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PhaseTech and other GS users, notice you listed a Gold Striker in detector used thread, I preferred the GS over the 17000 on shallow ground but a lot were disappointed with it. Just wondering if it had some special "tweaks" in its electronics? Something a bit diff. other then was a single frequency.

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I had a Minelab American Gold Striker briefly after my XT 17000. I took it back to areas where I had hunted before with the XT 17000 with lackluster results. Not a bad unit it just did nothing to up the ante. As the name says, the "American" was aimed specifically at the U.S. market. It came out in 1994 and at a dedicated 32 kHz (and lower price than XT 17000) was an attempt to respond to the recently released 50 kHz White's Goldmaster models. The problem was that at 50 kHz the Goldmasters slayed the Gold Striker on the small stuff and at $695 the Minelab unit was priced $200 over the White's Goldmaster II. The main thing Minelab pushed was that the Gold Striker had automatic ground tracking which the White's units lacked. I sold truck loads of Goldmasters and after a short try did not even bother stocking the Gold Striker.

Click ad below for larger version.


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Hey Norvic.   When I read your post this morning I had never heard of the Gold Striker so I googled it and the top two results were this.   Not detecting but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.   (hope you don`t mind Steve)


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    • By Steve Herschbach
      I admit to have wondered about these little hand held detectors / pinpointers. The main thing being do they really deliver significant depth advantages over standard pinpointers? These are only air tests but at least you get an idea. Nice depth chart at the end of the video you can screen capture.
    • By landman
      Just tested the Exper with these three metals. Although the Exper does not fair well with smaller gold,
      it does have potential for certain applications for larger gold (1/2 oz +).
      Watch this video and believe...
    • By landman
      People have asked, since on all the demo video posted on Youtube that there a delayed reaction giving the impression the sweep speed for the Exper needs to be slow. Any deep seeking machine should go slow for deep targets, however in this 1 minute video you can see form yourself what the Exper can do.
      Looks like whites xventure kids detector is being sold on ebay. Neat idea for christmas for children and grandkids to start to learn to hunt with.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      I thought I would take a few minutes here and talk about the Signum MFT detector.
      My unit seems to have (looking at screen at turn on) the original version software.
      I have used the detector with the stock supplied coil,,it measures approx 11.5" in diameter.
      This coil is deep,,7khz freq, but due to size it can be cumbersome to use in places.
      Using the stock coil,,,bumping it will cause some falsing at times,,,running gain at 6,, sensitivity at 11.
      It in my soil is for a metered Vlf detector,,just maybe be my deepest on a clad US dime.
      The ground balance while using this detector,,very critical to get good to serious depth.
      Not hard to ground balance as long as you have some clean ground-- this can be a pain btw sometimes.
      It seems in my ground here,,,using turbo is really not effective,,,like a lot of other units with boost.
      But even saying this,,this detector features an economy power transmit setting as well as economy off setting.
      This economy off setting here combined with a sensitivy level of around 11,, gets down in the ground.
      This detector IMO,,sweep speed wise not overly forgiving,,at least with stock coil.
      This detector does possess a feature where the recovery speed can be increased,,called mm mode.
      Since I have been putting in most of my time with the Nokta Impact detector,,I do need more time with this detector.
      I happened to see a gent who was selling a smaller the stock coil (6x10") Mars coil,,so I bought.
      In case some folks here don't know,,,the coils used on AKA Sorex detector are interchangeable here with Signum detectors.
      Well today I took this new to me coil to a site,,to try.
      I was very impressed with this coil,,,as long as I was in mm mode.
      It seemed if I was running in normal mode,,,the detector couldn't keep up with the ground,,and even some of the iron and targets.
      I need to operate some more,,,I could be jumping the gun here by criticizing it.
      This detector and coil combo(my new to me coil) feels real nice,,balance and weight.
      This coil being 14khz,,,it nails higher conductors big time,,,some coins rather deep using this coil,,a user might think they were only a couple inches deep.
      The audio this detector possesses,,,is second to none in my book.
      One detector with such great audio,,,a user will not be overwhelmed even when running all metal in a super duper bad site with iron and nails.
      I did even today try and dig a few lower conductors,,that had a straight line on the holograph display.  Even some of the lower conductors that had just a tinge of a loop in their graph reading.  And sure enough these kinds of targets were low conductors but not worthy at all,,,edges irregular, inconsistent thickness, etc.
      I certainly would recommend the detector to a person,,,but with a 10" coil or smaller.
      Not a hard detector to operate either,,,sets up a lot like a White's V3i as far as the all metal side,,and the disc side of the houses (sensitivity wise).
      The pinpoint on this detector,,and I have owned a Sorex as well,,,both have the hottest pinpoint functions I have ever seen. Luckily they are adjustable so it can be turned down sensitivity wise.
      Similar ID screens are used I think with Xp Deus (secret screen, version 3.2) and White's Vx3 and V3i models.
      The Signum will give high tone on iron false,,,a user if they will watch screen will start to see a pattern to recognize iron falses.
      The tones are adjustable,,I haven't adjusted mine.
      This detector also has a way to check for bottlecaps,,has helped me.
      I even used this same feature today to weed out a bigger piece of cast iron.
      If a person here gets a chance to be around either a Sorex or one of the Signum models,,at least try to listen to the audio they possess.
      I am posting this info here as strictly a user of detector.
    • By Rivers rat
      Good day did any of you on the otherside of the pond did try a Vista gold on gold nuggets?????25kgz I had a bit of success with it ,then I send it to be tested on hillfort (pounded spots..)