrow has a lot of iron sand & hot rocks. I had a play with the Gold Monster & GB2. Being use to running both of these flat out I had to back off settings to get rid of the iron sand & hot rocks so that counted out any hope of getting gold. I did get some rusty iron junk....which is all I expected to get in this hugely worked river back in the gold rush days. A lot of sluicing & high terrace sluicing was carried out for years. So lots of old timer trash. The original river bed is a long was down, having been buried with heaps of sluiced tailings.
      I decided to head up to an area that was discovered a few years ago now that is way up high above the river. It has been thrashed by many people both by bagging material & throwing it off the cliff down to the river below & put through sluice boxes, & by detectorists.  It is on the edge of some old high terrace workings of either an old ancient much bigger river system, or glacial material. I found numerous small pieces with the SDC 2300 about three years ago. Hadn't been back since & by the looks of the steep climb up to here & the growth over the track it didn't look like there had been much activity for a while. I took up the Gold Monster & the GB2. There was a large prospect dig that someone had done since I was last up here. I had a go with the GB2 but got nothing.

      Moved on to the "old" worked area & it had had a bit more work done on it since I was last here.  Wasn't long with the GB2 that I got a faint little hit operating in full max sensitivity, low mineralisation & audio boost.

      Tiny typical GB2 gold

      These pics show how much material has been removed to expose the schist bed rock.

      The river way down below


      In this photo you will see high sluiced workings across on the other side of the river top center of pic.

      The lead of gold ran from those workings through to where I am detecting ( so crossed the river or more to the point the river has cut through the ancient run of gold & behind me is another large sluiced area which I will show after this next pic. Which is a zoomed up pic of the distant workings & shows two very high pinnacles that didn't break down under the hydrolic monitor. You can see the shadows, like a sundial pointing to 4 o'clock.

      The sluiced workings just behind where I was detecting. They are at the same elevation of the workings across the other side of the river & they actually continue on past a side creek that flows into the Arrow River to the right of this pic. After that the run of gold was lost & there was no further same type material.

      I then got another very faint hit with the GB2 but on trying to retrieve it I lost it. After a bit of mucking around & spreading out there material I got the gold monster on to it, but was having to scrub the bed rock & I was getting falsing signals. I eventually got the signal into my scoop with the GM 1000. Notice Mrs JW tucked into the shadow of a bush to get out of the sun.

       Look how tiny that is. Initially found with the GB2 but recovered with the GM 1000.

      I stuck with the GM 1000 & got a very faint hit in the schist bed rock cracks.

      Another sassy tiny bit of gold

      And another


      That was it though. I was quite surprised to get anything knowing how this spot had been thrashed by more than my detectors. I know a gold bug has been up here numerous times as I spied him a few times when I came to have a look. So 4 bits he missed.
      Didn't break any records though. But a bit of fun & a bit of a novelty.

      Good luck out there
    • By vanursepaul
      Just a picture or two showing some gold from the Redding area....I moved on south a ways and will try again tomorrow.
      Too much rain up there!!!!

    • By mn90403
      I don't know who found it but they were using a 5000 and Norvic does not use it any more so ...
      you missed it!
    • By phoenix
      I`ve got a bench at home that`s been getting more and more cluttered and yesterday I decided to have a clean up. In amongst all this stuff, I came across a jar that had this speci in it. I have no memory of it, so I asked the better half about it, and she has no memory of it either, but  seeing I don`t remember it she`s claiming ownership, and that`s OK because I really don`t think it`s mine.  I recon there is at least a half a gram of gold in this piece and neither of us remember it. It may have been on the bench for 5 or 6 years 

    • By Lunk
      Had a few days to detect out at Rye Patch, Nevada before the 3-day detector training class put on by Gerry’s Detectors. The weather was perfect - sunny and low 70’s. I was keen to see how the new update would handle the alkali-rich soil in conjunction with the GPZ-19 coil. Although the ground was dry, there was still a fair bit of moaning and groaning ground response with the large coil, but Locate Patch smoothed it out quite well, and favoring a faster swing speed allowed for increased ground coverage. After 20 minutes or so of operating in the Auto Ground Balance mode to allow the detector to get a good ferrite balance to the local soil, I switched over to Semi-Auto, as there didn’t seem to be much ferrite present. I was impressed with the depth and sensitivity to the small nuggets I was finding, the deepest at 14 inches gave a reasonable signal response from the get-go. All up 9 grams between 20 nuggets. The two thin bits in the lower left were found with a quick detect using the Gold Monster 1000 on an old patch.