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Well Norm, not wanting to be subjected to your harsh judgement, I submit for your approval this monster 4 grain gold nugget I found two weeks ago while out doing some detector testing. However, I drove to a dry and relatively warm location with no snow, and found the nugget within short walking distance of my truck. Your adventure sounds more, well, adventury, and you found more gold. Good going!


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This wet Winter, I've sat home thinking about all the places I'd rather be!  And I'm still sitting here today, lol.  Great story


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Cabin Fever has struck another NorCal miner....

I would never be out in that jeep in inclement weather..... (


unless I lost my pick)

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Klunker, you chose poorly. Like Steve, I selected a location well below the snow line. I had to walk maybe 100 yards to my nugget (also roughly 4 grains). I walked around a bunch after that  and dug a bunch of lead, but no more gold. It was muddy in spots, but I locked my hubs. You did pretty good on the gold though.

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 I have been out almost twenty times even in the freezing rain and sleet. I did how not learn that a quad should have good tires and be in good repair. I took two sunny days to put on new tires and do a full tune up. I've only been forgetting things for almost two years. It's also how long I've been detecting. Maybe we should get together and go bowling!


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You had a double picker (lost your pick twice).  So many things on your mind you forgot to take pictures for us?

I want the one when you slid off the hood ...

Great writing.


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Klunker, the other evening I was out lounging under the awning of my RV watching an Arizona sunset. Between sips of a chilled, fruit based cocktail I thought of my old friend far and away to the North. As I languidly stirred my beverage with a little umbrella I realized that your travails are of your own manufacture and therefore unworthy of intruding on my enjoyment of this idyllic locale. With that subject settled I went back to thinking only of myself.....

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surely you jest with you 'no challenges south of the equator' comment 😂 even the bloody mozzies down here will lay you up for months let alone the fact I'll be swinging in 115 degree heat next week ..... Yeah the fun never stops 😜😂😜😂

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    • By kiwijw
      Hi team, Three weekends ago Mrs JW & I went to Dunedin City to see Stevie Nicks in concert. The last time I saw her was when I was 18 when Fleetwood Mac came to NZ. That was 40 years ago Also saw Chrissie Hynde & the Pretenders. The next day on our way home we went via Macraes flat to check out Oceana Golds Macrae mine & the Fraser open pit. You may recall a post I did a month or so ago that showed the Waihi Martha Mine open pit & the large pit wall collapse. Oceana Gold bought & took over the Martha mine from Newmont last year. They have been mining at Macraes since 1982 & have discovered a large & long fault zone. The Fraser open pit is the largest of about four open pits along the fault zone with continued drilling & exploration along this zone. They are under ground mining from the bottom of the fraser open pit which you will see the portal entrance in a couple of the vidoes. This modern day mine is in the area of old late 1800's under ground workings.

      Map of the under ground workings below the open pit

      The old Stamper Battery

      The weekend after that I went out for a detect on the sunday. I headed to a gully of old timer diggings that I have been down with the Zed but not in the hot settings. The ground has dried out quickly. From this

      To this


      I got a faint little hit amongst the old timers turned over piles in the above pics.
      A few scrapes into the crushed & decomposed schist that the old timers would have thrown out from the bottom of one of their holes. Now on the top of the pile.

      One they threw out for me. Right kind of them. Cheers boys.

      I then got a deeper signal on the edge of a throw out pile & it was living on down.

      This was getting exciting. Then....Bingo, it was out


      Along the same throw out pile another faint little hit.

      Another small bit

      Things then dried up for a while. I came across the remains of an old timers rock hut shelter that had collapsed badly. The dried mud was still holding these stones together

      I then got a very faint signal that had me digging quite deep. The signal was booming but I needed to get the GB2 or the GM 1000 to pin point & tell me if it was iron or not. . I was getting quite hot & was in need of a coffee break & a breather. So I headed up to my wagon. The door I opened had the GB2 handy so I grabbed it. Had my coffee & breather & headed back to my dig.

      Pin pointed with the GB2 & it also told me it was not iron. Here is why.

      That was it from these workings so I moved on to another small gully. I lucked out there with the Zed but there was a small area where I had snagged quite a few small bits with the GP 3000 & little coiltek 10 x 5 joey mono. I hit it with the GM 1000.

