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Ridge Runner

Story By Digger Bob In Silver & Gold Mag. 2017 Annual

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Bob has written a great article with a lot of show and tell. Bob talks about Oroville Dam with lots of pictures of it and gold he's found plus others too.

I'm sure it's other great stories in it but I pulled it off the rack just because Bob pretty face was on the front.


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      W. Dan Hausel has an interesting article in the April edition of the ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal...
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      I would really like to hear anyone's thoughts on their favorite gold book(s). Not necessarily just metal detecting but any aspect of gold, weather it be detecting of, geology of, or historical, which I find really fascinating, but just any favorite books on the subject, from any country and any time, all input is appreciated!
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      I found  a TOP NOTCH Prospecting video that answers most of my desert prospecting questions in terms I can understand vs geologist mumbo jumbo. Unfortunately, Rob Allisons website says the video has been discontinued and he has only 2 copies left at 15 bucks each. It is made by Chris Ghoulson from Arizona and the title is " Nugget Hunting Essentials,Volume 2, From the Ground Up " and is 90 minutes long with intro by Jonathan Porter. Answers about 75% of my recent questions on this thread and then some. Too bad it is discontinued?? !!   I wonder what Volume 1 was all about? The video covers such things as detecting recent dry washer tailing piles-what to look for and what to ignore, red dirt and white quartz rocks, ironstone or magnetite rocks,detector coils and what makes them work, what hotrocks, trash, and gold sound like on a Minelab GPX machine, rock formations to look for to improve your nugget finding chances, and plenty of video examples of these things so no guessing...when to use large vs small coils, dangerous critters in the desert, etc, etc
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      Before Carl Moreland was Engineering Manager at White's Electronics (and now First Texas), he created a website that has more technical information on metal detectors than any I know of. The Geotech website has lots of interesting stuff and in particular it has a lot of "build your own" metal detector projects for the electronically minded. I have never done this myself but if you were ever curious about what makes detectors tick a lot can be learned here.
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