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Storms And Gold

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4 hours ago, kiwijw said:

G'day Squizz, Hadn't "seen" you around on the forum for a wee while. Mate....awesome finds....& in that heat. Very well done. I take my hat off to you. I don know how you & my Aussie cousins across the ditch (Tasman Sea) can detect in those heats. The heat really knocks me about. I hate it. If I ever leave a suspect signal un dug ( which is very rear), it is when it is bloody hot. Hot days are usually my goldless days. That pattern I have noticed. More so if I have had a bit of a hike to get to an area as there is always the walk back out. Give me the cold any day. You can dress for that, as long as it isn't too windy with that wind chill factor added. The only down side of the cold is when the ground freezes & makes for digging in "concrete". Again....well done & good to see you posting. I was missing you.:smile:

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

JW , 

I was supposed stay for 2 days , but the first day was hard and hot , but rewarding so I decided to make tracks for home and return in a week or so's time. Here's hoping for cooler weather.




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Good luck in a few weeks time Squizz.

JW :smile:

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    • By mn90403
      I don't know who found it but they were using a 5000 and Norvic does not use it any more so ...
      you missed it!
    • By phoenix
      I`ve got a bench at home that`s been getting more and more cluttered and yesterday I decided to have a clean up. In amongst all this stuff, I came across a jar that had this speci in it. I have no memory of it, so I asked the better half about it, and she has no memory of it either, but  seeing I don`t remember it she`s claiming ownership, and that`s OK because I really don`t think it`s mine.  I recon there is at least a half a gram of gold in this piece and neither of us remember it. It may have been on the bench for 5 or 6 years 

    • By Lunk
      Had a few days to detect out at Rye Patch, Nevada before the 3-day detector training class put on by Gerry’s Detectors. The weather was perfect - sunny and low 70’s. I was keen to see how the new update would handle the alkali-rich soil in conjunction with the GPZ-19 coil. Although the ground was dry, there was still a fair bit of moaning and groaning ground response with the large coil, but Locate Patch smoothed it out quite well, and favoring a faster swing speed allowed for increased ground coverage. After 20 minutes or so of operating in the Auto Ground Balance mode to allow the detector to get a good ferrite balance to the local soil, I switched over to Semi-Auto, as there didn’t seem to be much ferrite present. I was impressed with the depth and sensitivity to the small nuggets I was finding, the deepest at 14 inches gave a reasonable signal response from the get-go. All up 9 grams between 20 nuggets. The two thin bits in the lower left were found with a quick detect using the Gold Monster 1000 on an old patch.

    • By Jonathan Porter
      Just returned from my annual trip away (that's another story for another day), I've been out 3 times detecting since getting home and two of those were training sessions. Yesterday morning it was my turn to do my own thing for a few hours before the heat beat me to a pulp. A few minutes later and I had a plucky 1 gram nugget on a continuation of a spot I detected with my son Timothy back in July (got AU$800 worth off there for the session, much to the delight of his pocket book).

      There is a fair amount of trash and the obligatory shot gun and 22 bullets along with the added hassle of a high voltage power line, so I had to concentrate on the wide broad deeper sounding targets mixed in with the Sferic and 50 Hz noise, 3 hours of this and you find yourself needing a little lay down. This location is also problematic because it is on a slope above a straight flowing gully so the coil is opened up to even more interference dependent on where you are working on the slope.
      Long story short I plucked some nice gold for the effort which made the little lay down later on justifiable. Interestingly I pinged a solid 5 gram chunk in my old scrape from the 5000 days, a boomer signal for the GPZ and not that deep so can only assume the quieter running GPZ 7000 was clearly an advantage in a high EMI area. Just below it I got a nice deep warble that made my skin goose bump and sure enough 16 inches down a 13 gram slugster came to light pushing the mornings total to 23 grams of 97%-98% Clermont golden goodness. Considering I spent 2 weeks in WA this year without a piece of gold this was pure heaven especially since I have more signals to investigate over the next few days.

      The GPZ still continues to amaze me, if only it was lighter and more manageable so that other people could tap into its potential more fully. The weight really does detract from good detecting practices with this technology. The Super D coils really do need to be kept above saturation effect for maximum depth on the deeper pieces, the coil sweep also needs to be evenly controlled, all vital methods that are are adversely impacted upon due to too much outright weight for the average user.


    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, After a late start to the day & batteries all charged, B & Z booster sorted for the Zed, smoko bag & coffee packed I was off just after midday. 2 hours later I was hiking off up in to the hills on another mission Zed.


