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Reached My Goal - Twice!

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Out for 4 hours this morning. Tried some different settings on the Z around where I got the nice bits last week.  

Got 2 targets with General/Difficult that I hadn't identified last week with HY in either Normal or Diff. 

Tested those 2 targets with HY in Norm and Diff today but couldn't hear either. Both ended up being nails but was interesting that HY knocked them off the radar. 

Ended up with 1 bit of yellow for the day - not as impressive as last week though :sleep:.   .59 grams. 

B&Z hopefully arriving tomorrow :cool:


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Thanks for that Northeast. Interesting about High Yield not getting those nails. Thats a nice clean hand there mate.....LOL :laugh:

Good luck out there

JW :smile:


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JW, they are the hands of a nurse and part time prospector. Washed in alcohol with moisturizer all week unfortunately. 

It was interesting that HY couldn't pick up the nails - both quite deep at over 1.5 feet each.  Just reiterates what JP says about the different modes picking up different types of targets and how they manage the ground  and how you should go over gold bearing ground with different settings to really cover it properly.  

When I get the B&Z I am going to do the exact same little area (maybe 3 metres X 6 metres) and see if I can get something else to pop up.  

If anyone is into palm reading can you see a 'golden' future for me?? :biggrin:


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unfortunately all the girls in my fantasies at night will now be sporting your lovely elegant hands.

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Lol MT, flattery will get you nowhere :blush:

Are those famous Kalgoorlie establishments still operating?  Maybe a 'weekender' is on the cards?  Too long out bush? :laugh::biggrin:


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    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Just came across this & would like to share it with you.
      good luck out there
    • By 1515Art
      I spent a few days up in the high Sierra running the 7000 around looking for a new patch, a first patch...not to be this trip and not surprising as hopeful as I tried to be I have also come to terms that finding a new patch will likely be a long term endeavor. Exploring is fun however and every outing provides a tid-bit of new info, view of old workings new to me and more experience hunting that elusive nugget. Paying attention to the sage advice of those far more experienced than me offering their wisdom here for us newbies I allocated a portion of my time to hunting previously fruitful earth. This proved to be very good advice as I've scored one of my most important goals, finding a nugget suitable as a pendant for my wonderful wife (she did give me the 7000 for my b-day, I think that was a good thing). It only took 2 1/2 years, but on the afternoon of the second day I hit a old well known patch and scored a nice flat 9.7 gram nugget sitting on edge down only about 5 inches with another 4 or 5 inches of Forrest mulch on top of the dirt. I had been hunting for about 30 minutes when I got near an area I'd found a small round 1/2 gram on the previous trip. The 7000 was running so smooth with the new update I decided to jack the sensitivity to the max just because this spot has been so heavily pounded...after swinging the coil forward possibly 3 feet I picked up a promising target signal and out popped this little hanger for my sweethearts birthday next month. I also scored another little half gram nugget back at the old patch on the next day to sweeten the drive home. The little round one was found hunting the previous time up after meeting up with forum member relic/park master Strick for a little social hunting.
      Happy hunting, clark

    • By strick
      "the principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average"    Must have been a treasure hunter who ever thought of it. Got a nice 14K band at the park Saturday. 12.30 with the CTX 4 inches deep. I love it when the gold finally pops up after all the junk you  dig. I look at every older park and assume that there is gold in it somewhere....Heres to your next gold find    strick

