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hawkeye    103

First was a GMT, then TDI SL, GB2, T2, ATX, GPX 4800, SDC 2300 (my favorite), GPZ 7000, CTX 3030.  Sold GMT, TDI SL, ATX, and have been tempted several times to sell 7000🤔.

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Hobo    57

1962 Detectron then a Metrotech then a step backward with a Whites BFO Goldmaster..

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kiwijw    1,335

My first ever detector was a Dick Smith VLF kit set that I had to put together. It came with all the separate electronic bits & pieces. Printed circuit board but had to solder all the diodes in place & in the right places :biggrin:. Had to wind the coil wires, DD, & set them up with correct overlap & actually had to make the coil housing to suit & silicon the wires in place. Had to make detector shaft & handle set up from PVC pipe & jointers & bends. Came with a control box but had to drill holes for the pots & head phone jack & put them in the right places & solder up the wires. Was a bit of fun. Got it finished & raced down to the beach. In the first minute I found a big pyramid shaped sinker that must have been for a long line set up that some one had lost in the sand. That was a hoot. My first bought detector was a 2nd hand Garrett Treasure Ace 300 & a Garrett Master Hunter 7X. I found a heap of stuff with the 300. Coffee jars full of coins.


Here are just a few Ace 300 finds.




I then got a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. That was about it for the coin & relic detectors. I then cut my teeth on gold detectors with the GP 3000. I have never gone back to coin & relic hunting since the 3000. Got totally hooked on the gold hunt & all my detectors since the 3000 have all been gold machines. Had the 3000 from new & had it for years. Ended up with two 3000's Totally  LOVED That machine :wub:. Eventually got a 4000....but only for about a month before getting the chance to buy a 4500. Ended up LOVING that machine too & have ended up with two of them. One being a Woody modified one. Sold both the 3000's. Got an Infinium & have never even used it :unsure:  In the VLF range of gold detectors my first was a Whites Goldmaster 4B hip/chest mount version. Then a GMT. Have ended up with two GMT's. :rolleyes: Even got a Whites MXT 300 which is all Steve H's fault. :biggrin: I got it for bucket dredge tailings piles after seeing his success in Alaska back in his AKMDS days. I have yet to be successful with it. Those piles are bloody hard work. More so when they haven't been leveled out with a bulldozer & are full of lead & brass from rabbit & goat shooters:angry:.  My favorite VLF gold machine has been the Gold Bug 2, but that is mostly from using it in conjunction with the 4500 & now the Zed in pin pointing & discriminating. That may change with the Gold Monster 1000. Time will tell. Might be hard to beat the GB2 for the purpose I use it for though. Love that tiny sniper coil & the ease of use & with discrimination. I got a new SDC 2300 but most of you will know that I am not a fan of it. Not long ago I got a Garrett Gold Hunter A2B in great condition at a good price & just for an antique collector piece. I still have all the above machines except the 3000's. Oh...better not forget the Falcon MD20. That is quite a neat piece of kit too.


Good luck out there

JW :smile: 

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Sourdough Scott    1,087

My 1st Detector was a Heath kit and radio shack I got for a 2 for 1 deal as a kid at a yard sale. From hard earned money from mowing lawns too. And raking pine needles, shoveling snow, picking up dog sausages. Then acquired a old whites goldmaster. Then a whites spectrum. 

Then after the dredging moratorium started. I wanted to learning detecting for gold. Got a new whites goldmaster. But that didn't fill my need to find bigger pieces of gold that I was used too from dredging. So I saved and was able to get a GPX 5000. And was able to learn the ropes from some experienced people. Then had a sdc 2300 for a spell. Then got the 7000. Also have the xp deus and makro gold racer. 

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rehupuntti    30

Garrett ace 250...at-pro...x-terra 705..gold bug pro...now i have xp deus.at-gold and garrett atx😎

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Paulito    49

2010 Borrowed bounty hunter, immediately got an ACE 250, found clad for 6 months.

fazed out on detecting for a couple years.

2014 got an MXT pro to find nuggets, maybe hunt relics. I found one nugget, then spent 1000's of hours relic hunting and loving every minute of it!

Still want to find some more nuggets! 😁

Edit: I may get a Deus someday, or AT pro at least, change it up a bit.

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AuWanderer    239

Detectron 7-T...................1980   was 12 years old. Damn time flies......just not United ! :biggrin:

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GoldEn    389

First one was few years back GP3000 followed by Gpx4500 then Gpx5000.



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deutran    97

A Tandy detector in the parts bin,$20.Found a penny first day out at a massive 1" deep.Upgraded to a whites 5000D,sovereign,2100,3000,4500,5000 and Sdc then sold the Sdc for another 5000 for the wife.

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Randy Lunn    137

My first metal detector was a Heathkit that my brother and I built in the 1960's. We used a soldering iron to assemble the circuit board and wrapped the wire for the two "tuned" coils that were electronically balanced by a Wheatstone bridge type circuit. 

Silver coins were easy to find at the beach. This was when a pack of baseball cards cost 5 cents. I also found a diamond ring and was able to return it to the lady who lost it by posting a notice at the beach.




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    • By richard t
      Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to  get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE.  But if their is something different or better please share and let me know
       So what do you guys think. 
    • By lchavezmisc
      Hey everyone,
      Been stopping by the forum for some time, and now that the heat has chased me off my usual spot, I have some time to say hello:) I am new to detecting, mainly sluice in the past and now dry washing/detecting.  I have yet to actually find any gold detecting, but I have been working some hard worked sites.  I have detected the Weaver claims, GPAA claims in Black Canyon and Mayer without luck.  The dry washer on the other hand has been successful everywhere I set it up.  Not huge quantities mind you, but some color every time.  
      I haven't given up on the detector yet.  I am running a SDC2300 (fits my level of experience and love the compact size).  What I have been impressed with is just how small and deep it picks up metal.  I am sure this is nothing new for you folks, but I am talking about tiny metal shavings 6" deep and small 22 casings up to a foot down.  I know this guy is touted as a small/shallow gold detector, but it truly does seam to find more than expected and advertised.  I am running it on the stock setting with the Rattler headphone.  The minelab headphone set kept falling off my head and the ear piece connector came apart on the second trip so I purchased the adapter and moved on.  The other thing that impresses me is how it completely ignores hot rocks.  I had first tried a friends Lobo up a weaver and I was loosing all kinds of time kicking around hot rocks about every four feet of travel.  
      I am looking for cooler places to detect now that summer is upon us with a vengeance.  There are not many GPAA claims in the higher elevations of Arizona.  
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      Anyone on here in Ecuador?
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      G'Day, My name is Dave and I am another one from downunder, I have followed the forum for quite some time now and I thought it was time I joined.I have found the content to be of a very high standard.Keep up the good work Steve as I see you run a tight ship mate.
      Cheers Dave
    • By vanursepaul
      Hey all,,,
      Just wanted to introduce Joe to the forum members--
      He is from Milwaukee and a VA travel nurse like me....
      Many different interests---
      Check in with him and see if you can network some fun times!
      va nurse paul
    • By fredmason
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      since I straddle two worlds (in my dreams) I wish you happy birthday today and tomorrow! and many golden days ever after.