      Ended up with 4 tiny bits for the monster




      And one for the GB2

      That was it for the day. I called it quits & headed off to see the farmer. On seeing him he asked if I could do him a favor. Sure I said. What is it? He replied. "About a month ago I was helping the neighbor tail some lambs. A girl working there was bringing in the lambs & while she was holding one it kicked out & knocked off one of her ear rings that went flying off into the long grass. It was a pair of $2000.00 gold & diamond ear rings so she had lost a $1000.00 ear ring". What was she doing wearing those tailing. I said. The farmer & his wife laughed say. That is exactly what we said. Any way....he asked if I would mind trying to detect it. No worries I said. So he phoned up the farmer & it was arranged for me to meet them & they would take me to the spot. The so called "neighbor" was bloody miles away, but it was on my way home so no real drama. Long story short. I found it with in 5 minutes. She was stoked, & so was I. Reason I was Stoked. Gold workings on their property .
      So my days result was 9 bits for 2.95 grams.....and a $1000 earing

      Cheers guys.
      Good luck out there
    • By Cal_Cobra
      Tom(CA) and I have been working a site that we researched that's produced several 1850's - 1860's seated coins, and some rogue early 1900's coins, as well as a variety of period relics.
      We tried to get one more trip in before Old Man Winter completely shut us down, and it did in fact shut us down, but not before I finally, got something I've been looking for for a long time, and after watching others find them over the years (I saw Tom dig three!!!), I was starting to think it would never happen.  
      Well it finally happened, and it turned out to be a good one, an 1865 San Francisco minted Liberty Half Eagle!!  
      Here she is out of the hole:

      Here she is rinsed off:

      Here's a video of the hunt:
      Less than 100 known, Mintage: 27,612

      Although the mintage of the 1865-S is quite a bit higher than the mintages of the S Mint Half Eagles from 1858 to 1864, it compares in overall rarity to the 1858-S, 1860-S and 1863-S and is only slightly less rare than the others. Almost all known examples of this date are well worn with VF and lower being all one can expect to find. The 1865-S ranks second in the entire $5 series according to average grade and I do not know of a specimen that would grade better than EF. The very few specimens that I have seen were rather softly struck and the mintmark was always quite weak.

      Thanks for looking, hopefully the next one comes easier
    • By LuckyLundy
      Most of us Prospectors are avid outdoorsman!  You can find us with the same smile on our faces be it fishing or hunting.  This Deer Season my old Buddy NuggetSlayer (Jeff), headed up to the hills to hunt some Deer.  Well early into the hunt on opening day, he took carful aim at a 2x2 Blacktail Buck.  One well placed shot, Jeff let the Deer run over the top of the ridge to bleed out as he hike to find the blood trail to track it down.  It ran a little further than he expected, but the woods opened up and was easy hiking following the Deers trail.  Called his hunting partner on the radio for some help, he had it field dressed ready for the hump back to the truck, when he arrived.  With all the excitement of the hunt, he was dreading dodging all the pine trees and brush on the other side of the hill and down to the truck.  Then it hit him, he was smack in the middle of and old Hydraulic Pit.  He quickly changed from his hunting hat (even though it’s the same dirty one) to his prospecting hat!  Deer hanging at camp and rested up he hiked back to the Hydro Pit and scouted it, he sent me pictures of both Deer and Hydro Pit.  I told him it looks like a no-brainer, just a matter of getting it under the coil and dig it!  We waited well after hunting season to finally get there with our GPZ’s.  Chilly start with the trucks temperature gauge saying 25 degrees.  But the little hike over the ridge made it feel a few degrees warmer, lol.  As any Hydro Pit, plenty of trash...Relics to some, but the wrong color for today’s hunt.  I finally, found a dink and called Jeff on the radio.  Didn’t take him long to find one several yards from me.  Jeff, made a big circle and came back to his spot and heard another possible target at the edge of his dig hole...yep another nugget!  Well to make a long story short, he found a little spot that didn’t get washed away back in the day.  We messed around making his hole bigger and 14 of them 15 nuggets came out of that pay material.  Well this spot is to far for a day trip and it’s way to chilly, until after next Springs snow melt to finish this spot off and to explore the entire Hydraulic Pit.  Now, Jeff can afford some Potato Salad with his Deer Steaks!  Until the next hunt

