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Prospecting Pants

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My Sister in Alberta turned me on to a pair of pants like no other,her husband is a roofer and thats all he wears..I always would wear wranglers..but found they would bind me up after getting sweaty..bending over and nealing down.

If you want comfort...don't laugh at me... but I have been wearing blue jeans from Costco..$15.00 a pair.

Their called "urben star",could be made in China for all I know....stretch like the dickens do not bind in the crotch area...and for that price I buy 6 pair a year...

All I wear now...do you want to look good or pound the ground in comfort...your call :)

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Those jeans might be good for street wear, but I bet you can't walk through a blackberry patch or manzanita without damage to you or the pant. Plus one thing I really like about some of Duluth's firehouse pants is they have a pocket for built in knee pads, very nice in rocky areas.

Thst being said, I will still check out those Costco jeans for regular wear......

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I have to look into getting a pair or two.  They might be good for working in shop also, I seem to wear through blue jeans pretty fast.   The knee pad sounds pretty good Steve as I have a bad calcium deposit on my left knee that when I kneel on just right about launches me to the moon.  Painful as hell.

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I wear wrangler cargo pants...I find the fit and various pockets suit my needs most of the time...they have a rise similar to levis and that is comfortable for me-because I am not as stud-ly as some...  I donot like the crouch hanging to my knees...


plus the wranglers are only about 20 bucks at wal-mart.


When the weather is freezing cold I wear my light-weight REI woolies under them.



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