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Gold N Meteorites At Gold Basin Saturday

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Randy Lunn    153

What a day! Well done Dave!

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bloodgold2    273

Very nice Dave, yet to find a meteorite myself yet. Congrats mate.

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kiwijw    1,515

Nice little haul. Cant say I have ever given meteorites a passing thought detecting here in New Zealand. DAMN.....I wonder how many "hot rocks" I have thrown away that may have been meteorites.

Good luck out there


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    • By mn90403
      I went out for a couple of days to Gold Basin seeking gold.  It was not to be so when in Gold Basin you seek out some meteorites.  This trip it was difficult.  Nothing until the final couple of hours on Saturday night.
      All of my previous locations didn't produce this trip so I went to nearby locations.  The larger 37g meteorite was found in an area without many dig holes.  It is hard to find a location in Gold Basin without any did holes!
      After moving on from that location I went to an area where I could see some very old dig holes.  They were deep and big and not filled but weathered down.  It was time to slow down.  I checked around the dig holes and voila ... a hit about 8 inches from a previous dig.   Time to scrape and dig and there is a stick to rock on the magnet.  (Was it part of the previous dig hole and meteorite?)
      Don't leave your hole in Gold Basin.  Check it again.  When this was done there was still a target.  Upon recovery it was a broken off piece of the meteorite that was dug.  They fit.
      Total meteorite weight is 54g.

    • By normmcq
      With several GPZs working in a small area, is there a recommended auto tune procedure to tune each other out? 
    • By Chris Ben
      Made it out for a half day this past weekend, covered a lot of ground, but was worth it. The biggest was 5.4g and was over a foot down, 3 inches into hard caliche. Loving the GPZ. 
      Did well with the meteorites as well.
    • By gambler
      Hi guys, in your opinion, what is the best vid on youtube for someone just starting out with the gpz? Maybe something that walks you through the start up settings and stuff.