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Erlistoun Station - Laverton, Western Australia

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Talking to some friends at Leinster WA (West Aussie) this morning, they report about 200mm the last 2 days :ohmy: plus what ever else over the last month or more, more like fishing and snorkeling they reckon for now. :smile:


I used to think why do we need a waterproof detector like the sdc2300 that can go under water out in the desert of WA :laugh: well maybe this is why.


cheers dave 

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For those that know Malcolm Dam, Leonora where we are currently perched on the high ground, Pretty much 8" of rain .

First pic of Malcolm Dam flooded on Friday

2nd Pic of Malcolm Dam over flooded on Saturday., (Couldn't get the same angle shot without getting extremely wet)



Malcolm Dam Friday .JPG

Malcolm Dam Saturday 2.JPG

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Erlistoun Station is isolated though I did manage to get into town today with water coming up through the floor in 2 places. I was going in tomorrow in a chopper and still will but as it was a hospital visit I just couldn't wait any longer.

Banya road is just out of the question for anyone heading North,

Laverton is cut off in both directions, with the road apparently gone in a couple of places on the Leonora / Laverton road, it may reopen tomorrow or Tuesday.

Going off road at the moment for bush camping or even to your favourite detecting spot is probably not a real smart idea

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Laverton area is drying up well. Still a lot of water about and ground is very soft in places but most areas are accessible.

Just a heads up though, two good wet seasons and the wild dog numbers as well as the dingo population have increased to a worrying degree.

The amount of rain has made the baits laid prior to the rain mostly ineffective. Baiting is on going how ever.

Dingos are largely curious but will generally not be a bother. The wild dogs though are another matter, so be mindful that they are out there. A prospector was mauled pretty severely near King of Creation towards the end of last season.

Tonight just on dusk I dispatched two large wild dogs, one was doing his best to keep my attention while his mate was creeping up behind me. They are cunning buggers and if you see one there is often another one you don't see. 




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G'day Steve. I know what you are saying, My wife had a similar situation with a pack of dingoes on the Canning stock route when they tried to keep her attention while the others tried to move behind her. She was lucky she had the sense to back up and head for camp. :unsure:

Cheers Dave :cool:


IMG_0019 (2).JPG

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