    • By Mark Gillespie
      Had a couple hours yesterday so I thought I'd hit a county playground where I'd found some gold jewelry in the past.  Headed out with my PI and a recently borrowed 5 x 9 folded mono coil to see what might come up. 
      You know, I never realized there could possibly be so many bobbie pins in the world.  This machine has no difficulty locating these small metal objects.  But with careful listening, the audio gives just enough hints so I became very close to 100% sure of what these targets were before digging.
      Well anyway, on with the story.  I'd been hunting about an hour when a young man carrying a back pack comes to where I was hunting and proceeds to ask if I'd found anything good.  Reaching into my pouch I pulled out my very meager finds and a small silver pendant.  Not much but I was enjoying the day none the less.  The young man proceeded to open his back pack and removed several containers of silver, copper coins along with many old relics including some nice buttons and buckles.  Some of these coins dated back to the 1800's.  Looked like his entire treasure was in his back pack and in fact it was, he explained, when I leave the house I take them with me, fearing someone might break in and steal them.  I had to ask how he had acquired so many coins and relics and he stated he too was a hunter and uses the Mine lab Etrac.  Had to ask again and this time he answered mostly old home sites.  I continued to ask where and his answer was I knock on doors and ask to detect and this is where most of his finds have come from.  Amazing what this young man has found in the same counties where I have hunted for some 20 years.  He seems to have done everything right to acquire that many old silver and copper coins and on top of that many gold rings to boot.  Well we continued to talk and I had to ask if he belonged to any of the treasure forums on the internet and his answer was no.  But he said I have a private Facebook group and invited me to join.  The conversation continued for some 30 minutes or so exchanging hunting experiences and finds.  The whole time thinking just how smart this guy was and what I stand to learn from him even though I had more than a decade of addition experience.  The park was starting to get crowded so we decided to leave.  What a chance meeting to talk to a fellow hunter in my area.  That afternoon I checked my email and sure enough Shane had subscribed to my you tube site.  So I requested to join his treasure hunting site on Facebook and he accepted and the journey begins. 
    • By Gbonus uralias
      Hello all! 
      This weekend I am heading out for a Motor Cycle Camp trip (Adventure Bikes) and we always take our detectors. Hoping to find some nice out-of-the-way areas that have not been hit too hard. Camp Grounds have been a good source of hunting for us in the past and we have made about 5 trips this year on bikes, some are local day trips and others are over-nighter's. 
      I love doing this and it has gotten me out to some really neat/old places. Just curious if anyone else out there has done this same type of hunting - MC/camping etc.
      I'll post the adventure here if anyone is interested. 
    • By Jin
      After 2 years going solo on my prospecting trips I found out that by buying a caravan my wife would finally come prospecting with me. Originally we bought the caravan for trips away but she said she didn't mind if we took it away to prospecting areas now and again. The only downside is I had to buy something to tow the van so I bought a new jeep and she said no bush bashing in it as she doesn't want scratches or dents. My Prado is slowly getting destroyed with all the rough tracks and river crossings I do in it.  So it looks like ill be doing lots of walking for the time being.
      The next door neighbor had an electric powered mountain bike which I bought but it needs a new battery. The bike does 80kmh, but I think I'll stick to 20kmh and at least get there in one piece. Should be really good to be able to ride across the country looking for potential gold bearing ground. Walking takes too long. 
      Anyway, we took the van for its maiden voyage 6 weeks ago and the wife loved it. She reads a lot while I detected which seemed to work. Hopefully one day she might even have a go at detecting. 
      There's nothing better than coming back to the van for a hot shower and a home-cooked meal. Usually, my solo trips consist of detecting from dusk until its dark, eating dry bread and a can of soup for dinner. Then crawling into the rooftop tent and going to sleep. As I only get to the Golden Triangle once a month I need to make it count. I found cooking/cleaning wasted to much time. Heck, i don't even have time to butter my bread so the butter stays home. A good day detecting for me is around 11 hours straight. And that's swinging the 18" Elite. Usually can only manage 2 days of that and then i want to go home. Besides, i think the family doesn't mind me going every month because there short trips.  
      We're off again next week this time to Daylesford which is a nice little town. I'll probably get up at 5:00 am and detect until 10:00 am then take her out and go for a few walks.
      Got a new "SteelPhase sP01 Audio Enhancer" coming this week so that will be good to see how it compares to the B&Z booster.
      Heres a picture of our last trip. It was a stopover at Waanyarra on the way home. Ended up finding a few bits near the campground so that was a bonus.