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Can The XP Deus Really Do It All?

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Could a deus xp serve both purpose of a vlf machine while having a very good discrimination ? Or gmt or gb2 and gbp be a better choice ? 

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I have yet to see a multi purpose VLF detector selling for over US$1000 that is any better than dedicated prospecting detectors selling for under US$1000. In fact the dedicated models so far have a history of being better prospecting machines for less money. The XP Deus version 3.2 coils are a good example. I saw nothing to convince me that they are any better for prospecting than a basic $499 Gold Bug detector. In fact I would rather have the Gold Bug.

Same story with the White's V3i. Great on paper but the GMT or even MXT would be better gold prospecting choices.

The Deus V4 update was very specifically aimed at improving its capabilities for gold prospecting. Early reports on this forum by Condor are promising. You will hear more after the elliptical coil is available as most people appear to be holding out for it. To be honest, I have doubts it will equal dedicated models but all it really has to do in my opinion is be "close enough". For many people the appeal of multi purpose is compelling as long as it does not cost too much and as long as they don't feel they are giving up too much of an edge to get that "do it all" versatility. Bottom line - too early, jury is out.

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am going to update this thread/post with links to any reviews of the Deus HF coils I can find as they appear. Remember, the high frequency (HF) coils only work with V4.
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      I heard that in July will be in shops.
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      Seems some folks already experiencing problems.,2369596
    • By rehupuntti
      Great app with deus..

    • By Condor
      I got back out with the Deus HF today.  I pushed into an area I have strenuously avoided with non-discriminating detectors because it is littered with 1940's vintage rusted out cans and ferrous junk.  I ran the Deus with the same settings as on my 2nd go.  I picked up the 2 biggest nuggets right next to an old pile of cans.  The GPZ would have been howling with just proximity to that much junk. 
      I wondered how hot the 9" round HF coil would be on small stuff.  I got my answer, the smallest was .07 gram wedged in a tiny bedrock crack.  The signal was unmistakable, although I was doubting it until I busted out the crack. 
      The biggest surprise was a ring down in a bedrock pocket.  I dismissed it as a piece of plumbing copper expansion collar until I looked closely and saw engraved initials and a stamp indicating 14k.  Perhaps it was originally plated with 14k gold, but after a quick soak in CLR, it sure looks like copper to me. 
      I'm really liking the Deus for this kind of detecting.  Shallow bedrock, littered with old junk.  The discrimination is spot on.  I dug a number of targets just to check.  Iffy targets like modern nails will bust through the discrimination if you don't tickle the edges and let the software do it's stuff.  I still dug a lot of non-ferrous junk like copper wire and lead bullet fragments, but tolerable at these depths.
      Deus = good times in trashy ground

    • By Condor
      I took the XP Deus, with new HF round coil, out for another go.  I had detected this bedrock desert wash a few years ago with the Gold Bug II and did pretty well.  Last year I went over it with the SDC 2300, but it was overkill.  The ground is not hot enough, nor deep enough, to justify "pulse induction" and there was a lot of iron trash.  To reach this wash takes a pretty good hike over rough terrain.  Carrying the Deus strapped to my pack was a breeze and I deliberately left my 7000 at home.  The temps reached a little over 100 here in Sunny Yuma, so pack weight starts to matter.  As you can see in the photo this is old conglomerate type false bedrock wash.  There are sections of deeper gravels, but the amount of old iron trash really makes it unattractive for the Z 7000. 
      I started out in the Deus standard V4 Gold Program.  It worked fine, but I really needed some discrimination to handle the nails and fragments of old rusted out cans.  I switched to the V4 standard "Fast"  program only because I had used it to hunt a few parks.  With the "Fast", I took the discrimination down to 4, and lowered to Reactivity to 2, Sens to 85, running in the 54 KHZ mode.
      The machine ran like a dream.  Iron trash basically grunted and clicked in the discrimination.  Larger iron trash busted through the discrimination, but was still recognizable with decent coil control.  The little pickers I found barely registered on the "horseshoe" screen and never gave a VID signature.  They were however, unmistakable audio target signals.  I should have tried the XY screen, but forgot all about it.   None of these nuggets was any deeper than a couple inches, so in essence any competent prospecting detector would have found them.  I did check one target in the 22 KHZ mode and while recognizable, it was nowhere near as definite as the 54 KHZ.  The 9" round coil at 54KHZ is plenty hot enough for small gold, my smallest was .12 gram. In retrospect I should have waited for the elliptical to make pinpointing and recovery a little less cumbersome. 
      I detected for about 2 hrs before the heat became unbearable.  I have a couple short videos on my smartphone, but I'm too computer illiterate to edit and post.  I'll try to get my son to fix them and put them up. 
      I am very happy with the XP Deus, shout out thanks to Rob's Detectors.  As the other Steve has observed, the Deus in theory replaces 2 detectors with just one.  For me, it is now a very competent shallow gold prospecting detector in addition to its superb coin and relic hunting origin.   It more than meets my expectations and certainly has a place in my detecting arsenal.