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You'll just just have to face the sunlight Mitchel and turn your head 90 degrees (for the sunglasses).  Everyone will be like... what the heck is that crazy man looking so cock-eyed at?  LOL

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    • By Bada Bing
      G'day All
      This has happened five times now. While detecting in normal/general I will switch to difficult mode and then get an audio blank - no sound, nada, niets......
      There is always the short audio blank with the change of mode but this one just kills the audio all together....... I have to restart the Zed to get my audio back (audio thru wireless module not headphones).
      It does beep to confirm that it has changed modes, then deathly silence.
      Anybody else had this problem?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I got to see one of these recently and it is the best cover for the GPZ 7000 I have seen and at a very reasonable price. Retail is $129 but most everyone seems to have it for US$109 which is a really great price in my opinion. Cheap insurance for a 10K detector! According to Doc:
      • Covers are made of durable heavy duty green canvas like material with a neoprene lining to cushion your expensive metal detector.

      • The kit includes the control box cover, the control head screen cover, and a cover for your Wireless module.

      • Easy access drop down rear panel to easily change the battery without having to take the entire cover off.

      • Easy access flap to plug your headphones directly in to the detector secured by hook and loop.

      • The bottom of the cover is made with single ply conveyor belt material.  This makes the bottom tough as nails and easy to wipe the dirt and dust off with just a damp cloth.
      If anyone has one on their GPZ now would be a great time to post a photo!

    • By jasong
      Does anyone have a vid link to a nugget going low-high (filmed after the update only) that shows how deep it was and how big the nugget was?
      On nuggets up to 40 grams I still cannot get a low-high signal with just one exception and that is squirrly little wiry or thin flaky pieces that flip between high-low and low-high, and with some regular pieces when they get really close to the coil they will flip between the two as well. 
      I had a 65 gram slug of solid smelted gold and it was going high-low on the GPZ. It was low-high on my 45 though.
      What I'd really like to see are the types of gold that are low-high from beginning to end, no matter how far from the coil. If anyone has some links or has such a nugget and could toss it on the ground and film it I would be very grateful.
      One reason I'm wondering (ok, don your tinfoil hats) is low-high is so often iron now that I can't help but wonder if discrim might be possible with ZVT tech and there may be some kind of "discrimination update" coming in the future.
      Also, bonus question: can anyone show me a case where General is outperforming High Yield in depth and sensitivity and what exactly the type of gold (weight/sponginess/etc) is that causes such a thing to occur? Or ground type if that is causing the difference. We see it on the ML chart (or it would appear that way but we don't know for certain due to omission of actual sample defintion), but I haven't found a case with my gold where it happens yet so I'm curious what to look out for or if I should just give up on going back with General after HY unless I have gold past a certain size threshold.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Hopefully this clarifies things for people!
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, I have done a goggle search on this & have come up with nothing. I thought I saw an article on here about it but a search showed nothing here either.  I thought there might have been something printed on the box to help out.....but no.  Is there any thing I need to know or is it all pretty easy really? Thanks for any help or advise. 
    • By russ
      I've been back to 5 old patches with the new detector but I'm limited with a health condition as to how long I can swing the detector but It might be up to 40% less   I've got about 20 more old patches to re-hunt that will take many more days.
      So far I've picked up 6.2 dwt's that were missed by several other Minelabs and a gold bug II and different operators over several years of hitting the same patches.
      I don't think I need to say much about the detector because the testers Steve, Chris, and JP have well written reviews about the GPZ . The biggest nugget so far is a .8 dwt and a .9 dwt nugget. I'm still waiting for the bigger gold....   but in all fairness to the GPZ the ground is mostly deep where the big gold was found and I used big round mono's up to a 25" nuggetfinder and a 24" Coiltek to find the big gold.