    • By LipCa
      This winter I did a lot of climbing the hills.  Sometimes it pays off good.....
      The fellow I sold this nice find to made this Youtube of it... Hope you enjoy it.
    • By strick
      I was wondering how long it was going to take? My last good gold ring was the day before Christmas...before that I was averaging at least one every month or three. I'll admit I didn't detect as much as I should have this past winter due to being busy with work related stuff. I've been hitting a new park that is really large/old and full of people. It is a target rich environment  but I know there is a very large metal detecting club in this city so I always figured it's been hit hard. There is lots of untouched old aluminum still in this park.  I've been there twice....Last week I was way in the back corner minding my own business when here comes the grounds keeper in the city truck. He gets out of the truck and walks up to me eyeballing the ground where I've been digging. I take off my headphones and first thing out of his mouth is " which detector you using? "  I show him the CTX and he tells me he has an Etrac. We talk for 20 min and we exchanged info on good spots to hunt etc...  This park has potential for old gold. but I need to hunt it when there is not so many people there. I did find a very deep 14k gold hoop earring which hit loud and clear like a Orbit sprinkler head would. It's hollow but still weighs over 4 grams. I might practice smelting this earring some day. 
      On July 3rd I told myself that I was going to the beach early morning on the 4th no matter what the tides looked like. I really just wanted to dig in some nice soft sand for a change. So I load up the TDI and CTX and leave home at 430AM and get to the beach right at sun up. It's my first trip the the beach this year and  I was wanting to try out my new elliptical coil on the TDI.... so I went down to the the wet sand and hunted up and down for about 40 min....the coil works just fine but theres not many targets plus the sand is soft in some areas and the tide is in...I decide I need to change tactics if I want to be I go back to the truck for the CTX. The beach is starting to get real crowded as I am seeing people rushing to get good spots on the beach. It's  only about 8am,  I'm working the towel  line and I'm already having to zig zag between people putting up tents etc.. But I'm having fun and digging lots of coins and a few trinkets.  Ironically there is not another hunter to be seen. About 9am the beach is getting really crowded so I decide to call it quits and start detecting back to the main entrance. There is a city volley ball net the only one not being used near the entrance and as I'm going along directly under the net I get a faint deep nickel sound. I'm hunting with wide open screen and digging everything. I kick off about 6 inches of sand and sweep the coil again and this time it shows up loud and and clear as good target. One deep scoop of sand and in my scoop is a 18K white gold mens wedding band!.....Back home by 11:30 am just in time to get ready for the afternoon barbecue. Then it happens.....I started feeling guilty while looking at the ring. It fits me perfect and I remember the time when I lost my wedding band in Maui... The ring is pretty well worn.....probably a working mans ring I'm thinking....someone that has been married for a long time... I've been looking on Craigslist lost and found for a couple days...but nothing...and now the guilty feeling has subsided and the Pirate in me comes back to life....  SO THIS SUCKER IS MINE!

    • By Steve Herschbach

      I have been doing a lot of what I call “blue sky prospecting” where I get out and hunt areas not known currently as “nugget hunting areas”. There are a number of well known areas in the western U.S. that people converge on and hunt repeatedly year after year. The attraction is that although these areas are well hunted, detectable gold is known to exist and proficient nugget hunters have a high chance of finding at least a little gold by visiting these locations. Going to areas that have no real history of producing gold nuggets with a metal detector has however a much greater likelihood of producing no finds at all. It is just the nature of exploring off the beaten path and for people with limited time it is very hard to choose to hunt an area where nobody has ever detected gold before and where you will probably find no gold as opposed to hunting known productive areas.
      The problem of course is these areas are well known and are well detected, so the best one can usually expect is to eke a few missed nuggets here and there from these places. I do have more time however to apply to the search, and so have made looking for new “patches” an integral part of my prospecting program. I seek out and hunt outlying unclaimed areas peripheral to known gold bearing areas for at least half my time in the field, falling back to known locations now and then to find at least a little gold to boost morale and help pay for beans and gasoline. Going many days at a time without finding gold takes a lot of patience but the hope is that eventually I will make an exceptional find in the form of a virgin patch that makes up for all the hours of non-productive hunting. I say non-productive, but I never come away feeling like that is the case. I always learn something, even if it is to the negative, about my detectors and the gold itself – where it is and is not found.
      On to the hunt. I was exploring an area in northern Nevada where quite a lot of past prospecting is apparent in the form of pits, trenches, and small prospects. Lots of quartz veins exposed and surface quartz. Nearly all the prospects looked to be "busts" where the initial trenching or pit digging was abandoned with no further work done. Some showed a little more work that indicated that there was possibly at least a little positive results - or just an overly optimistic prospector. I have pretty much abandoned day trips and "hit and run" type detecting in favor of parking my posterior in one camp location for days (at least) and methodically exploring the surrounding area. That being the case I decided to spend a minimum of three days hunting this area to see if I could scare up any sign of gold.
      I of course relied heavily on my GPZ 7000 for a lot of the detecting but also got in lots of hours with the Gold Monster 1000 and Garrett ATX. A lot of the ground featured shallow exposed bedrock and so depth was not the issue, and the GM1000 was great for these areas and for checking quartz around the old prospects. I did get a couple pieces of quartz that gave non-ferrous beeps. I broke one and it appears to be a copper mineral of some sort that signaled in that one. Might be the same for the other but I have to check it out still. It sounded better so I decided not to just break it but wait until I could scan it with my Falcon Gold Probe and examine it better before taking action.

