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PhaseTech and other GS users, notice you listed a Gold Striker in detector used thread, I preferred the GS over the 17000 on shallow ground but a lot were disappointed with it. Just wondering if it had some special "tweaks" in its electronics? Something a bit diff. other then was a single frequency.

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I had a Minelab American Gold Striker briefly after my XT 17000. I took it back to areas where I had hunted before with the XT 17000 with lackluster results. Not a bad unit it just did nothing to up the ante. As the name says, the "American" was aimed specifically at the U.S. market. It came out in 1994 and at a dedicated 32 kHz (and lower price than XT 17000) was an attempt to respond to the recently released 50 kHz White's Goldmaster models. The problem was that at 50 kHz the Goldmasters slayed the Gold Striker on the small stuff and at $695 the Minelab unit was priced $200 over the White's Goldmaster II. The main thing Minelab pushed was that the Gold Striker had automatic ground tracking which the White's units lacked. I sold truck loads of Goldmasters and after a short try did not even bother stocking the Gold Striker.

Click ad below for larger version.


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Hey Norvic.   When I read your post this morning I had never heard of the Gold Striker so I googled it and the top two results were this.   Not detecting but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.   (hope you don`t mind Steve)


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      Interesting - a dedicated gold machine by XP incorporating the new high frequency coil and marketed in Africa at a very low price, only $680

      It certainly raises some questions. The first being, will we be able to buy this machine from XP dealers, or is it some sort of special deal for Depar? Personally I would be irritated by that were it to prove to be the case. I think many people here would rather buy this machine at a far lower price than buying a full blown DEUS and then having to pay even more to get the high frequency coil as an accessory.
      The video gives an idea how the high frequency coils may act. A big shocker for me - the elliptical version of the coil is said to operate at 20, 40, and 80 kHz! (See video). Is this what we will see in the high frequency elliptical for the DEUS? The round HF coil is said to operate at 15, 30, and 60 (56) kHz which is in line with what has been previously advertised.
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      Hie Steve; Thanks for the discussion about the GPZ 7000 and other gold detectors. I am attracted to a machine that I have never used: the GER Easyway 3D Detector. Do you have experience using this one? What is your comment about it?
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      AussieMatt pointed out on another thread that lo and behold, the QED has appeared. I am not going to mess with all the long back history. Instead, it looks like we may finally have a new detector model from an independent designer after so many false starts over the years. If nothing happens to upset the cart reports should be coming in from Australia in the near future.
      Anyway, congrats to bugwhiskers and company. I truly do wish for it to go well for all involved.
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      Yes, it's Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      I admit to have wondered about these little hand held detectors / pinpointers. The main thing being do they really deliver significant depth advantages over standard pinpointers? These are only air tests but at least you get an idea. Nice depth chart at the end of the video you can screen capture.
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