      Got up to a set of old timer workings that wasn't producing for the 4500 any more. Not even with the Elite coils.

      Dropped my pack & got rigged up. That old throw out pile in the back ground had produced some nice slugs to me with my GP 3000 when I first hit this spot. I had never got another bit of gold off it since. Not even with the 4500 & all the coils I waved over that pile. But it wasn't going to disappoint me today.

       Sweet briar rose.

      My first faint little signal. Took a while to come.

      But gold it was. Ye Ha

      I then took a well deserved coffee break. Than back in to it.

      Signal number two.

      Gold number two  

      I was getting my share of rubbish but no where as bad as last weekend, especially on the lead pellet side of things. Thank god...

      Another nice faint little signal

      A few scrapes & it was out. Another sassy little bit of gold.  

      I then hit that old throw out pile that was in the back ground of one of my earlier pics where I had dropped the back pack. I had got nothing here since my GP 3000 days but I got a good sounding signal in the area of the pile where I had snagged a few bits with the 3000

      It took a while to get the signal on to the coil as it kept falling down in to the pile as I tried getting it out. The same thing happened back in the 3000 days. The pile being quite lose & the target kept dropping down. But we got there. I was gobsmacked at the size of it for the signal it had given.  

      Then there was a long dry period so I had another coffee & a bite to eat.

      Back in to it again & I got a loud signal on the deeper outer fringes of these workings. Not feeling very confident about this signal. It was down a bit & appeared to be just top soil with a hint of gravel in the bottom when the signal was out.

      Well.....stone the crows... 1.23 grams

      You little ripper  

      Well that was it, it was 9:15pm & I had a bit of a walk out & dark wasn't far away so I packed it in.

      So another successful hunt for the Zed. 5 bits off old ground that was no longer producing for me for the grand total of.....1.77 grams   but gold all the same & a couple of old buttons . Smallest gold was .09 of a gram & the 4 small ones were a total of .54. Man that just blows me away for the size of the coil. Goes to show how deadly the Zed & the 14 x 13 coil is. All of the signals had me believing that the targets were going to be bigger than they were. Go the Zed you good thing.    

      Cheers guys

      Good luck out there

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Got off to an earlier start than last weekend. Ended up carrying on from where I left of last weekend on the same old workings. Bit of snow still up on the tops.

      Hiked up to the spot, dropped the back pack & rigged up. Settings were, High Yield/Normal. Threshold 25, sensitivity 6. B & Z booster batteries had gone flat....bugger. So it was just the WM 12 cranked up to 20. First signal in as many minutes. Scrape scrape & it had moved. Damn....shot gun pellet

      Couldnt help myself being the first signal. So I checked it rather than walk on.

      Glad I did

      Jezzzzz   Now I have to wonder how many of those scrape scrape moved signals I have moved on from thinking they were just shoty pellets.  

      Not four feet away & on the top of an old throw out pile another faint little signal

      After quite a few scrapes the signal was still in the ground & sounding better than a shot gun pellet. My hopes were high

      There it is in that lump of dirt at the top end of that bit of grass root

      I am just gobsmacked at the signal strength & depth for such small gold with a 14" coil

      Well those two where in the first 5 minutes & then it was a long time between drinks. Had a coffee break & then back in to it.

      Came across this old timer water race channel formed by slabs of schist up on edge. Pretty cool.

      Then got a signal on top of another old throw out pile & under a briar rose bush.

      Another tiny bit of gold

      I then came across the spot on the deeper ground on the fringe of these workings were I got that bigger bit last weekend. Not 2 feet away I got a good signal. MMMmmm...how come I didnt hear that signal last weekend.    Dug down in to the top soil about 4 inches & the signal was still there & sounding good.

      Then it was out & I couldnt believe the small size of it for the signal & depth. But glad it was gold.  

      Stopped for a late lunch & a bit of shelter under a briar rose bush to get out of the sun. It was getting pretty hot.  Downed a liter of water. Chilled out for a bit & then.....back in to it....

      Got a loud hit just beside an old gutter that the old timers had dug out. May have been one of their ground sluicing ditches or a natural gutter that they ran their water down. It was down a wee bit before the signal was out.

      I wasnt holding my breath that it was going to be gold....But...

      The biggest bit for the day.  

      Then it was another long time between a good signal. But come it did. Another scrape scrape & it had moved.

      Lead pellet.....or gold??

      Small gold it was.

      That was it for the day. 6 small bits for just over 1 gram.

      The Zed blows me away with the tiny gold it is finding. But where have all the bigger bits gone.

      Cheers guys.

      Good luck out there