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Guest Jennifer

GPZ 19 False Signals

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Bumping the coil hard is what causes the falsing, General is the worst culprit and will do it on the GPZ14" too if you knock it about in the same fashion. The weight of the GPZ19 is what is causing people to struggle if their harness is not set up properly to support the weight.

I personally use a hipstick and remove the J struts and Snaffle bit. I also wrap the bungee around the handle just below the Quick Trak button and zip tie in place with the bungee wrap attachment point slightly above the balance point so the detector is weight biased toward the coil.  

The GPZ19 coil requires careful coil control to get maximum performance, if your knocking the coil to the point falsing is competing with target signals you need to try and improve your coil control.


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Guest Jennifer

Thanks JP, I ordered a hipstick from Rob as well as a solid NF coil cover and assembled the included harness to try instead of this aftermarket one. You run it without the two J struts eh? I figured those would help the hipstick take some of the load, I'll try it both ways. By Snaffle bit do you mean that crossmember that has the rope on it to that clips across the stop? That makes sense, I'm right handed but use my detector in my left hand and pick in right. And yes for all those who wondered, the Bunk pick for SURE sets off the detector if you swing far enough right and it's on your right hip where I wear mine. In fact, the only way I didn't get a slight notice of it was by having it up on my shoulder. I had to remove my Garmin 60csx GPS from my right hip as well as my iphone from my right top pocket as well. I also had my bungee going down and under the control panel for best swing control.

I think a lot of my problem as well was the area I was in, lots of harsh rockage and that over the shoulder boulder holder I was using (the aftermarket one) wasn't setup to hold it up far enough. It worked great but for simplicity sakes it's probably getting replaced with the hipstick combo like JP uses.

Next stop, grocery store for more spinach :biggrin:

Thanks for the tips in email as well JP.



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JP puts his bungee around the handle just below the quick track.  I use it in the same place on my 3030 and 7000 and he is right you have to secure it there because sometimes it will loop over the button.

Now that the quick track has been brought up JP, do you use it with the 19?


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Fred showed that bungee-handle mod back a bit, works a treat, has the added advantage you can take your hand off the Z and it remains in position with coil on ground coupled to the hip stick. Another little "mod" is to have the swing arm pivot clamp adjusted up the stem a bit so as it can be quickly slid into the "elbow saddle" gets it out of the way whilst recovering. Much more convenient then mucking about with the original clip.

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Guest Jennifer

Hard to hear over the wind noise but good demo of the bungee under control head fix.


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