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Col Douglas

GPZ 7000 Display

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You'll just just have to face the sunlight Mitchel and turn your head 90 degrees (for the sunglasses).  Everyone will be like... what the heck is that crazy man looking so cock-eyed at?  LOL

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    • By madhatter
      Hi All
      I was hoping some of you might be able to clear somethings up for me please.
      When you GB,
      Do you do the "walk and sweep" method and then "ferrite balance"?
      Can you only pick one method?
      IF only one method allowed, then how do you decide which one to use?
      Also, is there any "list" so to speak of showing different gold modes and ground types combinations to help know what depths and sizes you are targeting?
      HY/Normal = ? Hy/Difficult = ? Hy/Severe = ?
      General/Normal = ? General/Difficult = ? General/Severe = ?
      ExtraDeep/Normal = ? ExtraDeep/Difficult = ? ExtraDeep/Severe = ?
      I have found "info" regarding settings for large deep nuggets but what if I also wanted to check for small shallow gold?
      What settings would suit small, shallow bits?
      Sorry to ask so much in one go :)
    • By LuckyLundy
      It's been and extreme wet season in my hunting areas for months!  Back in the day when I dredged, I'd be jumping in the creeks hitting my known gold lairs.  But, and extreme wet season for chasing nuggets with a metal detector isn't necessary for success.  Wet soil means extra hot ground as we fight the minerals in the different soils of our goldfields.  I swing the GPZ 7000 and like many High Yield/Normal is my favorite setting when the ground permits a smooth Threshold.  But, for months I've been stuck in High Yield/Difficult.  Using Difficult, means some different gold tones to store in your mind too.  Our entire hunting group this year has had to simmer down their SDC 2300 and GPX's to combat this wet season soil conditions.  In these hot soil conditions expect numerous hot spots of minerals that sound like a likable target.  You have to check these spots out!  Mineralized hot dirt most of the time will not get louder as you dig a couple inches.  Hot rocks can/will get louder as you dig, but most of these spots you can try to ground balance out before you dig deeper...some!  A real target will sometimes fool you in hot soils.  It's may sound good as your digging it and out of the hole.  But, in the pile hard to hear and may sound like hot soil.  Kick your pile flat helps to bring your target back to life.  Who said, in metal detecting you'd need a Criminal Justice Degree in syphring out a true target and catching a sly nugget in hot soils...hard enough in good conditions!  This trip, there was no skunks in our hunting party of 5, my two are top center and the big one was just shy of 1/4 oz 4.89 dwt.  Until the next hunt!

    • By Andyy
      Overall, the GPZ is an awesome tool and I have been extremely happy with it since I purchased one about 6 months ago.  But I thought I would gather what things people wish would be included as a future option/improvement such as software upgrades/gps options ... etc.   Maybe I will forward the link to their marketing department (since I hear engineers are so difficult to work with ;p)
      Please list only your top 3 wishes for improvement/options/upgrades in order of priority ...  if they are the same as others then that is fine.  It shows we want similar things.
      My wish list:
      1)  smaller coil option - anywhere from 8-11"
      2)  software update allowing storage of a secondary settings (similar to GPX5000)
      3)  maybe a clock on the front screen
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This only fits the newer Minelab CTX 3030 and all GPZ 7000 units. Most people like me probably only want a replacement stand but for $15.00 with free shipping it is hard to complain. Except about the stand being so flimsy in the first place!
      Minelab Kit part #3011-0283

    • By DolanDave
      Got out Saturday for a day hunt at Gold Basin, Arizona. Ended up with 3 Gold Nuggets, and a few meteorites, wish the weather stayed like this all the time  .....

    • By fredmason
      I know how to use the GOTO function...what I cannot find is the STOP GOTO function.  The only way I have found is to turn off the detector...any ideas???