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Gold N Meteorites At Gold Basin Saturday

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What a day! Well done Dave!

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Very nice Dave, yet to find a meteorite myself yet. Congrats mate.

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Nice little haul. Cant say I have ever given meteorites a passing thought detecting here in New Zealand. DAMN.....I wonder how many "hot rocks" I have thrown away that may have been meteorites.

Good luck out there


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    • By kiwijw
      Hi there Team,  Headed off Saturday with all intentions to swing the 19" coil on my Zed. But it didn't happen......again, due to lambing ewe's in the paddock of my choice. The joys of spring time. It was all rather picturesque though with the wild thyme bushes out in purple flower. Not 19" coil friendly country. But gold in them hills none the less.


      Even in the old timers prospect pits & turned over gully workings.

      So I stuck with the 14" coil but upped my game from sensitivity 18 to full max 20, High Yield/ Normal. Tried General/normal but High Yield/Normal was the one. In my rush to head out the door I had left my Pro-Swing Harness behind  I had recharged the B&Z booster batteries, the detector battery & the WM12 & put them in my back pack but not the harness. Result being I couldnt use the B&Z booster as the duel speakers & cables were on the harness. So I upped the WM12's volume to max & my back pack has the "D" ring on the shoulder straps in the same place as the Pro-Swing Harness so there was no problems with the detectors weight & clipping the bungy to the "D" ring on the pack.
      I hit a well flogged patch area so was detecting very slow coil sweeps just above the ground & with the swing arm keeping a very smooth, even & controlled motion to try to maintain a steady threshold. As steady as you can with the sensitivity up at 20, using that extra noise as my "new" threshold. It is amazing how a target signal lifts & stands out above that extra noise. Your mind & ear just seems to adjust to it & you can pick it out amongst the other noises. I wasn't long into it when I had my first "lift" in the "new" threshold.

      It wasnt deep & it was big either but it was gold.

      The next signal was very faint & after the initial scrape & dig it was still in the ground & I was into the rotten schist bedrock. So I was pretty confident that it wasn't going to be rubbish.

      I was hoping it would live on down & be a multi grammer,

      but then suddenly it was out. The biggest of the day at .7 of a gram

      The rest were pretty small to tiny. But the depth to size with the Zed still blows me away. I guess with sensitivity at 20 helps.
      Again...down into the rotten bedrock schist




      Almost a surface dweller.

      But look how small for that 14" coil.

      About 6" deep

      Still...not bad depth for the size of it

      Ended up with 13 bits. The smallest was .04 of a gram. Total of 2.34 grams. Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

      Good luck out there
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Went out detecting this morning. Have been trying to go find new areas to detect.
      So have been reading,researching, and mapping. For the most part I've been going to pounded out workings.
      It was not working for me. Was going on a 2 week drought. It was starting to make me wonder what the heck I was doing wrong.
      So this new area I had in mind had favorable geology to me. It looked right. But no evidence of any serious mining activity. But it looked and felt right.
      So I headed up this dry gulch. Sq nail, sq nail, Square nail. Then wire, bullet, nail, and tin. I was like here we go again.
      I decided to get out of the dry creek. I had saw this saddle while scouting the area earlier. So I gave it a walk to.
      I got to the area. Went thru the auto tune and ground balance procedure and started swinging.
      The ground was still wet from the recent rains.
      So I worked in High Yield, Normal ground, and no smoothing. I also turned my threshold down a bit.
      I swung for about 25 minutes, Then I hit the biggest nugget of the day first.
      I did eventually go into Difficult ground for awhile. And also low smoothing when the detector starting getting noisy.
      But would switch back and forth when conditions allowed.
      There was not any dig holes in the area that I seen. So it seems I'm the 1st in the area with a detector.
      One of my most fun days detecting ever.

    • By Bada Bing
      G'day All
      This has happened five times now. While detecting in normal/general I will switch to difficult mode and then get an audio blank - no sound, nada, niets......
      There is always the short audio blank with the change of mode but this one just kills the audio all together....... I have to restart the Zed to get my audio back (audio thru wireless module not headphones).
      It does beep to confirm that it has changed modes, then deathly silence.
      Anybody else had this problem?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I got to see one of these recently and it is the best cover for the GPZ 7000 I have seen and at a very reasonable price. Retail is $129 but most everyone seems to have it for US$109 which is a really great price in my opinion. Cheap insurance for a 10K detector! According to Doc:
      • Covers are made of durable heavy duty green canvas like material with a neoprene lining to cushion your expensive metal detector.

      • The kit includes the control box cover, the control head screen cover, and a cover for your Wireless module.

      • Easy access drop down rear panel to easily change the battery without having to take the entire cover off.

      • Easy access flap to plug your headphones directly in to the detector secured by hook and loop.

      • The bottom of the cover is made with single ply conveyor belt material.  This makes the bottom tough as nails and easy to wipe the dirt and dust off with just a damp cloth.
      If anyone has one on their GPZ now would be a great time to post a photo!

    • By LuckyLundy
      I was out for a hunt this morning before the next storm blows in. Our ground is pretty wet from the previous rain and is fairly noisy with plenty false signals to check. I was just about to shift gears on my GPZ, to rid the hot spots when I received a good solid signal that raised my right eyebrow! I busted some soil out and slid my skid in for a listen, a square nail or a nugget I tell myself from the nice tone. I plow out some more and check the hole for the booming target, it was out of the hole! So, I check the pile of dirt with no luck of the booming target. I look at my magnet, nothing stuck to it so I set it down to the side. I recheck the two piles of dirt, kicking and cussing for the missing target. I told myself check your pick one last time for a nail, I pick it up and again look at the magnet, except this time I spot the nugget stock in some dirt that was stuck to my pick! Mystery solved, can you see it...don't give up on a good target, lol. 1.60 dwts. Until the next hunt

    • By strick
      Headed up to the high sierras on Friday for quick one day recon mission. I wish I could have spent at least 3-4 days up there. Hopfully in the next few weeks that will happen. Beautiful country. The amount of work that the old timers did is amazing. Boulders stacked 15 feet high. And trenches 15 feet deep. What a way to make a living. We have it so easy now a days. Makes you wonder what the gold was like back then. Were there 5 gallon buckets to throw it in?
      Got the meet the legendary Klunker finally. Thanks Norm for taking the time to drive up and meet with us and show us where the claims are. Your Bernese Mountain dog is a compliment to your good looks.