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Tesoro Diablo Umax ( Unused )

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Noticed on a comment by Steve H on FindMall November 2012 he may be interested in  a Diablo Umax in good condition . Well theirs one for sale in Australia better than that it is unused . 

If Steve or any member wishes to view , follow the instructions below , save scrolling through useless info .

Forum : Prospecting Australia .

             Under "For Sale or Swap"

             Title "Auction " by Outback

             Page 2 of thread and auction and details start on approx post 16 of page 2 .




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    • By Tiftaaft
      Thought I would throw some love at the Tesoro forum since it has been quiet here since Steve set it up. 
      I recently purchased a Vaquero Black with both the 12x8 and the 5.75 widescan.  I am still choosing my locations and learning the settings, but there is just something about running a Tesoro... so much fun!!  My intent was for it to be a good grab and go for tot lots, curb strips and edges of basketball courts, though I do have a Compadre as well.  But the 12x8 also lends itself to walking into the field as well.  While I am still trying to understand the true depth of this unit, it is definitely meeting my initial expectations, and I believe it can also be a good unit to hit areas that I have already covered with my other detectors, and possibly squeak out an additional find or two.. especially with the 5.75 coil.  I have already found a couple of junk rings and a good ratio of clad for the actual swing time I have posted... looking forward to finding some gold, or something with a little age to it.  HH Tim.
    • By Relichunter
      Just an observation I had this week, I been working some tailings with my PI, well as some of you know it can get crazy with iron. My only alternative was to use my Tesoro Umax with stock coil and give it a go. So the next day I went and scanned some small piles and within 15 minutes got a nice signal. The sound came in clear as I scanned left and right. Within seconds I recovered a nice 5.54 gram nugget! So for those coming into  nuggethunting...don't despair if you only have a cheap vlf as you can find gold with it. Just get out there and scan those piles and eventually you will find that little fella..
    • By Sourdough Scott
      I have some friends doing beach and lake detecting. A couple of them just purchased the Sand Shark. I don't know much about them. Anyone have any experience with them?
    • By Mugsy
      Was just curious if anyone has used the Outlaw with the DD coil for prospecting. The operating frequency isn't optimal for nugget hunting so was wondering what others thought. Might work good where there is a lot of trash and ground is not overly mineralized.
    • By Mike Hillis
      Hi All,
      Working on home LCD VDI project with my GSII that I hope to be able to put on the Lobo St.   However I can't tell if the Lobo ST has the same chip.   I found a schematic for the original Lobo that shows that it does have one but I can't find anything clear on the Lob ST that would show me for sure.
      Could someone who owns a Lobo ST, when you have time, look at the board and specifically look for this chip...an LM358.   Could also be a LM358N,   It would even be helpful if you could take a picture and just reply to the this post.
      I found a couple of pictures on the web of the Lobo St circuit board but the resolution isn't good enough to read the labels on all the chips.
      This is what it looks like on my GS1I
      Appreciate it.