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Andyy    89

You'll just just have to face the sunlight Mitchel and turn your head 90 degrees (for the sunglasses).  Everyone will be like... what the heck is that crazy man looking so cock-eyed at?  LOL

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Check out this week's Treasure Talk as Nenad Lonic details everything you need to know about owning and operating the Minelab GPZ 7000 19 coil. He covers ergonomics, swing techniques, field settings and managing different soil types.
    • By fredmason
      So, just one more issue during my Outing...
      I have been in the habit of tossing my ferrite on the ground...foolish me. They break into many pieces...so no more tossing...
      I wonder if the ring can be super glued back to one piece and function correctly? Or is it more like a metal ring that no longer gives the same signal once the circle is broke?
      Or do I need a new one?
      so many questions....
    • By fredmason
      While up in the Sierra for a WSPA Outing I used my gpz. I had not used it since I did the upgrade. 
      When I pushed the map button the man-icon came up but there were no tracks. The unit would mark a point and display it but no tracks to see where I had wandered.
      I also noticed the unit would not return to correct threshold in a timely manner. Nor did the other functions always work correctly...
      two different issues I think. What say yea?
    • By fredmason
      opinions welcome regarding the "best" coil-cover for the 19 inch.
      I don't like the stock cover-but, that was a forgone conclusion..
      I am not sure of the choices or durability of the manufactured items...
      I think the lexan is durable but...................more weight on a heavy coil.
      I will say that using the 19 inch makes the 14 seem a featherweight...in comparison.
    • By Jennifer
      Have you ever wondered what's inside......... I know you have...... I have.......
      While I'm Ukranian, I don't understand Russian but it sure was neat to see how much they've crammed onto the boards inside our GPZ's.
    • By Jennifer
      My compliments to the chef, this crow I'm eating tonight is delicious  
      Note: these are post CLR/ultrasonic clean....  
      You all know I've been pretty "honest" about my love for my 5000 and the frustrations I've had with Zeddie but she blew me away today on these three from the King Tut Placers (Gold Basin). They were down 3/4 of a foot or so and were clear as day, sung like a jay bird beautiful weee woooo dig me dig me signal.... 
      Weights (in grains)
      1.7 grains, 2.2 grains, and 3.1 grains.... 
      Very thin pieces, as can be seen in the leaning on the dime photo.... It looks like Zeddie's sleeping on the couch today, not standing up in the corner like usual. 
      I know my 5000 and 17x13 Evo would have missed them, I tested similar size... with the Sadie, maybe but these sounded like they were right on the surface, one was in a dig hole (thank you whomever left it).
      I'll eat GPZ crow all day long if it tastes like this.
      Note: I also tested on a 1.2 ouncer at DEEEEEP depth and was blown away how loud it was, even at sens 4.
      Green stripe shot is prior to cleanup.
      My favorite is the one that looks like a little shopping cart.