      I was up early to beat the heat and so getting in lots of hours. Great looking ground but other than a bullet now and then nothing much to report.
      Sometime into the second day my GPZ started acting up. It seemed like extreme EMI and nothing I could do would make it quit. Even my last resort of a full reboot did not eliminate the noise. So I broke out my Garrett ATX that I have along for backup, which really needed doing anyway as I wanted to get more hours on the new coils. The new 11" x 13" DD coil is enclosed to shed debris, center mounted rod for better balance, and most importantly, resistance to knocks and false signals that is at least as good as my GPZ if not better. A side bonus is salt ground and hot rocks the GPZ sees I can tune out completely with the ATX. I also found the ATX with slightly smaller coil to be a better option in thick grass and weeds than the GPZ due to the 13" x 14" GPZ14 coil wanting to float on top of the grass to a slightly higher degree than the ATX 11" x 13" coil. Not a huge difference but just enough to help.

      Still, a day of hunting with the ATX also got no gold. The next morning the mystery interference was gone - either the GPZ healed itself or it was a temporary but strong EMI issue. On the third morning I therefore went back to the GPZ 7000. This was going to be the last day although I was really liking the look of the ground. Finally, in early afternoon I got a lone signal in  a clay layer in a shale zone, and down near a foot out popped a 2.39 gram nugget!
      I have to admit I was real pleased with this nugget, found I have no idea how far from where anyone has found a nugget before with a detector. I proceeded to grid the area for a couple more hours and my initial excitement slowly dropped into "here we go, yet another lone nugget" all by itself. Heat and lack of water caught up to me so back to the truck for refreshments. Then when time came for another go - the weird EMI issue was back. I have not run into this in the couple years I have used the GPZ in northern Nevada, so it was concerning me that perhaps the GPZ had some sort of intermittant issue. I broke out the ATX again to finish out the day with no more nuggets.
      Still, that made another couple days mandatory. The EMI thing went away again, and has not returned since (fingers crossed). A couple more days detecting however did prove that one nugget was a lone ranger. I decided to make the move to an old patch to see if I could add at least a little gold to the vial before returning home.
      I got spoiled the first couple seasons here as drought conditions made for lots of bare desert. Now, with all the rain last winter, some areas are now thick with grass and weeds that make detecting very difficult if not impossible. The ATX does do a bit better in this stuff than the GPZ and so I hunted the weeds with it for a couple days. Still lots of targets but they kept turning out to be trash, until I finally popped a 1.5 gram nugget out of a drywasher tailing pile. I decided to leave the next day, but had time for a morning hunt. I was just ready to quit when a nice 2.19 gram nugget popped out of the ground.
      A week of detecting and only three nuggets, but that is to be expected when out trying new ground. What was odd was only three nuggets but all three were at or over a pennyweight in size, with no small stuff, just over 6 grams total. Go figure, but it left me actually satisfied with the trip as far as gold found and lots of new country experienced.