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Guest Jennifer

GPZ 19 False Signals

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Guest Jennifer

Thank you for making this it's own thread Steve.

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Jen, thank you for bringing up the 19" false signal issue. I was beginning to think I would just have to live with it. I got my 19" from Rob in February on my way to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I'll give him a call and order one of the new solid covers.

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16 hours ago, Jennifer said:

I'd like to thank you all for so quickly helping me on this, I have a sold cover coming from Rob and if I have to use the stock one I will zip tie it like Norm. I knew it wasn't settings as much as the coil itself. You all helping so fast by confirming I wasn't imagining things really helped me get past the psychological block of such a huge transition.... going from my much loved 5000 to this beast is a real big change and it's going to take some time to build that confidence up in my machine again and when the coil was doing this, it took me straight back to the defective 4500 I had days some of you helped on back in 2009.... knowing this wasn't my imagination, makes me confident I can make the 7000 become my new partner like my 5000 is.... 

Big thanks to JP and Norm for stepping up so fast and in PM's


I do not recommend new users of the GPZ 7000 to use the 19" coil until they are proficient in the 14" and the detector in general. The falsing will be exacerbated by running too much Sensitivity and too high Target Volume, so settings do have a lot to do with it. General is the worst particularly if you roll the center of the coil over rocks, the 14" coil will do the same if treated the same way but is more manageable thanks to less weight and having a solid skid plate. I only use my GPZ19 coil with the solid NF skid plate for this very reason, I also place a 3 inch piece of soft foam each side of center of the coil to act as a buffer between the skid and coils base.


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23 hours ago, phoenix said:

Hey Road Dog. Mate I agree completely any new purchase shouldn`t have to repaired before you can use it, but before I bought my 19" coil I knew I was going to fit a solid plate to it straight away for no other reason than solid coils are way easier to use.    I have not experienced any falsing with my coil and I truly don`t know if it`s because I fiitted the solid plate or if I was just pure and simple lucky with the coil I got.  I hope you and Jen get it sorted.                Dave

I suspect your mod hit the spot as mine falsed when striking rocks etc at first (sens & vol decrease solved that) but now I have the poly-carb plate can up the sens no trouble.

Folks I`m not into questioning MLs business policies, they are that far ahead of the pack because of those business policies, just a product backyard solution to ensure I max out on chances of getting the heavy stuff and passing on that solution to help others.

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I'm with JP, give it a go with your 14 for a bit, I think you will be surprised at the results over your 5000 in your patches. You should be able to run high yield normal or general normal in your location and see the advantage. And then go to the 19.

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The 14 is a fantastic coil and if you are in a narrow gorge, wash or gully I will start with that first.  It is easier to walk up hills and get it 'near' the rocks.

Give the 19 a go and you can learn a really smooth technique and then when I go back to the 14 it seems light as a feather! :blink:

The 14 will prospect with the best of them (fast and deep) but if you are in an area you want to mine or re-mine then the 19 can't be beat.


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The Z is a big step up with the 14, another step with the 19. Two diff coils for diff depth ground and as per always ML have come up with the goods. It is up to us to learn how to use these tools, in a few years when ML has taken ZVT further todays teething problems will be as we seen with the PIs from the 2000 to the 5000.

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Guest Jennifer

Hi JP, I sent those settings to your email address. But just realized I may as well put them here.. I'm probably running too sensitive.  And yes all, I'm going to focus on the 14" for awhile :rolleyes:

PS: I love the way you can see the settings via icon or number from the main screen. :biggrin:







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It would be nice if mineLab would officially sanction some of these aftermarket modifications to the 19" coil as to not voiding the warranty. It's a new design and in true field use all of the end users seem to agree the mods improve performance while not damaging the coil, in fact protecting it more. MineLab should then incorporate some of these free design ideas into next gen. User confidence would in purchase of the coil would improve, fewer complaints and in the end more sales and profits for mineLab simply by saying ok good add it if you feel it helps.

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      Fine Gold w/19" NF Round EVO coil: 20"
      Normal w/19" NF Round EVO coil: 25"

      Fine Gold w/25" NF Round Advantage coil: 20"
      Normal w/25" NF Round Advantage coil: 26"