Steve Herschbach

Nugget Finder Solid Skid Plate For GPZ 19″ Coil

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Yeah, the polycarb I got is only 0.8mm, which is about 1/3 of your 1/8inch. Think that is ample thickness, plus you can cut it with tin snips as per Phoneixs post. But I think that it is adhered to the 19 is what makes for the stability, stops the flexing. Pfff.... whatever it just works.

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    • By DolanDave
      Got out Friday, and decided to use the good ol Boat Anchor 19 " coil on the ZED. After finding the Specimen Gold, and into it 2 hours, my Bungee broke, and I had to go to my backup bungee, and also switched back to the 14". I was using the High Yield Mode with the 19" coil, since the soils here are not to bad, and I seem to get a little more depth using the 19" with High Yield.

    • By DolanDave
      Does Minelab limit transferring the warranty to several new owners, or can you just transfer the warranty once?? Talking about the 7000. 
        Also hearing from multiple sources Minelab doesn't really do repairs, they just mail new devices back to you if there is something wrong. ????
    • By Jennifer
      Well I did it..... recent success in Gold Basin with my 5000 and Evo (some documented on here, some not) has allowed me to scrape together the pennies to buy my ultimate "significant other". 
      I'm now the proud owner of a ZED with 19" coil and to help save my back, I picked up an over the shoulder boulder holder Mac Daddy coil suspension rigging. Some of you may recall my looking at it at the Minelab conference here in Lost Wages (Las Vegas). I've tried it on, it's incredible, hopefully it doesn't sound off too much with all the aluminum, lord knows I've already dug enough aluminum cans with the Evo, I'll let you all know how it goes.
      Sooooo prepare for some dumb blond questions as I go forward with Zeddie. 
      Pics are my little x'mas in April picnic lunch outside my 5th wheel and the harness (the gal in the harness shots is not me, she's much more attractive) 

    • By Jennifer
      Do these GPZ19's normally false at the slightest tap of a rock? I'm not sure why they put a scuff plate on it, you cant scuff with this and it gets VERY tiring having to run it 6" off the deck, seems if this is normal your giving up depth... this is 100x worse than the piece of junk Goldstalker falsing one I had. All settings the same, with the GPZ14 on no falsing at all, nice and quite... 19 all but useless... is it so hot of a coil that you need to babysit and carry it above all rocks? If that's the case it's going in the classified section, perhaps it's defective...
    • By madtuna
      Still love my 5000 but it's sadly neglected as of late., the 7000 is just a beast!
      Walked onto another little run in a wash today in a totally new area. Scored 19 grams in nuggets plus two specimens. *
      Just belted the species and got 1.4 out of the little one and 4.6 out of the bigger one plus probably about another 3 or so grams in fines to be panned off.
      * Fly not included in weight

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Hots on the tiny stuff is not always good if it buries you in tiny surface trash. What say you GPZ 19 owners - can it be set to miss bird shot, tiny wire, or other small surface trash?