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Cabin Fever    170

New condition. Never used 5" GR-13 DD Coil for Macro Gold Racer.  

$65.00 with Free Priority Shipping in the US




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    • By Cabin Fever
      Someone's going to get a great deal here!  
      Makro Gold Racer, Stock GR26 5.5x10 Coil, GR40 15.5x13 Coil, GR19 7.5x4 Coil,  and GR13 5" Coil. That's close to $1200.00 worth of gear...       Everything works great and as it should. The screen has had a protector on from day one.. I screwed up the foam grip a bit by putting a custom wrap on, so its a little warped but still functional. $725.00 Shipped Free in the US only.  That's like getting all the accessory coils free!  PayPal Preferred..
      Willing to negotiate if you don't want all the coils. 

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a like new XP DEUS with 11" coil, controller, WS5 full size headphones, standard accessories, plus silicone cover for controller and cell phone style armband holder. Version 3.0 manual included (not pictured) but the unit has been updated to V4.0 so you need to download the latest manual here.
      The unit was originally purchased new 12/1/2015 and with the original receipt included has over three years remaining on the transferable factory warranty. I purchased the detector to test the new high frequency coils when they became available, so it ended up going nearly unused for over a year. What use it did have was in grassy parks and so even the scuff cover is nearly free of signs of wear. The controller and headphones still have the original protective plastic covers in place - the couple scuffs you see on the controller screen are on the plastic protector - the screens are like new. In fact for a "used" detector I don't think you will find one in better condition. Everything is packed in the original box and ready to ship.
      This model sells online for $1565.00 and you can have this one for only $1100 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details. Used Deus detectors are hard to find right now so I am firm on this price.
      Click on photos for closeup views....

    • By bado1
      Lightly used NF 12" Evo for sale. $300.00. Works perfectly
      Email- dbado1(at)hotmail.com
    • By idahogold
      "For-sale" w/2 years warranty left.....Minelab Sdc-2300-Xlnt. Cond.-bought from Rob's. only used for 1hour park detecting trips.
      Only on it 3rd set "fresh" size c duracell batterys. Rechargable's still packed in box ,,never used.
      $2650.00 comes with/ Headphone jack adapter lead
      personal check- cashiers check-wire transfer-paypal o.k.(you pay fees)
      Has the Wesd Kydex knuckle skid/protector, Very "smooth running" nice detector!
      Free Shipping lower 48! overseas can help w/ v.a.t. tax and post USPS $65
      Springs Here! Cheers, Ig 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a White's DFX300 I purchased used in 2015. It is serial number 2156-2847-047-3264 manufactured in 2012. The detector was originally outfitted with a 12" (300mm) round concentric coil. I was not a fan of this coil and replaced it with a 6" x 10" Eclipse DD coil. The coil has no scuff cover but as can be seen in the photo only has light scratching in the bottom of the coil since I normally ran this detector with my BigFoot coil (not for sale). There are no other coils included with this detector except the 6x10 DD.
      The detector is in excellent condition otherwise. The prior owner must have done some spray painting in the vicinity of the detector at some point because the pod display area has a very light red tint, just visible around the edge of the display and in the touchpad area. It is so faint as to be barely noticeable but I wanted to point it out. The tint only appears on the pod front and nowhere else on the detector that I have noticed.
      The detector comes with a Ni-Cad pack and charger but the Ni-Cad pack is near dead. There is also a AA battery holder for eight (8) AA batteries (batteries not included) that I used to power the detector - it works great with AA rechargeable batteries. A rather beat up paper copy of the Owner's Guide is included - new copies may be downloaded at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/dfx_and_dfx_300_instruction_manual.pdf
      I also have included brand new unused set of White's StarLite Headphones ($24.95) and a White's Weather Beater control box cover ($14.95).
      The DFX 300 originally sold for $1199.95 and you can have this one for only $499 $399 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details.
      White’s DFX 300 Specifications
      Brand: White’s Electronics Model: DFX 300 Intended Use: all-purpose; prospecting; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting Weight: 4 lbs Battery Type: rechargeable battery and 8xAA battery holder included Visual ID Type: LCD, backlit digital display Number of Target ID Segments: VDI Target ID number and labels; SignaGraph Number of Audio Tones: fully adjustable tone frequency settings; Mixed Mode, Silent Search and VCO Ground Balance: Automatic ground tracking; manual with Coarse and Fine GEB (Ground Exclusion Balance) setting Discrimination Type: Digital Discrimination Control; accept/reject based on VDI readings Number of Search Modes: 5 factory presets; 4 custom EEPROM modes Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 45.5 to 52.5 inches Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes, with preamp gain Coin Depth Meter: Yes; numerical reading, trigger activated Pinpoint Feature: Yes Frequency: 3 & 15 kHz together or separately Type of Circuit: VLF Multi Frequency Stock Coil Size: 12 inch Suggested Retail Price: $1,199.95 Street Price: $1,199.95 Waterproof features: coil only; fully submersible
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I bought this drysuit thinking I might be doing lots of sniping in high country rivers and streams but discovered I would rather go metal detecting than jump in the water. A modern drysuit is a thin waterproof shell that merely keeps you dry except for head and hands. The amount of thermal wear you use underneath is what determines how warm you will be. For warm water only use a set of long underwear, mostly to absorb perspiration, which can't escape the suit. The colder the water, the more thermal protection you can add until this suit will keep you warm and dry in ice water. Thermals are not included.
      This suit is a couple years old but has never been used, just stored in a cool, dry location. Everything about the suit is like brand new, all tags are still attached and all accessories that came with the suit are included, such as a great nylon carry bag that converts to a backpack. The manufacturer website at http://www.baresports.com/en-us/dive/products/mens-drysuits/bilaminate/nexgen-pro-dry/mens/ has all the details but be aware the suit they show has a slightly different color scheme (red highlights) while this suit is as shown in photos.
      The suit is a medium large tall - see the size chart. Drysuits are forgiving to slightly smaller or shorter people because when you get in water you "burp" or remove excess air, which makes the suit vacuum fit to the wearer. However, there is no stretch, so the height and waist sizes should not be exceeded. 170 -195 lbs, 6'0" - 6'2", 33 -35 waist.
      Note: suit is brand new and so neck and wrist seals are also new. They are made tight on purpose but they do stretch with use. It is a good idea to put soda or soup cans in the wrists and coffee can in the neck seal overnight to pre-stretch before attempting to modify the seals. They are designed to be trimmed to a larger size if need be, but keep them as small as you can because they will stretch a bit with use. Both neck and wrist seals can be replaced by the owner and in fact spares are worth having for serious everyday use of the suit.
      This suit normally sells online for $1299.95 but can be found as low as $799 discounted. It is yours for $599 $399 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details.