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For Sale
White's Dfx

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White's DFX used very little, standard accessories $575.00 Plus Shipping

 Posting this for a friend. Contact me Norm McQ @

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Fisher Gold Bug 2 with 6.5" coil in excellent condition. Some small scuffs and scrapes along one upper edge of control box (see photos). Originally purchased in April 2015, serial number 041503413. Five year limited warranty in effect but technically not transferable to new owner. Runs off two 9V batteries (not included). Owners manual and assembly DVD with unit in box. There is no scuff cover with the coil - this is the newest version of the 6" coil.
      This detector sells for $764 new, I am asking $549 $525 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is a White's DFX300 I purchased used in 2015. It is serial number 2156-2847-047-3264 manufactured in 2012. The detector was originally outfitted with a 12" (300mm) round concentric coil. I was not a fan of this coil and replaced it with a 6" x 10" Eclipse DD coil. The coil has no scuff cover but as can be seen in the photo only has light scratching in the bottom of the coil since I normally ran this detector with my BigFoot coil (not for sale). There are no other coils included with this detector except the 6x10 DD.
      The detector is in excellent condition otherwise. The prior owner must have done some spray painting in the vicinity of the detector at some point because the pod display area has a very light red tint, just visible around the edge of the display and in the touchpad area. It is so faint as to be barely noticeable but I wanted to point it out. The tint only appears on the pod front and nowhere else on the detector that I have noticed.
      The detector comes with a Ni-Cad pack and charger but the Ni-Cad pack is near dead. There is also a AA battery holder for eight (8) AA batteries (batteries not included) that I used to power the detector - it works great with AA rechargeable batteries. A rather beat up paper copy of the Owner's Guide is included - new copies may be downloaded at
      I also have included brand new unused set of White's StarLite Headphones ($24.95) and a White's Weather Beater control box cover ($14.95).
      The DFX 300 originally sold for $1199.95 and you can have this one for only $499 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details.
      White’s DFX 300 Specifications
      Brand: White’s Electronics Model: DFX 300 Intended Use: all-purpose; prospecting; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting Weight: 4 lbs Battery Type: rechargeable battery and 8xAA battery holder included Visual ID Type: LCD, backlit digital display Number of Target ID Segments: VDI Target ID number and labels; SignaGraph Number of Audio Tones: fully adjustable tone frequency settings; Mixed Mode, Silent Search and VCO Ground Balance: Automatic ground tracking; manual with Coarse and Fine GEB (Ground Exclusion Balance) setting Discrimination Type: Digital Discrimination Control; accept/reject based on VDI readings Number of Search Modes: 5 factory presets; 4 custom EEPROM modes Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 45.5 to 52.5 inches Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes, with preamp gain Coin Depth Meter: Yes; numerical reading, trigger activated Pinpoint Feature: Yes Frequency: 3 & 15 kHz together or separately Type of Circuit: VLF Multi Frequency Stock Coil Size: 12 inch Suggested Retail Price: $1,199.95 Street Price: $1,199.95 Waterproof features: coil only; fully submersible
    • By keetpaq
      Up for sale is a Minelab GPX-4500 in excellent condition, the machine is like new in box, it was barely used plus it has brand new accessories, the sale includes gpx battery cable, screen guard, control box with pouch and new battery, main charger, manual,  MINELAB Harness, original 11' coil and 15 x 12, Upper and Lower shafts, head phones, MINELAB Bungee Cord.
      Asking for $1900
      Pm me if interested.

    • By Des D
       2 of these Minelab GPX 5000 / 4800 / 4500 / 4000 handle kits available absolutely Brand New
      Consisting of:
      GPX ground balance Quik Trac button (green) handle with wire to connect to control box
      GPX battery cable
      Car charger
      Two piece metal arm cup
      Neoprene arm rest cover
      Nuts & bolts for all of the connections
      Bow knuckle 
      Bungee cable
      To buy these items separately could be close to US $ 300.00
      Available for US $ 171.00 incl Postage & Packing AIR MAIL anywhere (if Tracking is required add US $ 12.00
      Just 2 kits available...(171 each) why not have ALL your spares in a kit form in an emergency!!!

    • By Rivers rat
      Hi got a custom coil for whites TDI hand made in France by a top engineer ,i bought if for my deepstar but never used it.
      So whats more well this coil is the dog on the beach,less noises more stable and 2 to 4 inches deeper ,also a better ID of ferrous targets by a double bio easier to hear.
      The engineer is Alexandre Tartare owner of MANTA METAL DETECTORS
    • By NuggetWill
      Selling my gear....would consider selling GPZ separate from the GB Pro.
      $6399 includes all.....I live in Tucson, AZ....willing to ship....NEGOTIABLE....MAKE ME AN OFFER THAT I CAN'T REFUSE....))

      1.) GPZ 7000...No issues with detector. All in good working order.
      2.) GB Pro. Hardly used....4 and 6 inch coils with a 6 inch skid plate.
      3.) Koss and Jolly Roger headphones.
      4.) Army  green GPZ 7000 coverings...(see picture).
      5.) Large Minelab detector bag.
      6.) Minelab pin-pointer.
      7.) Extra battery, plus all original electronics.
      8.) Swing Pro Arm and assembly.
      9.) Original harness assembly.
      10.)Green ML scoop.