Testers Needed - Hot Ground

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Thanks guys, I got a lot of folks contacting me so I will edit my OG post.

RIP inbox.

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    • By mn90403
      This is an open thread for any good/bad Australian picture of gold or video adventure!
      Post away mates.
    • By Reg Wilson
      The new compact, super light PI from Ballarat, Australia. This machine uses any Minelab PI compatible mono coil and is dynamite on small as well as larger gold. It is almost totally unaffected by  EMI enabling it to be used near or practically beneath power lines. All hand built, on a limited production scale, this little beauty is creating great interest in Australia, where it can handle the highly mineralized soils. The outlet for this detector is Goldsearch, in Dunolly, Victoria, Australia.

    • By G.B.
      Quite often l have seen detectorists arrive at a new spot full of enthusiam and upon arrival jump out of the car, grab their detector and race off hurrying here and there like a headless chook swinging aimlessly in their excitement to find that first elusive bit of gold. Only to be dissapointed at the lack of gold finds and quickly ready to write the area off and move on.
      I speak from experience because l was one of those.
      However several of those spots kept calling me back. 
      And when I did return it was with a contolled enthusiam.
      Instead of jumping out of the car and racing around I took the time to look about and read the ground.
      I took the time to get the detector running smoothly and most importantly I took the time to carefully detect the area I had chosen, thouroughly working the area in a unhurried manner.
      And on most occasions I was rewarded with gold.
      Yes gold from an area I was too quick to write off initially because I was in too much of a hurry to properly access the potential that was right in front of my nose. 
      So all l can say is slow down, plan you attack and have patience and work the area properly and don't be too quick to write a spot off or you will leave it behind.
    • By G.B.
      Here is a video of the Signal Response of the GPZ 19 Coil.
      I have also tested the 14 on this patch but didn't get round to videoing that test session but when l get time l will do a follow-up vid. But l can honestly say the 19 smashed the 14 for signal response
      I'm afraid l probably had the audio about 2 units too high as l wasn't sure how well the gopro would pick the sound up.
      Settings used were JP recomended settings with a few minor adjustments to suit the conditions.
    • By LukeOzDigger
      Hey everyone, just wanted to start a new topic on Drywashing for gold in Australia.
      Here's a video of me and my mate Pete out on a quick overnighter' it's still dry enough here at the moment but finding time to get out before it starts raining might stop us from more footage this season.
      Steve' feel free to move it to a more relevant section if needed, also if others want to add info video's etc to the same topic feel free just keep the topic on Australia.
    • By G.B.
      Went out yesterday with the Zed and 19 inch coil Golden Triangle. Running Jonathan Porter recommended settings with just a couple of minor adjustments to suit the area.  Within 150 metres from car had already picked up a few shotty pellets and 22 slug. 
       I then get a low tone clear signal no double tap to this one. Clearly heard well above ground level. Is it ground noise is it a tree root nah sounds too good. 
      Dig down hit chunky fist size quartz at about 8 inches into clay signal still clear low tone but starting to get a wobble bit of a smile when the wobble came in. 12 to 14 inches deep scraping the bottom of hole out and there it is. Nice bit of gold. 
       Later placed nugget on ground and swung over it what a change in signal. Less than half the original depth before l could hear it and just a warbly pathetic scratchy signal with no low tone.  The response to the undug target absolutely smashed the response to the air test over the dug target. I'm happy. 
      I have no dout the 14 inch coil would have heard it but also have no doubt the 19 was a far better louder response than the 14 would have given from past experiences with the 14.